December 19th, 2010 | 306 Entries

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306 Entries for “cannon”

  1. It was dark and cold. We were lying in the barracks just awaiting our fate. As if a firework had a mind of its own, or the show had started without cue, a cannon lit off, signaling the beginning of something I had yet to know. This solitary blast, simultaneously loud and soft, rung through the night like a siren of whats unwanted though necessary.

    By Meg Lee on 12.19.2010

  2. Nick Cannon started as a comedian for a show we all used to love called All That. He now is a big time producer and has a super talented wife, Mariah Carey. They also have twins on the way! The first person they told was Obama!

    By Kira on 12.19.2010

  3. Civil war dudes shooting each other and hoping that the other side didn’t make enough progress that they ridiculously large weapon was useless.

    By Stephen on 12.19.2010

  4. i hate seeing you like this. you hid it today. and yesterday. and the day before. but i know that inside, there’s been an explosion. he set you off like a cannon and your heart is crying out. i wish i could help you but you wouldn’t take it. just know how much i love you, and know that he isn’t worth the pain.

    By mmc on 12.19.2010

  5. Cannon is a funny word. It can be associated with pirates. Like Pirates of the Caribbean. I love that movie. Pirates are really awesome. They use cannons for their piratey deeds. Theyre awesome. WOO

    By amamdsam on 12.19.2010

  6. A cannon is something that has no remorse. A friend of mine has the nickname Cannon and it suits him. he fires off when necessary and doesn’t think twice about it. Cannons have no feelings.

    By aubrey on 12.19.2010

  7. An instrument of war. Bloody and barbaric. Loud like thunder.

    By S on 12.19.2010

  8. I am a pirate. Cannons are my friend. I want to runaway on a ship with you. If they take me captive I’ll join. I like danger it makes me feel free.

    By Lily on 12.19.2010

  9. bomb
    old times
    old testament
    pirates of the caribbean
    killing people

    By Deborah on 12.19.2010

  10. the sun had filtered its way down to us on that grove in vicksburg, mississippi through a thick cloak of thunderclouds. we watched from a distance as parents whisked their kids away from the old civil war cannon that the city proudly put on display and pulled them towards the parking lot. i wondered when that couple would be us; you squeezed my hand and the sadness in your eyes reminded me of what could have been and what i had lost and i felt like an old war widow. as much as i had lost our unborn child, i had lost you, too.

    By devin URL on 12.19.2010

  11. I love cannons. They are fucking awesome. They blow shit up and destroy everyone in their way. The Civil War used a lot of cannons. See where that got them? A HIGH FUCKING DEATH RATE!!! I once wished I had a cannon, so I made a cannon out of a can. Fucking sweet.

    By Isaac Cason URL on 12.19.2010

  12. Boom. It was 1916 and the sound of shrapnel cut my ears. I hid beneath the cannon I was ordered to fire. I know I killed two men from it the hour before.

    By Coco Owens URL on 12.19.2010

  13. Beyond the beautiful scenery, a cannon appeared past the smokey sky. It showed the life and death of the many people behind the cannon. The cannon brought justice to so many things, including our freedom.

    By Nicole Currie on 12.19.2010

  14. pirate water shoot black holes splash injured blackbeard eyepatch treasure ship wood fights battles wars boats arg camera fuse fire rope

    By Becky on 12.19.2010

  15. cannon- a N= Canon
    my camera
    my baby
    who i named mr.darcy.

    By renata URL on 12.19.2010

  16. No ship can be called like such if there’s no cannon decorating the surface. And this was just like her. She couldn’t be herself without having some sort of weapon, grenade, pistol, something, to protect herself from the exterior, from those who dared to come close enough and threaten her.

    By Aileen URL on 12.19.2010

  17. it’s sort of something that used to be a threat but isn’t anymore. used to be something heard in north america but not so much now. i heard it on remembrance day and it scared me because it almost sounded like a bomb. funny how it didn’t truly scare me because i’m in canada and i know i will be safe. i’m glad i don’t hear it often!

    By hope URL on 12.19.2010

  18. cannon makes me think of a line from the John Butler Trio song called “One Way Road”– “this guitar is my cannon”. such a powerful line about how the power of music can overpower hate and some of the bad things in this world, if people would just take time out and listen. line affected me so much I wrote it on the side of my own guitar. and JBT are top notch, by the way- incredible band who are incredible live!

    By set on 12.19.2010

  19. i’ve already done this one, haven’t i. so i won’t be writing anything about it again. but it kind of reminds me of pirates. a little. mostly of remembrance day. a little of bombs. most of the cannons i’ve seen are blocked off now though.. so i guess the word isn’t very threatening to me! but hey, it’s threatening to some. and i can see why.

    By hope on 12.19.2010

  20. they shot me like a cannon through my chest.
    his words stung like frost that had been on my fingers far too long.
    “it’s over.”
    it’s over? it can’t be over. hadn’t it just begun? right? am i right? no, in fact, it had been 4 years now. 4 unforgettable years. 4 years he decided he wants to forget.
    it’s over.

    By linzi on 12.19.2010

  21. a cannon. i think about what it’d feel like to be shot out of a cannon. like a rocket ship? into space and see the stars just go go go. the color and majesty and just the realization of how small we are. the truth of our insignificance….but utter brilliance. it’s a gift and i’m thankful, but still very dumb.

