June 22nd, 2016 | 63 Entries

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63 Entries for “burning”

  1. DEITY

    There is no deity here. I can not see a man with a beard nor a voluptuous Indian goddess with many hands. There is purely existence and the endless unravelling of the universe. Birds picking at the ground searching for worms, upending fallen autumn leaves. Cars that people have built passing houses that people have built. Built from trees from which autumn leaves have fallen on to the ground where birds have upended them to look for worms. And in their midst another body with a mind inside that writes and hopes and falls in love. Then writes and hopes and falls in love again. And again.

    By bb333 on 06.22.2016

  2. “Is something burning?”

    “Oh, sh**!” Stefan bounded for the kitchen, his new sneakers slipping and sliding on the slightly less new wooden floor. His sister, Imani, laughed as she tossed another cloud of popcorn into her mouth.

    “This is why I should be the only one allowed to use the microwave,” she declared between chews. “Because my dumba** brother can’t seem to heat up pizza bites without causing a five-alarm disaster,:

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.22.2016

  3. super bowl sunday and we’re burning down. dad was gone downstairs in place of calling 911. i needed him to call 911. i tried to call 911. he stopped me from calling 911. 911. dad. let’s go. get jake out. he’s going to get hurt. call bumpa. put out the fire. here’s some water dad. dump it out. dump it out. stop dad. listen to me. please.

    By goodlittlenothing on 06.22.2016

  4. New Hope is burning. The putrid stench of fried carcass is hurtling through the valley. Flames are sprinting up the highway. It won’t be long til they reach Jerrilderee. Clara called and reckons it was arsonists who started it down at Fallboy Creek. There is no time to save our cattle or collect our belongings, the southerlies are fierce and the three year drought has left the land with no resistance. There is time only to shuffle Ringo and Yoko in to the back of the ute and head north away from the sirens. I’m going to need a fricking drink.

    By bb333 on 06.22.2016

  5. pyre of forgiveness,
    passion-colored but leaking
    into a steady drip
    for future standoffs
    that will be all my fault –
    my negligence of prophesy,
    the knowledge of my ignorance
    meets the handshake of stagnation,
    malicious deity of a codependent people,
    while the nonsense in my head greets
    the rational as a friend –

    pyre of forgiveness,
    but crucifixions for the sinners:
    slack, burning, damned.

    By Pandatry on 06.22.2016

  6. today,
    I saw you in the mirror-
    and it brought back memories
    dear god i’ve missed you.
    I can’t believe you’re here!
    How’d you sneak in?
    i sit down in front of the mirror,
    and hold my hand out-
    you reach out
    and put yours into mine
    that feeling, in the pit of my stomach
    i have butterflies.
    i saw you, in the mirror
    then blinked, and saw me.

    By Mi Chiamano Alex URL on 06.22.2016

  7. The burning in his chest flares sometimes. Other times, it crumbles into a light smolder the warms from the inside but still festers as a constant ache. Even though it was the right decision, it never leaves him hurting.

    By Ashi URL on 06.22.2016

  8. I watched the campfire burn in the reflection of his eyes. It was like a mirror but it had more sparkles in them. It looked like the free was coming from within his soul and that only drew me to him more. It was like a drug and i was addicted.

    By Lydia on 06.22.2016

  9. Its burning hot outside today.I feel the fans and airconditioners really dont work.The suns burning heat is so unbearable.

    By anjana on 06.22.2016

  10. what’s the burning issue. what is burning now may be the thing of joy later on. we burn our minds over many pity things. there are many burning desires we have..

    By vivek on 06.22.2016

  11. Temples throbbing, eyes dry and heavy. He turned the pages of the book slowly, pointlessly. He hardly registered the words anymore, gaze following the pattern the ink made on the page. He already knew what it said. Time and again he had been able to put the thought from his mind, but tonight it nagged at him, burning, incessant. Consumed with the desire for finality, with time, with closure. Some solid confirmation hidden somewhere between the pages that this nightmare had an end.

    By Stella on 06.22.2016

  12. It wasn’t so much sparks as it was a slow burn, a fire that took over from the pit of her stomach to the tip of her nose. She broke from the kiss and inhaled slowly. “Holy crap.” He laughed, clearly amused with a hint of worried. “Was that not…” “No, no, no, that was… that was expert.”

    By Bridget Grace on 06.23.2016

  13. Burning. That pain in your chest when you’ve received really bad news and you swallow your tears so that your eyes only glisten. Either that, or too much spicy food.

    By ToniCezeal on 06.23.2016

  14. I got up today unwell as my stomach was burning. I am not sure as to why it was burning. May be something that I ate last night did not suit me

    By chithra on 06.23.2016

  15. The smoke was blinding. It was all up in flames. Burning. They tried to extinguish it. They tried and tried. Water flew at a rampid around everywhere, reaching every surface in sight and sizzling in explosive bursts as the flames engulfed the water.

    By Bri on 06.23.2016

  16. The burning wouldn’t stop. He tried to change his position but both feet still felt as if they were on fire. He knew that they couldn’t be on fire. He could lift up one foot then the other and they just looked like the same old ugly feet, with misshapen nails and a shiny pink appearance.

    He lay his head back again and pressed the call button. “Nurse, please help me.” The click over the loudspeaker told him that someone listened then turned off the intercom. A minute later, a robot appeared.

    “What seems to be the matter, Mr. Lowry?”

