April 29th, 2018 | 29 Entries

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29 Entries for “charge”

  1. I take charge ahead of the group but I don’t know where I am going and slip down a cliff. I’ve fallen down by a small stream and find that the water is glowing.

    By Mimir on 04.29.2018

  2. “I’m gonna blow it up.”

    She whirled on Sam. Her nostrils flared wider than she ever thought possible. Her friend stared back with a blank expression, pinching the exposed wires between your fingers.

    “You’re going to WHAT.”

    “It’s the only way,” replied Sam. Her eyes were narrowed into concentrated slits. “It’s our only chance.”

    “Over my dead body.”

    “It’s my call.”

    “Who put YOU in charge?”

    “I did,” Sam spat.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.29.2018

  3. Well, not one in is charge -he slammed his hand on the table. What are we going to do now? Staying trapped in this building isn’t quite my plan, I have a plane to catch in a couple of hours.

    By Bramsy on 04.29.2018

  4. This should be fun she thought as she lept, out running fast. Someone close had started a charge and dozens of those around her had taken off at the same time. It was spreading and there were hundreds even now behind them, running fast, catching up. Stopping was not an option.

    By Meredyth URL on 04.29.2018

  5. the army slowly climbed into view at the top of the hill. there were thousands of men on horses and men with weapons. the children inside the castle walls screamed with delight, having no idea the dread that lies beyond the wall

    By haley on 04.29.2018

  6. Her charge looked at her quizzingly. She put down the bowl in front of him. Well, she thought it was a he, hard to tell at that age. The hungry stare was now focussed on the meat.

    By Fran Hunne URL on 04.29.2018

  7. She took charge of her own life. Her feelings. The way her day goes. She wanted to own herself and take charge of everything that is happening around her and by taking charge of everything that is happening within her.

    By Shalini on 04.30.2018

  8. I charge you with being better than you are. Please challenge me to be better than I am. It’s all impossible and it’s all bad, but I want what I want, honey. What do you want?

    By Whatever Artemesia on 04.30.2018

  9. She stacked the chairs on the table. Placed the closed sign on the door. Unraveled her apron and threw it on the counter. Though she was not in charge, she was the only one there, so taking charge was something she had to do. Who else was going to close the place down? After five years of being the head waitress she thought by now Linda would have given her some kind of special title. Like charge waitress. When she was a little girl she remembered telling all her siblings “I am in chage” before she could put a full sentence together and understand what it meant, she knew there was a leadership role inside her she was trying to fulfill. She went from crawling to walking to trying to run the household of eight and her mother and father thought it was cute and encouraged it in jest. Yet, she was too young to understand and so it began before she could read or right that she thought her job was to be in “chag.” As she finished closing down the diner she thought about her childhood and wondered why Linda did not see what her mom and dad saw? She wondered as she tossed her apron and locked the door if she would ever be in a place where she was the one in charge not just pretending to be.

    By Cris Nole on 04.30.2018

  10. He charged ahead at the one coming joust opponent. Whats ta joust some may ask, its a antiquated, sports played on horseback aimed at knights. Their aim is to push the other knight down.

    By Shanmuga on 04.30.2018

  11. Everyone always believed she was so in control, completely in charge of herself. She used to believe it too. She was seemingly successful at whatever she tried. She liked to keep her mind and body active, and that drive lead to success in different ways. But was she running toward something or just staying busy enough to run away from something else?

    By okayfine on 04.30.2018

  12. They stood in a near perfect line. It was the calm before the storm, all their senses on overdrive. The adrenaline mixed with the nervous energy to create some sort of emotional tempest. You could hear each man’s breathing, feel your heartbeat in your ears, just waiting for the command.

    By Joren on 04.30.2018

  13. The word charge can be used in to ways, one is money wise two is like in a war or when you are going against somebody. Sometimes in a store will over charge you so be very aware of that. well thats all I have to say today. don’t forget I’m jasper a home schooled seventh grader.

