December 4th, 2011 | 209 Entries

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209 Entries for “centerpiece”

  1. a centerpiece is something you put in the center of something to make it decorative on a holiday.

    By Matthew on 12.05.2011

  2. A woman sits against the wall facing a small coffee table. Her face is blank, but skin is worn and beaten. She stares at a little glass elephant on the centre of the table, her purplely-bruised eye hidden behind a trail of blue smoke from her cigarette.

    By M. Moosh URL on 12.05.2011

  3. A centerpiece is a great thing. You can be the centerpiece or you can make the centerpiece. When we lived in the Governor’s mansion my folks were trying to save money so they said no money could be spent on centerpieces for large dinners. Tthis caused great angst for the events coordinator. He had to come up with his own “cost free” ideas. Once he used my little brothers toys for a special dinner for the Department of Education

    By kl on 12.05.2011

  4. She had to make sure it was just right. His parents would be here, and her future- mother-in-law was always so critical. Part of her wanted to just smash the decorative vase on the floor and run out the door. Go somewhere and start over, but instead, she adjusted it one more time. Just in time too. The doorbell rang.

    By Soft URL on 12.05.2011

  5. I saw a centerpiece once that was made from ornaments. It was beautiful.
    It’s a shame that I don’t have a large enough table in my dorm to apply centerpieces and decor. But I still plan on showing some holiday cheer :D

    By Drea URL on 12.05.2011

  6. The centerpiece was a frosted hurricane lamp, candlelight flickering almost in time to the soothing sound of violin strings. Several thin evergreen branches, twisted together with dusted pinecones and dotted with holly berries wound their way around the bottom of the glass. A winter wonderland to be shared with empty corners of a cold kitchen.

    By cmsiena URL on 12.05.2011

  7. I really should get a centerpiece for the table this holiday season. I just never bother. I want the space for the food platters! The same for the receptions after my studio events. I just don’t bother with a centerpiece. Is this bad? I think it is because I am not a visual person. I just don’t even think of it.

    By elizabeth b URL on 12.05.2011

  8. the centerpiece of the room was stunning with its beautiful colors.

    By Kayla on 12.05.2011

  9. The holiday gathering was festive. The family was all home, all together. Like so many family dinners when the children were growing up, it was loud, raucous, and full of love.

    By Ed URL on 12.05.2011

  10. I had a centerpiece on top of a shelf above the fireplace. But it was missing. Who would take it? It wasn’t worth much. Only a few dollars. Nothing else was stolen, so I decided to file a police report. To bad I didn’t know the life-threatning adventure I was about to go on for it.

    By Eric on 12.05.2011

  11. There was a large centerpiece in the center of the room. As the guests arrived, many complimented it. It was the center of all conversation for the party… The only problem was, it wasn’t real. It was designed to look as realistic as possible, but one could see small flaws in it’s structure that gave it away…

    By Are you a stalker? on 12.05.2011

  12. centerpiece is a word meaning in most cases a flower vase with flowers in it or something that stands out or brings great attention to it in the middle of a table would be a centerpiece

    By James on 12.05.2011

  13. Today was the day Sandy died. My dad told me this morning and I don’t believe it. I sat at the table staring at the centerpeice thinking about how Sandy loved roses, and how I couldn’t live without her…

    By breanna r on 12.05.2011

  14. Often in the middle of a table.I once jogged to London and picked up a flower which is now in a large vase from Bora Bora in the “center” of my dining room table. Sometimes you have them professionally done or you get someone creative like me to do them! :)

    By Sydney on 12.05.2011

  15. the centerpiece on my table have flowers. there pretty. but my cats always attack them. so we had to take it down. my cats play with it and there tearing it apart

    By justin on 12.05.2011

  16. the centerpiece on my table is pretty. it is a bunch of different colored flowers. But my cats are tearing it apart because they play with everything that the y can see. so we are probably going to take it dow so it doesnt get ruined. because my mom loves those flowers. even though they’re fake

    By J URL on 12.05.2011

  17. the simple idea of centrepiecing is that which he had proven to most neglect. see, it is absolutely crucial to choose one and thrust her, foremost, dead centre, right in the middle. if she doesn’t know that it’s in the middle she sits than she’ll lose interest in you as she has already in herself.

    By deviousway URL on 12.05.2011

  18. sunlight trickles
    down the garden wall
    to a collapsed corner of
    the courtyard
    forgotten green ruin against
    black red pelargonium flowers
    that boldly declaim
    festoon the spindly path

    alone here
    i tell myself
    which is true only
    because i am
    less alone here
    than elsewhere

    the spiders like it

    i light a joss stick
    until the noise abates
    soon i tell myself
    next-door’s magnolia
    spills her musky scent
    over gossamer thread
    night’s jaws
    will yawn open
    and joss stick smoke
    gains entry
    into heaven

    By david URL on 12.05.2011

  19. A handcrafted, stoneware vase. Innocent, motionless, at the center of the table. Detached from the inane conversation happening around its wide mouth stuffed with seasonal flowers. Always at the center but rarely seen between the I told you so’s and you should have known betters. Separate and center.

