October 30th, 2013 | 75 Entries

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75 Entries for “cinematic”

  1. Her movements weren’t fluid it became a struggle to watch her on the ground. But in the air she was a masterpiece. It was truly a cinematic experience watching her weave in and out of the foliage.

    By Chris on 10.30.2013

  2. how lovely and cinematic it all was. fading into the background, weaving in and out of traffic. the way we laughed and danced across the concrete. our lips hot and heavy, hungry and ready for more. our teeth sharp. our eyes full of tears of joy. our palms sweaty, fingers intwined, lids heavy,

    By Rayne on 10.30.2013

  3. cinematic photograpy is an artform. I love color and style and dream of creating my own cinematic masterpiece which would probably only a beginners piece and really not be a “masterpiece’. We all have to start somewhere and its fun to be a work-in-progress.

    By Pat on 10.30.2013

  4. I want to watch
    I want to feel
    I want to hear
    I go to the cinema
    I want to escape
    I want to experience a new generation
    I want to fly
    I want to be a superhero
    I want to swim under water
    I go to the cinema

    By brett on 10.30.2013

  5. Lila was writing on because she had writers block. she clicked until she got to type. ‘Cinematic’ was the word. What should I type? thought Lila… Hmm?

    By Lila on 10.30.2013

  6. I only had one love, the cinema. I did not know love, for I didn’t know exactly what I loved. I brushed my hair back as the stage winds pulled the strands into my face.

    I now knew love.
    For love is cinematic.

    By Lila on 10.30.2013

  7. Wikipedia only knew every single thing
    Google only knew everything Wikipedia didn’t
    Yahoo only knew how to catch attention didn’t get anything.

    The cinema was exactly that.

    By Lila on 10.30.2013

  8. “I love you, Ri-”
    “You only love one thing, and it’s not me.”
    “Riley, I truly do!”
    “I was young! Cinematics was everything, until I found-”
    “Zip it, you little Bitch. You don’t deserve anything. Infact…”
    Riley punched her.

    “Honey! Dinners ready!”
    What a good book, Zoe thought.

    By Lila on 10.30.2013

  9. “You know I want more…”
    “You know you can’t have it.”
    “But I need you, Riley.”
    “You’re just all drama. I don’t care.”
    “Shut up!! I want more!”
    “You’re unfaithful.”
    And Amy and Riley’s face collided. He just couldn’t help but-

    “Zoe!! The games on!!”
    Now I want more.

    By Lila on 10.30.2013

  10. “Mmmph… Riley, stop…”
    “You wanted more, now you’re going to get it.”
    He unzipped. Amy was so poor, her rags feel apart with a touch.
    He’d done it now.
    “No…!! NO!!!!!”

    “Zoe… Muah!”
    “Oh honey! I’m reading!”

    By Lila on 10.30.2013

  11. not sure what this word means.. something to do with a cinema perhaps? ….um…….yeah okay…. dont really know what else i can say? cin-e-mat-ic ….yeah.. um okay :)

    By shannon on 10.30.2013

  12. The night — the way he looked — it could almost have come from a movie. There was even the gusting wind and the torrents of rain when I told him the news. Told him that I was never coming back. I saw that shocked half-moment of almost-humor, followed by blank shock. I turned away before I could see what followed after.

    By terradi on 10.30.2013

  13. Why am I at the cinema again? I don’t even want to watch this film. I would rather dance a jig in a large freezer than watch another unoriginal romcom about a girl who meets a guy who she despises and then falls in love with!

    Maybe if I just walk away my friend wont notice, then I can slip in and watch that new action movie where everyone you love dies. I love those movies, not so predictable and full of excitement. I would much rather watch people shoot guns than dribble in each others mouths, that’s for sure.

    By Jazmine on 10.30.2013

  14. Fabulous photography
    Sparkling lights
    Sending cheers throughout the night
    The film creates joy, sorrow, fear
    The screen so very near
    Cinematic is the game
    So sit down and start to play

    By carrington on 10.30.2013

  15. fame-
    the cinematic
    with hands full
    of pride
    the great white
    into the
    knight’s night
    reality is a knife
    that cuts both ways

    By katiekieran URL on 10.30.2013

  16. A temporal journey away from the mundane world. Engaging the audience in imagery of things imagined, real, or past. Making one see the world through the eye of the story teller and the lens. Challenging us to think outside the everyday experience.

    By mtnslamgrass on 10.30.2013

  17. It was a great cinematic movie experience. It was full of interesting sights and sounds and I wondered often what was coming next. The cinema is an explosion of stimuli and an overload for the senses. Sensory fun!

    By RJ on 10.30.2013

  18. It is the cinematic quality of the landscape that stops her in her tracks, giving her a moment’s pause to admire where she is. It isn’t like anything she’s ever seen before; lush fields, green trees, ripe fruit ready to plummet to the earth. She became overtly self aware. She felt her feet upon the hard ground, the wind brushing her hair across her forehead.

    By rachel on 10.30.2013

  19. Sometimes my life is like a movie. An indie hipster movie. But I like this movie. This movie has ice cream and friends and thrift shops. And real honest to god film photos. Photos that will go into a box that is someone’s heart. And now I am in that box.

    By thenumbere on 10.30.2013

  20. i dont lknow man, cinematic. Oh wait, ok the view from the top of the hotel in paris was almost cinematic, beautiful to say the least. I saw the Eiffel Tower easily living up to its name, amazing, simply amazing.