    By Jasper on 04.30.2018

  14. the first few
    went forth

    and all else
    followed suit

    one after the other

    they led
    the charge

    to freedom
    to change

    to a new world order.

    By Lynn on 04.30.2018

  15. You don’t think?

    It must be, she wailed, it must be true.

    With withered confidence, the pair stepped through the gates. Nothing changed. Her crestfallen eyes managed a tear, before she broke down in agony. His eyes drilled down into the ground, his breath wavered,

    We need to go.

    By Dya on 04.30.2018

  16. She slid her card, not trying to think of the numbers in her bank account. She waited impatiently for the transaction to approve. She had places to go, people to kill. This wasn’t the time to get caught up with a reversed charge on her card.

    By Bridget Grace on 04.30.2018

  17. I been in charge once it was not fun. You have to put others first and sometimes it gets overwhelming

    By Deann on 04.30.2018

  18. A warhammer into my chest. Blunt-force impact with all the intention of a fist to the face. But how could I had seen it coming? Oh, to make me maudlin; to make me sing out in despair. Your face alone is enough to send me into woes. I sing your funeral violins every time my hand slides down my stomach. I can’t deny you. I can’t defy you.

    By im softer into my irony on 04.30.2018

  19. When I hear charge I think of a leader. Someone who takes charge of a situation. They keep things running smoothly.

    By Melissa Nixon on 04.30.2018

  20. i’m exhausted
    charger charge me
    flaky crust eyes
    crush crunch
    help me to walk
    making my dreams come true
    make nostalgia smiles
    memories of the past
    come back
    give me motivation
    muse, amuse
    bring me back to the place
    where i thrive

    By Matt m. on 04.30.2018

  21. I’m in charge here, no one else is allowed to do any work but me. Later though, I will realize that I can’t do anything by myself so I will try to ask you all for help but you will be so mad at me from what I did earlier that you will tell me ‘no’ and I will have to wallow in self pity.

    Oh wait it gave me some more time I can keep writing but maybe I won’t because that feels like cheating… Okay I won’t. But I’m still in charge!

    By Bailey on 04.30.2018

  22. Ragdoll’s costume flickers as the electrical charge runs out. He curses quietly and dodges backward away from the laser blast.

    By Sarah Sketch on 04.30.2018

  23. Elsie looked over at her charge and wondered not for the first time how in the blue blazes she managed to be tasked with keeping HIM for causing too much trouble. He was trouble incarnate and would be the death of her. Maybe. Hopefully not.

    By Aimee A. on 04.30.2018

  24. When I was in charge of the education summit there was a lot that I wanted to do for the kids. i had to make sure that everything was set into place to get them ready for the things that we had in store for them. For starters I had to make sure that I had a slew of volunteers who were ready and available to help out for the event. I wanted to make sure that evryone there was wanting to be there.

    By Tolu on 04.30.2018

  25. “Charge!” Jon yelled as the group ran down the hill. Of course, being a bunch of overweight, not-all-that-young re-enactors, instead of real soldiers in their prime, there was a lot of huffing and puffing along the way.

    By MsShel330 on 04.30.2018

  26. You took charge,
    like you were built with a whip.
    A sharp tongue that could cut you down
    with only one quip.

    And I see the way
    your eyes stretch when you scream.
    It is hollow and intoxicating,
    without any gleam.

    So I hide, tucked,
    near the moon, in the starry night.
    This is just what happens.
    Turn off the light.

    By Marissa on 05.01.2018

  27. i feel all the words are wordless
    have the said enough for you
    i think they mean nothing
    so we talk when we mean to say nothing
    do the smiles in your mind tell the story
    charger charging
    is the exhaustion enough to convince us
    the damage we cause
    is enough to forget the forgotten
    times that have not

    By Matt m. on 05.01.2018

  28. Her heart was charged like a battery – she’d left it over night to steep and absorb all the power and now it was ready, so so ready to zap anything in it’s way. It was heavy and inundated with lightning and thunder.

    By mimi on 05.01.2018

  29. “Charge!’ the General ordered.

    By ruben on 05.01.2018