December 1st, 2021 | 5 Entries

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5 Entries for “commercial”

  1. I saw a commercial today about cheerios that is my favorite cereal, i love mixing it with milk and honey.

    By Kami Church on 12.01.2021

  2. ads that are in Tv in between commercials and television shows. Promotes what may be poplar nd what people want to buy.

    By Barbie Whitley on 12.02.2021

  3. on tv, or radio. annoying, sometimes beneficial. people try to make money off others. usually contains music, snappy songs, or jingles, can be involved with online games.

    By Gary Jones URL on 12.02.2021

  4. an advert that is on television and the radio to persuade you to buy something that you probably don’t want. It can cost a lot

    By Nicole Mizrahi on 12.02.2021

  5. wQjAUYlRBt

    By exvbCNJMSiFgIsZj URL on 12.03.2021