April 24th, 2016 | 40 Entries

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40 Entries for “comedy”

  1. Think of all the hate as a comedy show. You will feel better if you think like that…

    By Stars URL on 04.24.2016

  2. It was tragic, it was a travesty, it was a committed mess of debauchery. Hilarity ensued, behaviors were crude.

    By Desirée URL on 04.24.2016

  3. Everybody things that the world is a stage and that for anyone to be noticed, they need to be funny. Some people call this comedy, but comedy is a special kind of funny. It is particularly linked to the focus of the recipient and their idea of what is funny.

    By Murray Ingram URL on 04.24.2016

  4. How absolutely comedic that my heart has shattered into a million individual blades of glass. The sharp edges are cutting my body open. Slowly but surely I am bleeding out. Minute by minute there is less and less remaining.

    The broken glass made out of my heart has formed into a mirror. A mirror which displays all that is left of me, showing how hollow I have become.

    My eyes that were once sparkling and full of curiosity have been crushed by the fear of rejection, anxiety, and depression.

    I feel hollow because of myself. I put heartache on myself. I allowed myself to lock my door and throw away the key. My feelings and I are the only ones home. I am trapped in my own self-pity. And the joke is on me.

    I am the anvil on my own life. My destiny, once a clear-cut path eager to be explored is now a wasteland of my worst nightmares. Nothing happened when everything should have. My silence is my poison.

    The “what-ifs”, the “if-only’s” have complete reign. All of the bright possibilities once at my doorstep have been slammed in their faces by my lack of action. It is ironic how much damage can be done by doing absolutely nothing.

    By Hannah on 04.24.2016

  5. Five times I’ve met you, and only once I’ve decided to do something and before anything could happen, I saw the entirety of our possible future crashing down. You would have been the inexplicable smirk in the middle of my day, the beat my heart skips when I meet your brown hues. You would have been the involuntary glint in my eyes, the melody in each of my compositions. You would have been the insoluble fascination of my life, the unsung words to epics you’ve inspired.

    You would have settled this turmoiled soul who has yearned for a fire to call home.

    Yet I laugh, because what else if not for missed rainchecks and craved opportunities that could make a story worthy? If not for heartaches and tragedy, if not for tugged heartstrings and harrowed cries into the night?

    By Z URL on 04.24.2016

  6. i’m really bad at comedy. like i wish i were better at being funny but, as i’ve been assured time and time again at college, i am certainly not funny. i appreciate comedy! i like when people are funny! i can laugh at things! and, i think, given enough time, i could string a decent joke together! but i’m certainly not naturally funny and i certainly don’t have a future in the field, you know?

    By Sarah Jae URL on 04.24.2016

  7. funny ho ho ho

    By Eanna on 04.24.2016

  8. I laughed.
    It wasn’t a very hard laugh, but it was a reaction nonetheless; his eyes widened and he stared at me with an unreadable shock. The person next to me fell silent as the group of young people crowding the adjacent table also quieted, sensing something had happened.
    The silence was deafening as I realized he had, in fact, been talking about his late mother.

    By The Wanderer URL on 04.24.2016

  9. “I thought this movie was supposed to be a comedy.”

    “It is.”

    “Then why aren’t I laughing?”

    Shelby paused the DVD and looked at me. “You don’t think it’s funny?”

    “F***, dude, it’s awful. It’s tasteless and offensive. There are so many derogatory terms and slurs used in here that it makes me want to puke. And the actors…didn’t they have anything better to do than waste time flailing like idiots in front of a camera?”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.24.2016

  10. I laughed, it was a hard laugh, a laugh so hard it shook the very earth. The ground widened as if it were a mouth opening up for food. Out of the ground came a laughter like no other. The sound of happiness and joy. I think i’m on LSD. Help. I no good at this.

    By Derek on 04.24.2016

  11. [Shout out to my friend who said I could only submit one, jokes on you HAHHAHAHA]

    The sound was like thunder. It echoed on and on like rolling hills, or the ocean’s waves. I am good at this, said a man, and everyone laughed. The laughter could be heard for miles away.

    By Derek on 04.24.2016

  12. Like a dark comedy, I had lost my fiance the eve of our wedding. I couldn’t even tell he was uncertain, nothing was off about him. He wasn’t even trying so hard to conceal what he was going to do, he just seemed normal.

    By Zoe Jen URL on 04.24.2016

  13. the comedy of life: we play around and sometimes we go deep, behind the silly masks. I see, boring pseudo-quote from Pirandello’s time!

