August 31st, 2017 | 31 Entries

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31 Entries for “catch”

  1. “What’s the catch?”

    “Shave your beard.”

    His eyes widen with disbelief. He’d always thought she loved that about him. She leans in eyeing his reaction. He stiffens. The her lips brush against the lobe of his ear. The sudden closeness makes it real. There’s no game here. She means exactly as she says.

    “When we really kiss later I don’t want to feel anything else between us.” She kisses a bare patch on his neck to drive the point home.

    By Flick URL on 08.31.2017

  2. This is a thing that happens about fish. They get catched and then they get killed or sometimes released without being seriously harmed, except that they had to take a hook in the face so that’s rough. People like to go to ponds. Sometimes they do noodling and then they drown. But the main thing about fish is that you can play one in the game Odell Lake and if you play a small fish you mostly die because they just get eaten.

    By Fish Catcher on 08.31.2017

  3. Fishing for something, anything at this point. I have been out here for far too long to go back with nothing. I real something in. I pull up hard. But the thing on the end isn’t something I would be proud to bring back. Even if it is breathing. What is this thing?

    By Jeremiah Jaster on 08.31.2017

  4. Catch me if you can. Our corrupt ruling elite seems to be saying this to us all the time. They plunder our tax payer money in broad day light and then comes up with shameless excuses for loot and plunder.

    By yas on 08.31.2017

  5. I wanted so badly to hit the ball. It was staring at me in the bowlers hands. All I had to do was position myself and connect with my bat. Deep breath, I can see the bowler now moving towards his run up. I squint and prepare myself.

    By claire on 08.31.2017

  6. I land on my feet like the wind has hands, cradling me in it’s grasp.
    the wind is my mother and my sister, it spreads through my fingers and smiles.
    I never fear falling, because I know it will catch me.

    By InkedConstellations on 08.31.2017

  7. play ball everyone. We have too. No one can say we didn’t try if we play and look like we are winded. I really want to turn this car I have into a bunch of money. It sucks. I’,m upside down in it. This is the upsidedown. Oh no! Spooky!

    By Yves Orsonson on 08.31.2017

  8. We were playing catch – not your regular run-of-the mill catch – but a specialized version of it. The ball itself was a shiny gold one, with frighteningly large spikes of about 6 inches length. We were on our broomsticks, and we were flying around everywhere – the ball had a mind of its own – no sir, all this was not magic. It is technology. After the invention of the Automated Mini Propulsion Unit (AMPU), broomsticks like those of the HP world became possible.

    By Rohit Dwivedula on 08.31.2017

  9. What a looker! What a catch! She’s just ripe for the taking. Don’t tell me it’s the vodka going straight to my head like oxygen. I am ready to tear her from that stool and carry her off to my hotel room for some sweet, sweet lovemaking.

    There is the prey, and I am the predator. I just make my way toward her, woo her with my charm, and all shall be –

    Yeah, that’s how I got the bloody nose. And the broken arm. She was the predator, after all.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.31.2017

  10. I thought it was going to be another earthquake drill, when the teacher stood up and started announcing, ‘kunren, this is a drill,’ over the intercom. But then a crazed voice some somewhere in the first floor. Huh. My first intruder drill.
    I mean, I’d been there as a kid, huddled under my desk for fifteen minutes once a year or less, but not here. A police officer stalked the halls screaming with a tinfoil knife brandished, as police officers with less acting aptitude took notes on what classrooms they could hear kids talking in, who left lights on (or in one case, the door.) Teachers faked phone calls about an intruder, others grabbed trident-looking apparatuses without a middle prong in hopes to pin the intruder to a wall.
    I scoffed to myself a little. It was great to be in a place in which these close-range defensive sticks have a chance at being effective. Where the worst thing the police officers showed the kids what an intruder would be brandishing was a (fake) kitchen knife and pocket knife. Not a semi-automatic rifle. Not like home, where we know the cost of an intruder, and how the school doors can be locked and the teachers brave and you are still left with a first grade classroom on Christmas with nothing left but bloody hand prints left by babes—six, seven years old. So young, they can have all the kunren they want and they still wouldn’t really understand what was happening. Just babies.
    I’m usually amused by the level of seriousness small things are approached with here, from accidental broken lunch plates that result in a lecture until there are tears, or a 45 minute meeting about the proper shape student’s mouths should make while singing a song for Sports Day. But I am happy they try to make this seem real, with police officers and fake intruders. Even if there is no AK-47. I hope there never will be. I hope there will never be kitchen knives. I hope there will never be someone standing outside the school, watching. I sat in the gym, listened to the police officers, and I might have known the weight of their words more than anyone in that room. The day was saved when the police officers came and caught the ‘intruder,’ and everyone remained safe.
    It isn’t always so. Not all the bad guys get caught in time.

