August 4th, 2018 | 28 Entries

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28 Entries for “central”

  1. This was central to her plan. If this did NOT happen (as it had done all the days before) she would fail, she would look absolutely cringeworthy in her costume and nobody would take her for serious. But why should it not happen?

    By Silke Seßler URL on 08.04.2018

  2. It was barely past midnight. The team couldn’t hesitate now. Not now, not after everything they’ve done. All they’ve done together. It all came together here, and now. But hesitation was a feeling fresh in their veins, the want to fix it all tearing through them. They couldn’t stop. They couldn’t. But by all god, they wanted to.

    By cyrus on 08.04.2018

  3. I met Chelsea at 11:20 AM in the middle of Central Square in Burgundy. She was beautiful, as always. She wore her red hair up in a crooked bun, and she squeezed her vape pen in her left hand like it was a magic wand, and she was a wizard attempting to make the world right again. We sat down on a bench together to talk.

    “You want ice cream?” was my first question, as I pointed to a confection van idling near the playground.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.04.2018

  4. The quad was empty, as one would expect. He raised his eyebrows. “Wanna?”
    “Oh, yeah.”
    They kicked off their shoes and stepped onto the grass. “On your marks-”
    “Wait, wait, where are we racing to?”
    “The other side.”

    By Bridget Grace on 08.05.2018

  5. There is a time zone in America know as the central time zone.Places have central areas of location.

    By riley wilson URL on 08.05.2018

  6. I miss the central fountain at our childhood home. Me and my cousins would gather around during weekends. Reading, painting, singing, choreographing dances, and perhaps just soaking our feet in the water. Under the sun, we would talk about our future and our ideal prince charming. Those were the good old days.

    By alyrae1 on 08.05.2018

  7. Central means the center of something. It shows the location, like Central High School is referring to a High School that is located centrally in the city.

    By ruthie on 08.05.2018

  8. Let me tell you whats sitting at the central
    the main composer of it all
    thats the only way to make it fall
    i dont wanna stall
    ill go up so tall
    im sitting here shopping at the mall
    ill take it al and you know i shall

    By Jake on 08.05.2018

  9. central center main part of a location middle point main train station central mission alaska eskimos middle where it all comes together bring it in thats the spot

    By Bonita on 08.05.2018

  10. Central to my heart is the family I’ve made. It’s my biological family, yes, but it’s also friends from high school, people I love and have adopted as my own. They are core to me.

    By Grace on 08.05.2018

  11. Wind and grey clouds, the trees in the central courtyard are bunching and pulling apart, the branches fragile as they move with and against the winds with the occasional loud crack as leaves and a branch rip loose flying away in a chaotic dance.

    By Meredyth URL on 08.05.2018

  12. The tree is the central attention in the mansion.

    By Cess on 08.05.2018

  13. Town central where the most fantastical of markets were held. One night the streets lit ablaze by starlight, we danced in fluid motion with the smell of strawberry cake in the air.

    By Jordan Ashley on 08.06.2018

  14. her peace was central to her everything else. she hadnt realized this in years–3 to be exact. she allowed herself to glide, hazily, through interactions, and frustrations, and habits until the time came for he to sit hwith herself—again. to see what she’d been missing. to rediscover her herness.

    By Safon on 08.06.2018

  15. The center, the central place of origin, the place from which the heat of life radiates. The sun, center of the solar system. The core, center of the planet. The heart, center of the human. The nucleolus, center of the cell. The nucleus, center of the atom. Can things even exist in the natural world without a center?

    By Kristian on 08.06.2018

  16. i live in central time zone.

    By Shanmuga on 08.06.2018

  17. a main area and or the middle of any object

    By Brayden Smith on 08.06.2018

  18. The central theme to any life is to know the moments that one has, has meaning. But how to do that? The moments are so fleeting.

    By gingin on 08.06.2018

  19. Selfies should not be central to a person’s life. I fear that people are missing out on life just to showcase a pretty picture. Pretty faces are not rare, (especially when using filters). Beauty starts to lose itself….. Living in the moment is so much more intriguing than the facade of a good time and a pretty face.

    By okayfine on 08.06.2018

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    By jill on 08.06.2018

  21. One word
    The central theme of her life, gone. Everyone was gone. One by one they left her. When it first started happening she thought it was a cousidance. Yet, after the fifth person said their goodbye she took a look at herself and asked, “could this be me?” Having people leave her was something she was used to. She had an attitude of “I don’t need anyone anyway” but now as her 30th birthday was approaching she admitted to herself because herself was all she had that she was lonely. What was it about me, she thought that made people stick around just long enough to make the goodbye not sting but burn. Burn like as if she had sat outside in the sun a little too long, eventually, it would go away and she would forget about the burn and the goodbye. It was Tim for her to address this theme in her life. How? She was not sure but she knew another decade of goodbyes would not be good for her and the feeling of loneliness she finally admitted to herself was something she could no longer handle.

    By GmaCis on 08.06.2018

  22. I stood in the middle of the train central, unmoving. I was entranced by a red hat that seemed to glide across the crowd, beckoning me to follow. I obeyed, almost pushing a man over before I caught up with the crimson beacon.

    By Jemma on 08.06.2018

  23. The central focus of life is love. Without love, there would be no meaning to life. People would be drifting through the years without meaning, wasting away to nothing. Everything would be bleak and muted.

    By Bee Valeria on 08.06.2018

  24. “You aren’t understanding the point here.” The principal tapped on the desk with her pencil, and her heels tapped also.
    George stared back down at his feet. His ears were warm.
    “The problem here isn’t the hot chocolate.” Her voice was sharp. “The problem is that you disrespected authority.”

    By Kiki H on 08.06.2018

  25. My University is located in central to city, my university is very big and has a lot of facultates in the central park

    By Dalila on 08.06.2018

  26. how can i explain
    the change remains the same it’s pain your name
    central park in may
    the thoughts of you are true it’s too soon
    hard for me to say
    the times in mind opined the sighs in time
    welcome to my day
    explain the same remains the pain your name
    welcome to la

    By matt m on 08.06.2018

  27. I think of cities, the inner circles, revolving. The heart of something, the center.

    By Katie on 08.06.2018

  28. You always hurt the ones you love. The ones you shouldn’t hurt at all. And if I broke your heart last night, it’s because I love you most of all.

    By Jacob on 08.06.2018