    By G on 04.25.2016

  14. Who does not love Comedy ? It makes people smile.. It spreads happiness.. I think to be a jovial person is one of the best talent any one could be gifted with.

    By Reshma on 04.25.2016

  15. Comedy is so subjective.
    Some people think British people aren’t funny, which is ridiculous. We just go about it in a less obvious way. It’s hard to tell the difference between cynicism, self-deprecation and jokes that make you cringe…and experiences and words that genuinely hurt.

    By Juliet Winters URL on 04.25.2016

  16. I watched a funny comedy. It was about a cat and a raccoon. They were friends. They did funny stuff together. In the end they died. I guess it wasn’t so much of a comedy after all.

    By Zach URL on 04.25.2016

  17. The laughter bubbled out of the room as the door swung open. She didn’t feel like laughing. She felt like vomiting. Her stomach clenched as she paced and practiced her set under her breath. The guy who was on ahead of her was making some crude joke about airline stewardesses and the audience was responding with a mixture of revolted groans and hoots of agreement.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 04.25.2016

  18. “This is some sort of sick joke right? am i in a comedy and i just didn’t know?” he said after their car crash. He had been having a bad luck day and this was his fifth accident not counting when he stayed asleep and arrived late to work and got fired

    By Bramsy URL on 04.25.2016

  19. Kuroo walked up to Bokuto

    “Are you copper? Because I Cu in a relationship with me.”

    Bokuto laughed and kissed his boyfriend.

    By Emy on 04.25.2016

  20. It ended up more like a comedy than an ambush. Soldiers smashed into soldiers, swords flying; the whipmaster got his whip tangle in the horse’s reins and was pulled off his feet into the mud when he didn’t let go in time; and the captain, by some miracle of divine humor, ended up with the milk bucket in on his head in place of his helmet.

    By CapricAura URL on 04.25.2016

  21. Comedy can be dark or light. I can say for sure my life is a sad dark little comedy. What?

    By KBird URL on 04.25.2016

  22. Comedy is designed to be light of heart and to result in a happy or cheerful ending. Hope that’s where my life is going. Skit or long running series.

    By KBird URL on 04.25.2016

  23. Life is full of comedy. The key is to discover it. Every day the people and situations that surround us, can bring us down or they can make us laugh. We just have to learn to let go of control and accept the humor that comes in what others may see as a tragedy.

    Living our life to the fullest means accepting the comedy in our own actions, as well as in others. Nothing is better than being able to laugh at our own mistakes.

    Comedy is the key to finding humor in all of these things. However, this can be difficult at the moment. Perhaps, it may be helpful to step back from the situation and see it from another point of view.

    Naturally, there are some tragedies that befall out lives in which humor and laughter are not possible. However, the more comedy you allow in your life the better it is for you to deal with these horrific events.

    I learned this when I was in the mental hospital for deep depression and suicidal thinking. I learned to laugh again after years of sorrow and sadness. The therapy and medicine could not compare to the laughter that I felt when sharing stories or playing cards with others that were in similar situations. However, I often forget it. It is nice to remind myself on occasion.

    Comedy is everywhere. It is up to us whether we laugh or cry. Only we can decide on how much fun we have in every situation. There really is a silver lining to everything and comedy is the one thing that helps us find it.

    Jokes of the day, a great comedy movie, or reading a novel that has comedy in it can lighten the mood of anyone. Even for someone like me, they can help to relieve the deep sadness felt from severe depression.

    Another thought on comedy: Why is it when I type in comedy in Amazon Kindle’s search box, I usually get books that border on pornography instead? There is nothing wrong with reading these risque books. However, when I want to read a comedy, I usually am looking for something to make me red-faced with laughter, not flush with embarrassment or desire.

    Comedy can be used to describe many different things: some people love slapstick comedy while others prefer a more subtle approach. However, everyone can agree, laughter is the best medicine for whatever may ail you.

    By Susan Kinchen URL on 04.25.2016

  24. Life is a comedy. Just the other day, I fell down the stairs and sprained my ankle. Well, I guess that means that life is a tragedy. But wait… I didn’t die. I guess my indecision is comedy to someone out there. Maybe just me.

    By Sully Anderson URL on 04.25.2016

  25. the movie that we watched was all about comedy or funny things. It was about a dude that tried to get in the military in different ways but all the ways he trys he fails.

    By cad on 04.25.2016

  26. My brother wants to be in a comedy act when he grows older. He and one of his friends said they are going to do the act together.

