April 18th, 2018 | 37 Entries

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37 Entries for “classified”

  1. It had been a long time since I had used a newspaper to find a job; frankly, I was surprised employers still put ads in the classified section. But there I was, dealing with a power outage that had knocked out my apartment’s Internet, circling and crossing out potential careers with a red pen.

    The barista called out my name, her tone perky and cheerful. The opposite of how I was feeling, of course. I grabbed the chai tea from the bar and instantly regretted spending that $2.50 rather than saving it for…I don’t know, survival.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.18.2018

  2. Classified my ass -she said yelling in the room. Everyone turned around looking at them, staring at her like a crazy lady; perphaps she did look crazy, but they had no reason to hide things from her now. If crazy is what they wanted, crazy is what they are going to get.

    By Bramsy on 04.18.2018

  3. that what is classified
    and that what is unknown.
    whether good or bad,
    the question is…
    should we investigate?
    should we discover?

    By ashley on 04.18.2018

  4. “So when were you going to tell me?” she said, lighting a cigarette–where had she gotten that cigarette?–Jesus, it was like the girl was a magician in disguise whose only trick was to produce infinite packs of Marlboro Lights.

    By Riannon on 04.18.2018

  5. To be classified in something allows you the opportunities to dream big. To be something of what your character can speak volumes without even speaking a word.

    By Donna Whiting on 04.18.2018

  6. There are these classified articles in the library. I have been trying to gain access to them but I don’t have the authority to view them because of top secret information.

    By kelcey on 04.18.2018

  7. “What is it?” he asks, furrowing his brow. He looks at the suitcase, tries to get around the girl’s careful arm. She keeps him back, only shaking her head slightly.
    “I can’t tell you. You know that,” she mumbles, weakly.
    He grins at her and shrugs. “I’ll find out.”

    By mako on 04.18.2018

  8. i have been classified by FBI person because my clothes was very dirt. I don`t care ! this is my way. I though you would be the same

    By Gilson Carciofi Junior on 04.18.2018

  9. Unlike her prim response, his actions could not be contained behind a politically correct barrier of polite words. Exasperation leaked out and around him, it was in the tonal changes of his face from an ashy pale to pulsing puce, in the sweat falling from his hands and neck that he wiped with a grubby white handkerchief.

    “This material is classified,” he said, finally. “You must keep it contained and secure.” There was now an angry pulse ticking on his forehead. “It is your responsibility to manage when and how this information is released, and to whom.”

    “That is your job,” he said, pounding his finger on the table in front of her with each word before turning away and walking out.

    She saw the back of a broken man leave her office. He was waving his handkerchief, his shoulders were shaking, and she thought he might be crying.

    By Meredyth URL on 04.18.2018

  10. He checked the address again in the classified. “This can’t be right…right?” The house in front of him appeared to be broken down, the roof sagging, the walls burned. “Who would be needing a caretaker in this dump?”

    By Rob Johnson URL on 04.18.2018

  11. We are classified as humans the moment we are born. We are classified further based on our nationality, race, religion, colour, food habits, gender, and what not. But in the end, we are all just life forms on a planet.

    By Shalini on 04.19.2018

  12. ´ All the morning has been long since classified as the day before the day before,´chirped the bird.


    By Robert Kohlhammer on 04.19.2018

  13. She recognized the classified add. How could he put their beloved dog out there for anyone to take? They had been together for almost a decade. The dog was like their child. She was tempted to call him. She had not spoken to him in several months but this was just what she needed to make a call. Their baby out their for anyone any stranger to take at any moment. Her heart sank at the thought of Baby being given to a stranger. Why had he not called her to see if she wanted to take her back? She knows at the beginning of the separation she just agreed to him taking her because she was tired of the arguments but this was not okay. She needed to get down to the bottom of why he was giving Baby away and why for God’s sake he did not contact her.

    By Cris Nole on 04.19.2018

  14. I saw her in an online classified add. She was brimming with confidence and beauty in all of her pictures and I just knew I had to have her. I would happily drive all night to complete the 12 hour journey in time to save her from someone that would not know how she should be treated.

    When it was all said and done 26 hours later she was resting quietly in my garage, my very own 1976 Fairlady Z. They say you should never meet your heroes, but to be honest mine has not disappointed in the least.

    By Kristian Pierce on 04.19.2018

  15. Some big- city papers like the philadelphia inquier

    By Jasper on 04.19.2018

  16. The other issue weighing on senators’ minds was leak of classified information.

    By Jasper on 04.19.2018

  17. classified I don’t know how to put this? I’m not good with word.