    By salma on 10.30.2013

  21. The world had a cinematic feel after we kissed. We sat under the big oak tree and the golden sunlight was filtering through the leaves and i have never felt more beautiful than when he ran his fingers through my hair. I loved him.

    By Lacey Murray on 10.30.2013

  22. cinematic
    like in those movies
    you’re as cool as them
    as swift as them
    as classy as them
    as funny as them
    as beautiful as them
    as enjoyable to be around as them, for they have endless fun
    as social as them, but to the right people which makes me instilled with happiness
    as amazing as they think they are with their glossy ego’s
    you remind me of a cinematic movie
    and i would watch you again and again

    By Brittany (you can call me britt if you want or don't i do not care whatsoever) on 10.30.2013

  23. she was thrilled, throwing her arms in the air, how beautiful it was, to be alive! she was an actress in a hit movie, she was a star in an opera, eyes wide with glee and mouth racing in excitement. you couldn’t help but pull your eyes to her, she was a theatre in herself, her very own cinematic show.

    By kaity on 10.30.2013

  24. Everything was colourful, the flowers were a vibrant red, the grass was not dead for once. They had somehow managed to single-handedly revamp the set with their own bare hands into a wonderland, straight out of a movie.

    By affront on 10.30.2013

  25. The scene was set, everything perfectly aligned. The sun shone from the horizon, casting both men in silhouette. Their swords pointed at one another. One grinned ,then the other.

    By Nicholas on 10.30.2013

  26. Sometimes I see things, and sometimes I don’t. It doesn’t have to be in real life either. It’s never in real life – what am I seeing. It’s on a screen; silver and clear and flowing like blood

    By Alice on 10.30.2013

  27. It was a cinematic blockbuster. The colors were so vivid and crisp. We all just sat there and marveled at the scenes unfolding on the big screen.

    By just a girl on 10.30.2013

  28. The trees’ spring leaves rustle, heavy with the promise of budding fruits. Her tired form is slumped against a thickly textured trunk, head lolling forward. The red ribbon tied around her wrist tumbles into the long grass, creating a startling contrast.

    By Emma on 10.30.2013

  29. It was sunset on the beach but the night was different, crisper, almost cinematic. I could feel the people around me, but they didn’t matter. It was all slow motion as the sun set, the waves came in, and the sailboat glazed across the horizon.

    By Guiltless Miss on 10.30.2013

  30. fdasdafdsfa

    By Angela on 10.30.2013

  31. “It’s amazing,” I whispered as we followed the guide through the dripping hallways, the test tubes shooting off into the rooftop like brightly-coloured spaceships.

    “And here, ladies and gentlemen, the cinema room.”

    The seats unfolded before us like an ocean wave, breaking just before the wall in all directions. All the walls and roof were one enormous screen.

    By EliseLawrence on 10.30.2013

  32. we sat in the cinema holding hand and watching pictures flash by on the white screen we thought about our future if we had one we were like a small light waiting to flicker out like a teen romance i wished we could flicker and go out like the screen flickering in front of us showing a video of something a whispered kiss and a small smile flashed by my face heated up and i wanted to push him away i wanted this over i was tired the movie stops my stomach flips and i feel frail and want to cry and roll over and wish the world away i wish i wasnt here i wish my life were longer than the movie flickering on the white screen demanding my attention than the pulling on my wrist that signified my boyfriend or stabbing in my chest that was my heart

    By devfi on 10.30.2013

  33. A cinematic approach to the average idea is like painting your life for a crowd of blind people. Nobody will understand your vision, but it isn’t for lack of trying or interest. Maybe you don’t understand your vision.
    Nobody understand you less than yourself.

    By Peter URL on 10.30.2013

  34. screens moved quickly and people slowly. moving unconditionally for the sake of pleased eyes, muted minds. words written by someone in the mouth of others. the taste was something strange, the people on the screen something alienlike

    By girl without words on 10.30.2013

  35. “That was horrible.” Kenzie grumbled stomping out of the movie theater. “Remakes always are.”
    Logan and Alex followed after snickering while Mia remarked quietly, “The book was much better.”

    By jackie on 10.30.2013

  36. I went to the movies by myself once. Just hopped in my car and drove and ended up there. It was the greatest thing that ever happened to me and I learned more about myself then than I ever thought possible.

    By Rowan on 10.30.2013

  37. there was the burst of light and sound and color, a presage of doom and destruction that would only be matched by the love and joy she would find in the world that awaited; a world of splendor. ten foot tall heroines and heroes, enacting a drama as old as time, forever locked in a world without boundaries, so different from this world she found here, so cold and crisp and clear and never ending, all responsibility and mundane beings, full of inanities and people who wouldn’t shut up ever not even when you asked them.

    By Kyla on 10.30.2013

  38. A cinematic view of an idea is like painting your world for the blind.
    Nobody will understand your vision, but it isn’t for lack of interesting or effort.
    You don’t even understand your vision.
    Nobody understand you less than you do.

    By Peter on 10.30.2013

  39. “I have nothing to lose”
    – is what she says, walking down the street, heels clacking in a one-two-three,
    one-two-three waltz

    “Then do this one thing for me”
    – is what he says, eyes glistening, standing still, fingers steepled, held tightly to his chest

    By Anna Meursault on 10.30.2013

  40. She was a film major, and she was going to be famous. Her plans were to be the greatest cinema director of her generation, no of all time. She fell asleep dreaming about everythng she would accomplish, all she would do.

    By Bo on 10.30.2013