    By cad on 04.25.2016

  27. comedy means that its funny. like jokes or some movies and shows. Or people are funny.

    By cad on 04.25.2016

  28. Comedy makes me laugh. Some comedians I know are Brian Regan and Tim Hawkins.

    By Em URL on 04.25.2016

  29. the comedy clip of the night was of the man at the wedding fainting while kissing the bride it was so funny

    By mackenzie grace URL on 04.25.2016

  30. Comedy is a stress reliever. Making people laugh to relive their pains and worries is an amazing thing. For some, its an escape from their reality, for others it is their reality.

    By Breanna on 04.25.2016

  31. its funny people do stand up and people laugh and u sometimes get paid for it anything can be funny different topics some people who teach comedy is kevin hart and katt williams

    By monica johnson on 04.25.2016

  32. This is what’s playing now in the government: a comedy of horrific errors; a disregard for the planet and all of us who live here. They say there’s no global warming; they say the planet isn’t dying. Tell that to the polar bear who has nowhere left to go; sing that to the tiger who has nothing to eat. Keep buying your waterfront property and see how long it is before it’s water under property. Watch the whales wash up on beaches; watch the seals die from hunger; see the ocean grow more and more barren. Go vote the way you want to, except do us all a fucking favor: when you sign those bills that say, hey, there’s no global warming! add the names of your children and grandchildren to your signature. Ask them if they want to be on the ignoramus bill. Just add their names, so that future generations can come for them; can say to them, your granddaddy that senator really helped fuck up this planet. If you’re so damned sure that there is no global warming, you won’t mind doing that. And we won’t mind finding your families and asking them for our world back, our lives back. We won’t mind putting their names in the book of evil history. Of course, we may all be dead before that can happen. But any man, any woman, who votes against a planet that belongs to all of us because that asshole wants to stay employed, that’s not a selfish or arrogant or nasty person. That’s an evil bastard who’s part of the worst comedy of errors ever played out on this dying planet. This planet we love. And that, in spite of our arrogance, hatred, fighting, anger and outright stupidity, continues to love us. But like all lovers who’ve been stepped on again and again and again, there comes a time when they stand up and say, No more. No more. And if you think that day is too far away for you to care about, stand up and tell God that. See what God says back. God is saying it over and over and over again and you’re not listening. But God will keep answering until not you or me or anyone standing here today can hear, but our children and their children. They’ll want to know who said this was all okay. So yes, by all means, sign your name to the bills that say “there’s no such thing as global warming.” But please, add you kids and their kids to the bottom. And think about what they’ll think of you when all the beauty of our world is gone. Think about it.

    By ruby on 04.25.2016

  33. the way i see comedy is, it’s gotta reflect real life, you know? you just gotta take all the comedicly hilarious, kinda sad, fucked up shit fro your own life and expand on it, bring it to life, show people why it’s funny. everyone has a funny bone in them, its just gotta be exercised. humour and laughter can change lives, and there’s always more than one way to view a situation.

    By maria hussain on 04.25.2016

  34. This comedy was fun.
    Yesterday i saw a comedy
    he plays in a comedy
    This joke

    By regina on 04.25.2016

  35. a funny act, laughing uprorously, one way direction to happyness, every person the same, and every person happy.

    By Noah URL on 04.25.2016

  36. Comedy is humor, funny, painful, sad, a coping mechanism, a defense mechanism. What I find funny, others might not. Have to try not to say something that would be insulting or not nice. My sense of humor is honed by life experiences.

    By Mary URL on 04.25.2016

  37. Comedy is stuff that is funny. Comedians sometimes tell jokes.

    By Katy URL on 04.25.2016

  38. some people say i’ll be a comedian someday and i can’t imagine that, because i say things that i think are funny sometimes, and sometimes people laugh, but i can’t imagine standing in front of people for an hour and a half and making them laugh every five seconds along the way. that’s plain sp00ky.

    By hootenanny URL on 04.25.2016

  39. Comedy. Like Saturday Night Live. Produced by excellent writers, mostly from the Harvard Lampoon. So witty, dry, and pure comedy on Saturday Night Live. I don’t consider sitcoms comedy, I consider them something of a different sort, of a means to entertain but not necessarily to laugh at.

    By Meghan on 04.25.2016

  40. Laughing, and it’s cold like ice, it snaps and sizzles in the air like a storm in winter. It’s a cold humour, it hurts. It’s a blunt knife lodged between the ribs, and all you can do is laugh.

    By Archanza URL on 04.25.2016