May 4th, 2016 | 42 Entries

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42 Entries for “chopsticks”

  1. “Chopsticks?”

    “Yup!” Sara was beaming with pride. But Tanya couldn’t un-widen her eyes.

    “You’re eating pickles with CHOPSTICKS?”

    “Hey, man,” replied Sara. “They’re mini-pickles! So cute and delicious! And I don’t want to jam my whole hand in the jar, so why not fish ’em out with my unicorn chopsticks?”

    “She’s got a point there,” Brittany said with a laugh. “I mean, I’d try it.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.04.2016

  2. I forgot them today as I got sushi that I’ve been thinking about for weeks now. I had two pieces. It smelled funny. I always passed out later at a computer. I think I might have shellfish allergy. Jordan didn’t even ask if I was alright when I sent a text saying that I had almost fainted.

    By daisyflat on 05.04.2016

  3. I see myself at 8 tryingt to eat with chopsticks. I cant understand how to use them now and im almost twenty how is it that this can happen. I open my mouth and the sushi Falls. My father says I used to be good at eating with chopsticks.

    By micaela URL on 05.04.2016

  4. Chopsticks are used by the chinese when they are eating. They are usually made from bamboo and are very hard to use. I have a lot of trouble eating soup as it just does not seem to stay on my sticks.

    By Emma Canham on 05.04.2016

  5. I still don’t think I know how to use them properly, though I always make a passable attempt. I used to know how to play it on the piano, when I was small.

    By Hello Nobody on 05.04.2016

  6. “You’re holding them wrong. Here, let me show you.”
    “What do you mean? This is how my mother taught me to hold chopsticks.”
    “Just try.”
    She reached over and positioned the chopsticks between my fingers. I held the sticks in the new configuration but it just felt awkward.
    “Nah I prefer my way thanks.”
    “Ok, but you’re wrong.” she said,

    By Tam on 05.04.2016

  7. she let the pair of black lacquered chopsticks clatter against the side of the empty porcelain bowl. regaining her composure, she dabbed a layer of tissue on her lips–a useless gesture meant to buy more time. she knew this, he knew this–another charade, the usual.

    By chavarie on 05.04.2016

  8. Parallel lines that meet can possess such power. All you need is a good grip, that machinates it to do what a mere stick could not. Grab, poke, pick, tease.

    By jen URL on 05.04.2016

  9. “Was that Mount Fuji?” I ask, my chopsticks scraping the near empty lunch container.
    “No. It should be coming up in a few seconds though.” Mum said, peering out of the large window of the bullet train we are on.
    The landscape whizzing by was beautiful, the tree’s turning brilliant shades of red, orange and yellow since fall was progressing. “There it is!” she exclaims, pointing out to a majestic mountain standing far away.
    “It’s beautiful.” I say under my breathe.

    By Rina on 05.04.2016

  10. “Was that Mount Fuji?” I ask, my chopsticks scraping the near empty lunch container.
    “No. It should be coming up in a few seconds though.” Mum said, peering out of the large window of the bullet train we are on.
    The landscape whizzing by was beautiful, the tree’s turning brilliant shades of red, orange and yellow since fall was progressing. “There it is!” she exclaims, pointing out to a majestic mountain standing far away.
    “It’s beautiful.” I say under my breathe.

    By Rina Evans on 05.04.2016

  11. are you alone
    sitting at home
    walking through lost dreams
    ordering chinese
    and the path that’s left
    christmases for jews
    are always melancholy
    but never more than when she left
    and she left you with nothing
    except cold sesame noodles
    and a bit of regret
    some indigestion
    which might just be depression

    By matt m. on 05.04.2016

  12. I sit at the table my chopsticks in hand. my farther yelling at me and my mother. “why do your grades suck and why haven’t you cleaned?” he would always say this to us.

    By Bethany on 05.05.2016

  13. The chopsticks were placed incorrectly in the dish-wahser again: right through the holes, right where I couldn’t pull the rest of the bottom shelf out to get the cooking pan.

    By Arielle on 05.05.2016

  14. chinese, japanese, food. I love chopsticks. Though I wonder how they came to be. And why do people put them in their hair? That is also an odd aspect of them. They’re also used in burrial ceremonies…Wow, chopsticks are actually quite a broad subject, I’m overwhelmed now.

    By Sara on 05.05.2016

  15. food
    shu mai
    shuai jiao
    jiao zi
    hao gao
    xiao long bao
    dumplings fried by grandma and aten with family including grandparents
    love for food
    juicy white truffle xiao long bao
    Mindblown and hungry :( >.< ._. /-_-\

    By KrystalDivaIsSadToday on 05.05.2016

  16. I put out an eye with chopsticks. Once, while eating, they flew out of my hands, traversed the table, and landed upright in the large pile of rice and shrimp she was eating. She had called it an effort at Asian cuisine, although we weren’t Asian, as the chopsticks so clearly showed.

    By Piddleville on 05.05.2016

  17. That was the new habit – eating lunch with the chopsticks her niece had brought back from Japan. she reasoned that by using them, she’d slow down her eating and perhaps even appreciate the food that was going into her mouth. At the moment though, they were causing her grief.

    By Amimee URL on 05.05.2016

  18. I really like chopsticks. They help me eat Chinese food. I’m not very good at using them so it doesn’t work so well. Maybe I should actually learn how to use them. I probably won’t though. We will see I suppose.