    By Deann on 04.19.2018

  18. this is classified information. I’m sorry but you won’t be able to read this because all of the words are blacked out. Did you know that in Hidden Figures the one guy who used to be Sheldon wouldn’t let the main lady read half of the information she needed because she was a woman and so she just held it up to the light to read it.

    By Bailey on 04.19.2018

  19. I have been classified as boy crazy. Jealous. Insecure. How I classify myself, I still haven’t figured out.

    By Lena on 04.19.2018

  20. She tried to peek over his shoulder at the documents, but he turned his back away. “Knock it off.”
    “Come on, please, I just want to be informed.”
    “No, you know the rules.”
    She wanted to pout, but she knew it would do no good.”

    By Bridget Grace on 04.19.2018

  21. classified call me
    forget the stress of depression
    say my name
    say it loudly
    caress my drunken head
    hold me closer enclosure
    take my life out from under me
    say nothing as i sigh
    break me apart
    part me
    put me back together
    call my name
    put me away
    the floor

    By Matt m. on 04.19.2018

  22. The document. Laying on the table, practically mocking me. It knows. I can’t explain it.

    I let my hand touch it, feeling the thick rich paper underneath my fingers. Its no use testing it against the window sunlight… it’s classified.

    By Laura Gs on 04.19.2018

  23. The files on top of the desk stare back at him, glaring in the fluorescent light. They’re surrounded with a glow, like he’s supposed to touch them, but he has no desire to look back at what he had done. Instead, he picks them up, and drops them into the waste bin. The inspector is out, the fire alarms aren’t too great, he should be fine. He lights a cigarette, then drops the match.

    By LoverlyMadhatter URL on 04.19.2018

  24. The classified things that we all encounter everyday could easily be summed up into one little sentence. Just out of reach, but not if you stretch. Reach for those dark corners and you wont be dissapointed in the end, or you might.

    By Shmoberty on 04.19.2018

  25. weary thoughts dragging by
    lane by lane

    filing out
    to their making

    step by step
    we are achieving
    a classified

    By Lynn on 04.19.2018

  26. comes, the darkness comes
    it screams at me
    “how are you”
    i laugh;
    that information is classified, friend
    i don’t talk to just anyone
    you need to have a point
    be successful
    otherwise i’m biding my time
    winding my lies
    until i can’t anymore
    los angeles isn’t a place for the truth
    i paint a frown
    into this town

    By Matt m. on 04.19.2018

  27. Dragons existed way before the classification of the animal kingdom into different phyla. Perhaps we could classify them as belonging to the dinosaur species.

    By Shalini on 04.20.2018

  28. Some things are better left unsaid. We as a whole tend to leave out the whole truth for one reason or another. Sometimes it’s easier not knowing and sometimes you wish you knew. There are far too many things that we

    By Ren on 04.20.2018

  29. the documents were classified, they had said. When in reality it was likely that they just had the incriminating evidence that the company didn’t want just anyone to see. Documents that were to remain hidden at all costs.

    By Kendel on 04.20.2018

  30. For something to be classified, it must be important to someone. It may be a legal document or military information. It could also be a secret recipe or just someone’s life plans. Who knows?

    By Sienna on 04.20.2018

  31. proprietary information, secret, need to know basis.

    By dlorenh on 04.20.2018

  32. “Classified”

    Contained on the last page of a newspaper, or maybe the back flipside of a magazine cover. The too-small type with promises you can’t quite read, you just drop your check in the mail and await the surprise miracle. Perhaps its someone’s lonesome reverie: single white female with a love for vintage decor and cats, marriage comes equipped with Antebellum mansion.

    By SarahsGurl on 04.20.2018

  33. Classified means. You can’t see whats behind the door or where ever you are.

    By Deann on 04.20.2018

  34. “These are highly classified documents,” Rook whispered.
    “I know that,” Mart replied, “But in our current situation, we cannot risk leaving it in the vault.”
    Both men quietly left the premise. After a short distance, they entered a back alley, where there getaway car is located.

    By echuaco URL on 04.20.2018

  35. the thing was classified. How was I going to get a hold of it?
    But it means so much to me, and my family.
    It was so harshly taken from us in the invasion.

    By Cheyenne Aeternum on 04.20.2018

  36. A person’s private pharmacy/medical information should be classified. They should get to choose who that information is shared with. A person should not be required to have their coworkers handle their prescription needs.

    By okayfine on 04.20.2018

  37. He walked down the alley, dossier in hand. The smell of the harbor nearby mingled with the despair he could feel in this part of town. They could really use some rain around here. He pondered how he had ended up here. How many times had he missed an opportunity for change? How many times had he lef

    By Joren on 04.20.2018