May 7th, 2016 | 22 Entries

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22 Entries for “compete”

  1. Always competing but never winning. Yet the people that don’t compete and sit on the side-lines always seem to have the most fun.

    Maybe it’s time to step back.

    Maybe winning doesn’t involve coming first.

    By CaroleHeidi URL on 05.07.2016

  2. “Don’t let them be better than you.” We’re told that everyday in some way or another. When we’re kids, we have to get better grades. Teens, better SO’s. Adults, better jobs, cars, families, hobbies. Fuck it. Compete only with yourself.

    By Anna C. on 05.07.2016

  3. If you want to compete with everyone else, you’re gonna have to shape up at least a little bit. Get your mile down to seven or eight minutes. Lift dumbbells that are heavier than ten pounds each. Punch something! Doesn’t have to be a punching bag, either. Be ready to push yourself, but above all, be willing to f*** someone up if they cross you. It’s time for you to stop being diplomatic and move to belligerence instead.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.07.2016

  4. Phoung didn’t intend to compete for the prize. She had gone to the para-games to watch, but then the other people in her group said, “Come on. You can run well with your prosthetic leg. Just try.” She looked at the crowds of people watching the games and she hung back. Next thing she knew, she was in the lineup of runners, all of whom, like her, had met some incident which robbed them of one or both legs. Then she was flying. She thought she would trot slowly but then she was running as fast as she could. She didn’t feel the rubbing of the plastic against her stump until she was in the victor’s box, holding the trophy – but she didn’t care. She would tend to the wound in the evening. Now, she felt strange but wonderful to have succeeded in something she never thought she could do.

    By chanpheng URL on 05.07.2016

  5. Running, dashing, sprinting towards the finish. The prize in sight was almost close enough to taste! Just a little further his hand reached out and…then the last slice of pie was claimed from right in front of him leaving him pining and sulking as he watched it disappear. Defeated again!

    By Rae on 05.07.2016

  6. I’ve only ever liked to compete with myself, becoming better and better than I was the day before. I see the beauty in competition between others and the way they help each other grow… sometimes I envy those relationships, but I can also see the distance it creates. Maybe I’ll try to pick up one of those somewhere along the way. Right now, I compete with me.

    By ashmangus on 05.07.2016

  7. There must be a reason why, whenever we compete, the rest of the world vanishes into the intensity of each other’s gaze. Why our hearts race and we are filled with an almost maniacal ecstasy. The heat of opposition bears an uncanny resemblance to the fire of long-forgotten desire. What a fitting tribute as we celebrate your coming union, and a silent acknowledgement of the fact that, in a different world, it might have been us exchanging vows.

    By aura.rayne on 05.07.2016

  8. Competitions are everywhere. Test scores, sport records and so much more.
    This made her wonder if life really wasn’t a competition, but the most important thing she realised, was not a competition. Happiness is not a competition.

    By Rina Evans on 05.07.2016

  9. We arrived at the stadium, two hours early, wearing our colors in clothes and dye and paint. Grills were brought out, charcoal was added or gas bottles hooked up to cook our food. We weren’t only competing inside, hoping that our teams would win but outside, in the parking lots. We wanted to see whose tailgating spread would be the best.

    By MsShel330 on 05.07.2016

  10. Compete with me and you will find a non-starter, because I’m not into competitions. I do my own thing. With rules.The first rule is: integrity. Guess the rest.

    By Fiocle on 05.08.2016

  11. That time the Eagles won the grammy for ‘Hotel California’ but refused to accept it as the lead singer ‘doesn’t believe in competition’. Hearing this aged 14, I then went on a school trip to London where some blue-fleeced missionary handing out Olympic leaflets told us as a class to prepare for British Olympic Gold coming out of the ya-ya.
    My response: “Not into it. I don’t believe in competition.”
    He ripped the piss out of me for it in front of my class, but there we are.

    By Snufkin on 05.08.2016

  12. There is just no point urging him on. He’s all but convinced that it’s beyond him, that he hasn’t got what it takes. It’s over, can’t you see? Don’t ask him about it any longer. He will not compete.

    By Jen URL on 05.08.2016

  13. The adrenaline was rushing and all I could do was close my eyes and let it take me over. My feet pounded against the pavement and my heart raced and when I opened my eyes I was past the finish line already.

    By Bridget Grace on 05.08.2016

  14. I wasn’t trying to compete with him, I was just doing what comes naturally to me – holding the door for you, wishing you a good morning, giving you honest compliments. He thinks I’m a phony, just saying and doing anything to get you. What do you think? That’s what’s important.

    By GuinnessMan on 05.08.2016

  15. For such a long time, I was taught to ‘man up’- show my emotions. Even as a woman, this caused a terrible struggle. For years I would compete with how I ‘should’ be, and how I actually was.

    By Elaenor Louise on 05.08.2016

  16. i feel as if we are all in competion with each other. we should just be focusing on ourselves and how we can make ourselves better. all the friends i have, i dont feel like im in competion with. i flock with people that know their place and purpose. thats why i call them friends.

    By PaulaS on 05.08.2016

  17. i am battling with something; someone;… that person is myself. i am in constant competion with myself. trying and trying but never feeling like i am enough.

    By PaulaS on 05.08.2016

  18. Competition is something that runs the lives of most companies across the world, and it has grown out of proportion. No longer do they care about the customers wellbeing, but simply how much better they are than their opposing company. Schools do the same thing, and in my opinion, it’s worse. Here, they are messing with the lives of the next generation. They have already made education one of the most important and impossible things for a young person, but now they are completely disregarding their education for being the best school in the area.

    By Bea on 05.08.2016

  19. We compete with each other everyday. Whether we know it or not, we are always living to outdo others. You can say it’s ambition, selfishness, or whatever you’d like to call it, but the fact is it’s always there.

    By Ivan Mata on 05.08.2016

  20. I don’t like to compete because I think everyone is good at something but not everyone is good at the same things ebcause like lifw s made of people with different talents and gifts why would you just make everyone compete in soemthing 30 people are good at but 2 aren’t then judge the 2 it doesn’t make sense because maybe the 2 have a gift to play the piano

    By Loesan F.A. on 05.08.2016

  21. I will never compete against you. You may be the strongest, the fastest, the prettiest. I don’t care.
    I will give up my place and make way for you. As long as I can be by your side, I don’t care about who or what I am. Because I am with you.
    So if you want to win this price, then I will not fight you.

    By BlueRay on 05.08.2016

  22. They all say that you have to compete with others as you need to be better than them to win. What if working collaboratively is a better way to ensure everybody wins?

    By ridvanb on 05.08.2016