    By Kaity on 12.19.2010

  22. it hit me like a ton of bricks. the connotation of what was said seemed to me as though it were louder than the burst of a cannon. my mind could not fathom what could possibly come next. did not WANT to fathom the possibilities. this was it. it was time. time for everything to change.

    By linzi URL on 12.19.2010

  23. BOOM. Pirate ships. Fire and the seven seas. Eyepatches and that ad on TV with the cannon-cleaner guy. Also, HELLO CHERRY :) Haha, I wanna see what you write !

    By Eevee on 12.19.2010

  24. Canons are explosive based and they use gunpowder. You shoot them at things that you don’t like.. i guess.

    By Cherry on 12.19.2010

  25. The canon resonated inside my ears, blaring louder every second. The clock ticked away as I realized my inevitable demise was creeping closer with every lit match and every loaded ounce of powder. What was I to do? Nothing, but wait for that final explosion that would seal my fate.

    By Kelsey Newkham URL on 12.19.2010

  26. hi eve :D hehee um PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN. cameras, digital, explosives, china, gunpowder, inventions, kaboomies you’re dead, ships, RAWRAWRAWRAWR

    By Cherry on 12.19.2010

  27. “fire the cannon.”
    god, i wanna feel something
    destroy something
    be in control of something.
    if this is the only way
    then “fire

    By Tabitha URL on 12.19.2010

  28. Once the initial dust settled, they all shifted slowly, warily, as if waiting for the enemy to strike back. Nervous eyes looked around in the hopes of spotting more survivors than casualties.

    By Del B. URL on 12.19.2010

  29. the cannon ball booms, the fleshy corpses sunder clapping muffled softly. cannon boom! I’ve never heard a cannon. there was that statue of a cannon in a park. we kids would gather round it, climb it, in the summer. strawberry fields of strawberries, not bloody soldiers. we wanted to climb it.

    By Diana Kingsbury on 12.19.2010

  30. Cannon. Hm, the word cannon. I don’t really know what you are referring to. Is it the brand, Canon? No, I guess not or else it would be Canon. OH CANNON! Like BOOM! Yeah, well those things are pretty neat I guess. Used in the good ol’ days. And Pirates. But why is the rum gone?

    By leigh on 12.19.2010

  31. I already wrote about you. Deep, black cylinder. The canister for something expelled. The catapult of corpses, inspiring the idea of zombies. You spread diseases. Your booms rang doom to the villagers. All I want is a love cannon. Haha. A cannon for expelling love!

    By Diana Marie URL on 12.19.2010

  32. Cannons are being shot from a far. Is there a war in the background. Let’s enjoy it.

    By Nasher Fabregas on 12.19.2010

  33. I don’t know. Pirates? Pirates dig cannons I mean what would they do without them? Certainly not blow shit up. That’s what pirates do? What is the point of a pirate other than to blow shit up, get money, and get with women (wenches?) ? I don’t know but cannons are pretty nifty. Can you put anything you want into a cannon?

    By Nicole on 12.19.2010

  34. I wanna see the cannons blow my mind. Its probably going to be insane. I mean what kind of word is cannon? It sounds almost peaceful.. but dude, its so terrible. Everything you read and see…Just destroying people and ripping their legs off. Its weird. Is there a mental equivilent? I definitely can’t spell. And I think I’m thinking too much. This sucks. And this all stemmed from a cannon? lol Maybe my mind is a cannon, ready to send those little hurtful things I’ve learned over time right at you when you least expect it. My mind is the cannon that gives you a good kick in the pants when you need one, or just need to be put in place. Although, I rather listen to a canon instead of a cannon. Music is so much better than loud bangs and dying screams. Unless its from my brain. Then maybe my mind cannon creates a canon in my mind and makes it amazing, puts me at ease.

    By Carmen on 12.19.2010

  35. they say its symbolic, where it stands on the mountain, but no one ever says what its supposed to symbolize. she knew the truth though, too bad no body every asked.

    By Sera URL on 12.19.2010

  36. There was a large cannon on top of the building. It was ready to blow at any moment and we were all waiting for it. I ducked and covered waiting to hear the blast of the cannon sweep through my home. My mother and sisters were all hidden in the basement so as not to be hurt by the cannon. I was not in the basement because I was ready to fight this battle.

    By Samey on 12.19.2010

  37. …loud feelings
    that’s what this word reminds me of. The sentiments in me that seem to rip me apart
    those impossible things
    that i cannot justify
    I am shot through

    I used to be slaughtered emotionally in this way
    every day
    when you actually looked at me
    and for me

    By taiga tsubasa URL on 12.19.2010

  38. The cannon shot the ball out, with a massive jolt of noise – heard miles away. Doing much destructive damage, there wasn’t much that a simple bystander could do.

    He was gone.

    By Emily on 12.19.2010

  39. It wasn’t long until she heard the cannon go off through the air, her hands pressing against her ears, her eyes overflowing with tears. She could feel the breath of her little brother against her shoulder, his face hidden in between the layers of blankets.

    By Moxie on 12.19.2010

  40. boom. i like cANNons because they go boom and pow and stuff like that. i like firing cheese from a cannon. it is good.also pie and other things like thATTTTTTTTT. :D poooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww all the way to the mooooooooooon boom boom boom even brightr than teh moon moon mooon its always been inside u u u i like playing guitar. steve is my teacher ad robrtam too

    By smoosh URL on 12.19.2010