    He turned his head towards the wall, feeling humiliated. After a long and distinguished life, and all he gets is a robot attendant. He never should have designed these things.

    He turned his gaze back towards his creation. “Same old thing. You know.”

    By chanpheng URL on 06.23.2016

  17. I am at a bonfire. I just sit there feeling the cool autumn air at my back and the warmth of the fire on my face.

    By Olivia Leonard on 06.23.2016

  18. “Hurry up get out of the house, it is burning down” Becca said to Jen. Jen said “I am trying but there is so much smoke, I can;t see a thing.”

    By meghan on 06.23.2016

  19. burning, hot coals on the grill…a candle burning in the rain. Camp fires and roasting marshmallows, summer time, fall leaves

    By Jaclyn Orozco on 06.23.2016

  20. I am burning. For something to change. For something way out of the way. Getting tired of everything being the same. The burn of change itself would be so much more bearable than this.

    By Crystal Cadence on 06.23.2016

  21. Getting hot didn’t make any sense until it did. His fingers singed trails into her skin as they moved up, up, up to a secret place she’d kept hidden. Yeah, his breath was hot against her neck, but the heat consuming her was coming from within.

    By YOLO4Sho on 06.23.2016

  22. She was devastated when she heard that for the first time and she knew that she had to come in terms with it as that was her only burning desire. But she lost him.

    By Shilpa on 06.23.2016

  23. An effigy piled high with crumbling pine, toppling under the pressure of intense heat.

    By ml on 06.23.2016

  24. She could sense something burning. She just cant believe that her best friend is jealous of her. She had so much trust in her. Now that she is like this, its shocking

    By rainbow on 06.23.2016

  25. Bombs and explosives here and there. Buildings and things burning. thousands were dead and hundreds were injured. The scene was just atrocious. I couldn’t watch the television anymore. 26/11 was just truly a disastrous day.

    By hermione granger on 06.23.2016

  26. She saw his body burning into ashes. She felt a void deep inside, but there was something no one could ever burn – the memories he gave her before the accident.

    By puttu on 06.23.2016

  27. The house was burning as the firefighters tried to put it out. The neighbors were watching in amazement.

    By caden on 06.23.2016

  28. The city was burning and everywhere you looked their was fire and destruction. The army was tearing through the city like it was nothing.

    By caden on 06.23.2016

  29. The gas lamp was burning as we tried to toast our marshmallows on it. It was actually starting to work the only bad thing was that the flame was very tiny.

    By caden on 06.23.2016

  30. Burning desire rules each person. The insatiable need for love, fame, fortune and attention. To eat the cookie, to be better than the next person, to be seen as the most powerful person in the room. Burning desire will be the death of us all.

    By Sister Golden Hair on 06.23.2016

  31. The burning smell took some time to get used to. And it’s one that you never forget. The dragons that were here are now long gone.

    By Ryan W.C. URL on 06.23.2016

  32. Justin prepped the escape latch. He hit the touchscreen with his fingerprint, and the retinal scan with his extra eyeball. He tonguescanned with a leftover cow delicacy and guessed the code by playing su doku. And when it was all over with, he had third degree burns and a medal and more burns on the medal.

    By The battle for the second muffin on 06.23.2016

  33. There was this sensation, this yearning, this inexplicable desire to tell him. She couldn’t explain how it originated or where it came from, but she knew once she actually met him that this need had arisen so greatly that she needed to tell him. She felt she might explode of she didn’t tell him she loved him. The burning blood in her heart coursed through her veins as she crept ever closer to his ear, only to whisper what she truly meant to say.

    By Ashley on 06.23.2016

  34. Sometimes, burning birdges is not so bad. It prevents you from going back to places where you should have never been to begin with. She was one such place and my love , one such bridge

    By epi on 06.23.2016

  35. well right now I’m thinking of my ears and cheeks burning because I’m frustrated at work…only a little bit longer here. alternatively, I wish I was at burning man, I think that sounds like an incredible time. maybe one day.

    By MillerPepley on 06.23.2016

  36. Paris Is Burning. It’s one of my favorite documentaries, especially poignant during Pride Month. It’s so interesting to see how we have gotten so much of the “gay” vernacular from that time period in NYC’s underground. It’s also sad how we have taken that culture and whitewashed it, to a degree.

    By Austin Helms on 06.23.2016

  37. I feel the warmth. I can smell the fire in a far away lot. Somebody is cooking some burgers. It smells so good and reminds me of times I spent as a kid camping with my dad. Those were good times in spite of it all, in spite of the horrible things flames have done. Burned countless people unnecessarily at the stake. Burned down homes and cities. Burned down forests and animals, anything living really. Even this cow that is now cooking, it’s being burned. But it smells so good.

    By Michael URL on 06.23.2016

  38. it burnt his sink, his eyes. the sun was too hot to handle. he missed the old world, with the frosty summers and the cool winds. he couldn’t bear this heat. it was killing him. it was killing everyone…

    By charlie on 06.23.2016

  39. Burning is a sensation that you feel when you encounter something that is hot. A burning house, a burning cigarette, a burning tree are all examples of burning

    By Vivian Catanese on 06.23.2016

  40. I am a burning man…. at least that is what they call me. I am celebrated yearly by people lighting me on fire and burning me. Then I get paraded down the street for everybody to celebrate the burning man!

    By A Tafoya on 06.23.2016