    By Zach on 05.05.2016

  19. Chopsticks are two sticks that can be used to eat Chinese food, they can be tricky to use, Some people can just pick them up and use them to eat anything, however, I struggle

    By stella on 05.05.2016

  20. The chopsticks at the Chinese restaurant were very hard to use and I tried to use them for a long time.

    By cad on 05.05.2016

  21. I used chopsticks in my science project. I used it as legs. They were nice and long so nothing touched the bottom of it.

    By cad on 05.05.2016

  22. my brother and I had a chopstick fight with the chopsticks. We taped a lot of chopsticks together and then used it as a sword. I tried to make mine as possible without it bending.

    By cad on 05.05.2016

  23. Chopsticks. Sushi. Fish. Ocean. Biostrome. Calcified. Mummified. Petrified. Wood. Chopsticks.

    By Elaenor Louise on 05.05.2016

  24. The meal was delicious and he laid the chopsticks across the center of the bowl to indicate that he was finished. Outside, the sun set over the golden temples of the city. All felt quiet and good in the world. But a second later, the table started to shake and the chopsticks fell to the ground. He looked around in panic.

    “What is it?”

    A servant pulled him up and dragged him away. “An earthquake. We must get out.”

    By chanpheng URL on 05.05.2016

  25. She tried to maneuver her fingers in any way resembling what she had seen other people do, but it was a pointless exercise. She set them down as quietly as she could and picked up a fork. No one else at the table seemed to care.

    By Bridget Grace on 05.05.2016

  26. Chopsticks, my friends.
    No need to explain my love to them.
    They keep my hair high, and let me eat my delicious asian food.
    Oh chopsticks, adorable word too.

    By TaeTae on 05.05.2016

  27. Jonathan’s hands cramped from trying to master the use of chopsticks. He held the two sticks in his hands, gingerly and tried his damnedest to not get frustrated. He’d promised Alexander to get sushi with him and he was damn getting some fine ass sushi with Alexander without whining away like Adele would’ve.

    By Margsa on 05.05.2016

  28. She flopped down on her back while glancing up at the sky. It was beautiful. She was on the roof of the mall that had just been renovated, now sporting a satisfied smirk after finishing her meal. An empty white carton box was sitting next to her with a pair of used chopsticks on top of it. And she was happy. She felt free and she felt like she could be herself. The sky above her, bright and infinite, was the most comforting sight she could ever think of. It had always made her feel protected and it had always helped her find herself when she was lost. She always took comfort in looking up at the sky, as, no matter what happened on Earth, the sky would always be there when she looked up. Its constant presence was to her a constant reassurance that everything would eventually be alright. Always.

    By Anaid Skylight on 05.05.2016

  29. They ate the sesame chicken and the lo mein with chopsticks.

    By Katy on 05.05.2016

  30. it was the middle of the hottest summer i’d ever witnessed, I was in japan, sat at a lovely little cafe. I saw her, samantha, the woman who ruined my life. I walked up to the bitch and shoved my chopsticks so far up her stubby fucking nose i could feel the wooden cutlery peirce her brain jelly, good riddance.

    By fran, fran plummer on 05.05.2016

  31. My husband tried to teach me how to use chopsticks once. He holds them differently though, and he did tell me so. I couldn’t quite get the hang of it. But one day, I was lucky enough to sit next to a Chinese woman at a sushi restaurant. She taught me how to hold them. I now use them every time we go to a Chinese restaurant. Not really, but wouldn’t that have been nice?

    By Mistress Quickly on 05.05.2016

  32. The most common question in Japan for a “long nosed blue eyed omelette eating hockey player” (don’t ask) is ‘But can you use chopsticks?’
    It’s learn or die, people.

    By Snufkin on 05.05.2016

  33. We use these to eat Chinese food or sushi, some of these are just for decor or an ancient artifact used years ago. These have to do with someones culture too, so it might be something they hold close to them. It can tell a persons story..

    By Danielle Mitchell URL on 05.05.2016

  34. Chopsticks are used for many things… like eating and fighting. If you ever need it use it!

    By orangegirl on 05.05.2016

  35. I think I didn’t know how to use chopsticks until I was maybe 22.
    Maybe 21
    And I learned from an Asian named Will.
    Haha. Damn asians.
    Doing their asiany things.
    Stop that
    Stop using chopsticks.
    Just Kidding

    By Stephanie Furr on 05.05.2016

  36. Chopsticks is the first thing I learned to play on the piano, and the last thing I forgot. Chopsticks with chopsticks was the first party game I failed at. Chopsticks weren’t even a consideration in my cutlery menu until I met up with savoury pepper steak. Chopsticks – the secret undercurrent of a quietly creative life.

    By Chris URL on 05.05.2016

  37. She’s eating her sushi with chopsticks, and I’m not sure whether I should tell her that’s wrong, or just eat without them so that she might catch on. This date is going great other than this dreadful analysis.

    By Ivan Mata on 05.05.2016

  38. OMG they are very hard to use at first. The first time I used them was in 6th grade when we were learning about Chinese history. They thought it would be a good idea to bring Chinese food to class. It was just white rice. That’s when I learned to used them.

    By Luis eduardo on 05.05.2016

  39. Pretty proud of my ability to use these wonderfully simple utensils that the western world has been blind to and all they have to offer. There’s even a place called Mr. Chopsticks in the town that I live in. More people should use chopsticks. You could use them for anything. She couldn’t use chopsticks too well. It was amusing in a warm way.

    By Andrew on 05.05.2016

  40. She looked at the chopsticks coming out of his eyeballs. His screams are piercing the walls, but to her they are sweet, sweet screams of pleasure and agony.

    By Bramsy on 05.05.2016