    By Ai URL on 08.31.2017

  11. Cast a line. Evening tide.
    Something to relax the mind.
    Pull the line. What do you find?
    The hornyheaded chub.
    What a flub.

    By Wormy URL on 09.01.2017

  12. As i sit here writing, fearful but not worried or scared and more than ever not very well prepared. I catch and to replace it , i catch and to find out if i.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 09.01.2017

  13. catch 22
    catch 23
    catch 24
    catch 25
    gotta catch em all

    By too stable on 09.01.2017

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    By adidas chaussure de foot URL on 09.01.2017

  15. “You can’t catch me,” he taunted.

    She laughed. “No, I definitely will.”

    “No you won’t, mama, you really really won’t,” he yelled as he scurried up a tree, out of her reach.

    By Katy on 09.01.2017

  16. Your hair blowing like hand-spun silk,
    Eyes like bluest cornflowers,
    Skin imperfectly perfect,
    Every time I catch my breath, you take it away.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 09.01.2017

  17. what do I catch? Nothing! Playing Catch is awesome, I dunno why…maybe cuz it trains your reflexes? I dunno….stillm catching is a great way to train shinobi, you can easily train their reflexes by making them catch kunai and all..

    By Myst on 09.01.2017

  18. He and I made a deal. It seemed like a great deal at first. I could keep my family alive for a few more months. However, of course, every good deal had a catch. And this one was particularly nasty.

    By Rahaditya Raisuli on 09.01.2017

  19. I can’t catch….well, I can catch a cold, just not a ball. In school, the easiest way for people to accept you or to think you’re “cool” is if you play sports. No matter how weird or odd you may be, it’s alright because you are a jock. Al you gotta be able to do is catch the damn ball. I can’t even do that.

    By Josy on 09.01.2017

  20. He caught the orb as it was thrown to him.
    “Good, you can handle magic. I think that you will grow to be a great mage. Now, trow it back to me.”

    By DraconianWriting on 09.01.2017

  21. as played outside, my mother trough the ball to e so I could catch t. I catch in basketball and I play outissddee catching is in many sports not only in use but in work.

    By Logan Jackson on 09.01.2017

  22. “Hey you cheated! You were supposed to count to thirty!” Link said out of breath, mad that Rhett had caught him so fast

    By bsides on 09.01.2017

  23. one day there was a little girl that really liked to play catch. She loved to play catch with her best friend Bobby. Bobby liked to play catch, too. So, one day the little girls invited Bobby over to play catch, have a snack and ride bikes.

    By sarah on 09.01.2017

  24. To receive. To grab with your hands when someone throws something your way. I loved to play catch with my grandpa. He would throw the football to me and I tried to catch. I learned how to throw a football with him. The word catch reminds me of good memories.

    By heidi on 09.01.2017

  25. There are always some stories in life that catch one’s attention. At first, they might seem simple but there is always catch in them.

    By Ehsan on 09.01.2017

  26. catch me, if you can. If you want to. If the blue of your handbag won’t hold you back, the white of your teeth and the shiny blackness of your stiletto heels won’t keep you away. Keep you from running up to me, grabbing me, holding me close and tight so I can’t, simply can’t run away again.

    By Geo on 09.01.2017

  27. Former Manchester United defender Gary Neville told Sky Sports that?Klopps new No.

    By moncler doudoune femme pas cher URL on 09.01.2017

  28. She was such a catch, he thought. Just like that, a little sweaty around the face, blonde hair up in messy bun, stray strands poking out in each and every way. She leaned over…

    By Carolyn on 09.01.2017

  29. I threw the ball to my brother and he made a good catch.

    By Hayden on 09.01.2017

  30. Catch is a part of softball. Softball is life. It is where you receive the ball once it is thrown to you. My boyfriend is quite the catch. I am sooooo lucky to have him. Catch makes me think of catching fish. Which I hate fishing..

    By Bryan on 09.01.2017

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