    By White Eyelet URL on 12.05.2011

  20. Centerpiece. Attention-seekers. Attention getters. Attention holders. Yet so beautiful and poised, al it does it just sit there.

    By Malia Wee URL on 12.05.2011

  21. the centerpiece. the most important piece of all. it holds everything together; the foundation for everything precessing it. great weight, of importance. it is the symbolism of the entire piece. Most aesthetically attracting-visual point of the piece. two

    By Viktor on 12.05.2011

  22. The centerpiece is the piece in the center. It should always be the focus of everything away from it, drawing your attention to the center and nothing else. If you do not draw your attention to the center you will fail at life and the ability to orange things in an attention grabbing way.

    By Matt on 12.05.2011

  23. The peice persent in the centre..Can also be written as the main object in a particular situation

    By Debanjan bhattacharya on 12.05.2011

  24. the centerpiece. the piece that’s the most important of all. not all pieces can be part of the center. there must be edges, too; but the centerpiece holds everything in place, it is the structure that all things ffabricated are held together by, bound to one, center piece concentrated like a central government.

    By Viktor URL on 12.05.2011

  25. it’s the heart of
    the meal,
    the show stopper,
    the opportunity
    for a host to
    flex one’s host-y
    it’s where the bane
    of vanity can be found.
    just another veneer
    hiding the sad truth.

    By NuSol URL on 12.05.2011

  26. compensation for the dead–for the living–for the boring conversations and cruelties of conversing with convicts and critics of your clothes. a scam. a distraction. a centerpiece.

    By venusDELTA URL on 12.05.2011

  27. She was the centerpeice of the party, laughing and lighting up the whole world.

    By maggie on 12.05.2011

  28. it lies smack in the middle of the table, reminding us too of when he was alive. it’s brilliant, faux plumes reach to the ceiling as it’s bright, varied colors leap out and remind you how good it is to truly live.

    By Emily on 12.05.2011

  29. so commonplace. “what’s that nick? you never wanted that to happen? well too bad. it did. and honestly, i couldn’t care less” the message left on the answering machine echoed throughout the empty apartment.

    By maria on 12.05.2011

  30. Every year my annoying, nasally step-mother put out this hideous centerpiece.
    It was a basket of fake fruit with different fake plants springing up out of it.

    Every year, she put it out.
    And every year, I imagined myself picking it up from the middle of the stupid table and slamming it over her stupid head.

    I hated that damned centerpiece.

    By Karsen Meredith URL on 12.05.2011

  31. The room was eerie. Except for the centerpiece. I was strangely drawn to it despite the fact that it was just a vase. Maybe it’s simplicity was why I was drawn to it. It almost calmed me. I reached out to touch and as soon as my fingers mad contact with that soft glass I realized it was absorbing me into it.

    By Brandon Adams URL on 12.05.2011

  32. centerpiece. Again, I am writing about the centerpiece. One could say that writing about the centerpiece has been what my day has been centered around, since it seems i cannot avoid it. The centerpiece is a unique part of any piece, as it is the center. It is the central structure to the piece, and everything revolves around it.

    By Viktor URL on 12.05.2011

  33. ‘Twas the holidays I suppose. 1983. The mother was in the kitchen, disgruntled, making turkey, or a ham, that part really doesn’t matter. The children were home. In the yard. Playing. Her father came to mind and wouldn’t leave. The bastard! By the night even the children would be reminded of the stories.

    By Bryan URL on 12.05.2011

  34. I can’t see her over the centrepiece. If I look around it is that took obvious? What idiot blocks the view to half the table – bad event design if you ask me. I’ll walk by, to the bar… once we have eye contact…

    By Lauren on 12.05.2011

  35. Centerpiece. I never really understood spending a lot of money on a centerpiece for weddings. Especially flower centerpieces they’re just going to die in a few hours or days anyway. Why spend a hundred dollars on something that is dead? I also don’t really understand people who put all their energy into events and freak out over centerpieces.

    By Elizabeth URL on 12.05.2011

  36. I about fell over when I noticed Mrs. Jefferson putting the centerpiece on her head before getting her picture take. She then gave her cousion some of the fruit off of it.

    By URL on 12.05.2011

  37. A centerpiece is something that is in the center. For example, a centerpiece on a table could be flowers, or a decorative jar, or something festive. A centerpiece is meant to grab your attention. It’s supposed to be looked at.

    By Damaris URL on 12.05.2011

  38. The mantle. Micky, to be exact. That’s what I’da thought they’d call the man. Being such a heroic figure to America’s favorite pasttime. Baseball. No, it’s not quite ours anymore–not violent or brutish enough–not like football. That’s why the Japanese have unofficially taken it over as their favorite sport. Baseball. Not just for Americans anymore.

    By The Red Jakalope URL on 12.05.2011

  39. The centre of a piece. The centre of attention. The central or most important feature.

    By jordaine on 12.05.2011

  40. The centerpiece laid proudly on the altar awaiting the marriage of the two lovers. The centerpiece of roses red draped the golden veil lain across the altar crowned with crosses bathed with oils.

    By Dlc URL on 12.05.2011