March 29th, 2010 | 302 Entries

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302 Entries for “clip”

  1. clip. paper clip. paper clips are pretty cool. they keep your shit together. if you have a bunch of paper and no staples then these darn things come in handy! hair clips. hair clips are very useful. For example, I use hair clips when I straighten my hair. I put the top half of my hair in a clip. Overall, clips are very useful. :)

    By Maria on 03.30.2010

  2. It had been nearly three years since I had felt the cold plastic heat up in my grip, I checked the chamber and found that it was already loaded though the clip was removed. “glad I didn’t pull the trigger after all, fun and games my arse”

    By Noah Zork on 03.30.2010

  3. i only have a few seconds. I show you pictures, what I think about the future and the past, images of mushroom clouds and carousels, rock stars, and nebulas. You ask me to summarize, and I tell you that I only have a few seconds left to breathe.

    By Amelia Carver on 03.30.2010

  4. I fixed my Sansa Clip recently. It involved some soddering and glueing. I felt like the man after I charged it and turned it on. This probably affected my Tech Ed grade, though. Time spent working on my project was spent fixing it. Oh well, I fixed something, go me.

    By Big Al on 03.30.2010

  5. Haircuts. Stupid bad dye job. They made my hair carrot orange, and I asked for brown and red. What the hell? It’s so hard to find a good hair stylist. I’ve been to every one in town. Where do they get these people? Do they all move to New York and we’re stuck with rejects?

    By Alicia on 03.30.2010

  6. I’m a father I am not perfect and either is my kid. Yet I have to direct, redirect, direct. I try to explain, constrain and tell him how he should be but those are my beliefs. I see adults who judge his actions and their prejudices are as real as mine. Empathy, understanding contributing adding is what i try to teach, yet he is who he is and that is not wrong, he is just underdeveloped. I’m glad he is who he is and I don’t care if he is a pain in the ass some times because he is being who he is. Honestly I would hate to be a kid today, PARENTS and ADULTS suck because they’ve forgotten what its like to be kids.

    By YW8 on 03.30.2010

  7. a clippity clappity. chops the scissors away. down falls the hair and a smile a pon a face. clip clap clip clap scissors work all day.

    By whitney on 03.30.2010

  8. I saw the papers stacked high and the small silver clip that held then neatly in place. It was that clip that held all the choas of the plans and paper work together. the papers that would help him take over the world. “Funny” he thought, how one clip could oppose his entire purpose in his mission.

    By Kaity on 03.30.2010

  9. clip art, a clip on tie, a film clip (that reveals my age, I still think of film clips as opposed to video clips) a clip around the ear, I used to get my hair clippered but now I wear my hair longer – whch doesn’t protect you from clips aroudn theears but maybe it hurts less? So why don

    By Nicholas Backstrom on 03.30.2010

  10. the hair falls from her face, and she wishes she could remember how it happened. Just Like This, the constant, trembling voice screams. Just Like This. The hair fell into her face, covering her eyes then just as it has done now. If only she had worn something to keep it back that day. ANYTHING. Just a clip.

    By Melissa on 03.30.2010

  11. This is what happens when you stop your relationship at its best point. It sucks. You get clipped, whether you want to be or not. And not only do you get clipped, you are left with the memories and the love. Like I said, it sucks.

    By Olivia on 03.30.2010

  12. I was sitting there across from you, when you smiled at me. How was Ito know what you were thinking. I remember thinking that you were staring at my hand clip, that it freaked you out, so I removed form the mess that was my hair. “Why did you do that?” he asked me startled. “I thought it was bothering you.” you glanced down at your hands, and stared straight into my eyes. “Don’t ever be anybody but yourself, for me, or for anybody” I looked into your eyes, and smiled.

    By Francis H. on 03.30.2010

  13. Paper clips are interesting objects. They can have multiple purposes. One of these purposes, is to hold pieces of paper together. Another purpose could be a hair clip. Whichever you want.

    By Maryrose on 03.30.2010

  14. paper clip a clip of a movie that thing where they collected all the paper clips for the holocaust they had a collection of all the shows from the holocaust that makes me think of watching anne frank in 8th grade english which reminds me of mr thomas’s class which reminds me of sindy rubbing my cock in class which reminds me of fucking sindy when I was in High School

    By Aaron Cohn on 03.30.2010

  15. The candle’s burning at both ends. Maybe someone should just cut it in half. That way, the two flames will never meet.

    We were meant to not be.

    By r.a. on 03.30.2010

  16. a clip is the most tiniest thing in the world. A Clip is silver, and can hold many things. A girls hair, the laundry in the sun, even the whole pile of papers you have. A clip is a creation by a mater. It helps you stay organized, and clean. A clip can also be a clip of a movie or a video.

    By Amrita on 03.30.2010

  17. It’s in my hair. It’s on the screen. It keeps my chips good. It is a clip.

    By Caitlin Boswell on 03.30.2010

  18. I move at a quick clip. I clipped my nails. All things I don’t enjoy. They all suggest fluid forward movement, a concept I think i enjoy until it happens to me. I don’t like change as much as I think I do. I want improvement, but the motion itself is hard. Why is it that we must always move forward, instead of staying content?

    By Kelsey O'Briant on 03.30.2010

  19. One second, one moment, all captured on film. One note, one melody, captured on tape. Edit. Splice. Clip. Complete

    By KBuff on 03.30.2010

  20. The sound clip reminded me of a summer lost completely to innocence and joy. I could remember the smoothness of my best friends voice, as if the scratchy recording was crystal clear as the day she spoke those words.

    By Shiina on 03.30.2010

  21. clit er clip, clip trip, order more clips for the office, butterfly, mini wooden ones. just clip it together, not as good as a stapler

    By george URL on 03.30.2010

  22. A clip. A clip holds back her hair with just a small snap. A small snap and there, it’s done. His work is over. He doesn’t need to brush it back when they’re talking, he doesn’t need to brush it back when he leans in and lets his lips ghost against her’s. He leans towards her and she smiles. This day was going to come eventually. She just didn’t think it would be this soon.

    By Sarah on 03.30.2010