February 16th, 2021 | 15 Entries

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15 Entries for “cave”

  1. There was a cave and it was huge and there was caveemen in it. The dinosaurs came to the cave and ate the mann in the cave . it was dark and sad after the caveema was gone

    By Cat on 02.16.2021

  2. Cave me in is what I think is the fist word coming into my mind. Hope the thoughts and feelings don’t cave in. they just go open and ready to see the world, form a perspective and get more out of it.

    By Avantika on 02.17.2021

  3. Her breath came out in short gasps. The cave she had chosen to hide in was dark, dank and had a strange smell inside. The smell did not bother her as much as the pounding in her ears. She could hear them closing in now

    By Althea Stevens on 02.17.2021

  4. The world was falling apart around her. She was holding onto the bits and shards of debris hoping it would save her from downing. But she didn’t cave in to her fears. “Just a little longer,” she kept chanting to herself like a mantra. But how much longer? No one was coming for her. Not if they wanted to. Not when the entire human race was wiped out except for her. She was living a nightmare, struggling to come out of it without any scars, hoping to open her eyes any minute now, only for the water level to catch up to her neck. And now she had to accumulate more debris to stay afloat. Had she ever thought she’d one day have to roll in filth to stay alive? Would she have traded a seat on the elevator to heaven for it? What did she have left to live for? Salt water gushed into her mouth. She coughed. Loudly. And dug up some more debris in a hurry. Survival was a bodily reaction, a response to stimulus, not one that complied to logic. Something hard hit her wrist and she caught it. It was a de-tangled bone from a broken rib cage of a skeleton that might have belonged to her ancestors. Perhaps, not. Immediately, she let out a loud shriek and threw it back into the water!

    By shalini on 02.17.2021

  5. I wish I could stay there. In Cave. Far from people and anything.
    Sometimes I just feel exhausted and being alone is all I need.
    But then reality hits, I gotta face it.

    I just need a space.
    For me to talk to someone or something
    without saying anything
    and maybe i don’t really want to share,
    I just want people to understand

    And that is impossible.
    Except with God. Cause He knows everything.

    By Huda Syahmina on 02.17.2021

  6. It was dark out in the jungle. I couldn’t see where I was going but I knew I had to get to the cave. I slipped in some mud, soaking my backside. The crystal! I was desperate to find it to bring it back to my wife. She loved purple crystals. But what she didn’t know is that this one was magic and could cure her of her cancer.

    By Samantha Bowler on 02.17.2021

  7. a cave is a small embankment in a rock that earlier used to provide people with homes and shelters to live in. now they are nothing more than tourist attractions at various places.

    By razeen on 02.17.2021

  8. Dark, wet, full of bats. The best place for a dungeon crawl in D&D. Makes me think of hiking and finding small caves to explore. I think of my husband pointing out the geological features of the cave and seeing his passion for the subject

    By Taylor on 02.17.2021

  9. I think Bats live in caves. i would not want to be stuck in a cave at night so the bats would eat me alive. who would?

    By Rachelle Metayer on 02.17.2021

  10. hello how are you

    By Gretchen McStay on 02.17.2021

  11. I went into the cave, gear weighing me down. I was at the back of the group, not where I wanted to be but expected since this is my first time. I’m creeped out but taking deep breaths to steady my nerves. I probably shouldn’t have watched The Descent last weekend. The cave floor is slippery and I walk with my arms out to my sides, like I’m walking a tightrope. This will either be the best thing that I’ve done or the worst.

    By Michelle on 02.17.2021

  12. in the year 1600 there were many cave with different verbs living in it

    By MATTHEW ALVES URL on 02.17.2021

  13. The cave is very dark, clamy.

    By CYNTHIA WINFREE on 02.18.2021

  14. I could see the tides rising high from the opening in the cave. Nightfall would mean higher tides and frost bites. The sun was shining like a pomegranate on the horizon. A pang of hunger shot through my stomach, and I suddenly realized I hadn’t eaten anything in the last ten hours.

    By shalini on 02.18.2021

  15. ngày nhỏ tôi được đi tham quan một hang động ở đất nước mình. Nó ngay gần với quê nội tôi, và nó thật sự rất tuyệt vời

    By Aurora on 02.18.2021