March 9th, 2017 | 47 Entries

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47 Entries for “Buddha”

  1. I have awakened from my slumber
    My perceptions no longer clouded
    Truth has been revealed
    Which for so long had been shrouded
    Dreams and illusions dead
    Reborn to wisdom
    Enlightenment shines down
    Glorious rays or reality
    I have become buddha
    No longer confused nomad
    Now sage upon saga

    By poetwarrior on 03.09.2017

  2. Buddha, you are dear to my heart. Sitting under your tree, not making me go to church, telling me to abandon all desire. Except you have to be dead for that, and even then, a bit of desire may be there. Or a hunk of desire may come and go.

    By Joanna Bressler on 03.09.2017


    By KATHERINE on 03.09.2017

  4. buddha is created by Siddhartha Gautama, who was an Indian prince once. he gave up all his riches to search for religious truth. he told all the people that all people were created equal, which made the caste system in India useless.

    By dumbm8 on 03.09.2017

  5. Buddha was the person who inspired the religion, Buddhism. I don’t know what else to say about buddha

    By Wendy on 03.09.2017

  6. smile in gold and munificence
    though your stature is near-nothing and your voice is soft
    forged of tin and tears
    and wisdom and metal
    some parts of you we already have.
    other parts of you we need desperately.

    By anothershadowbox on 03.09.2017

  7. I ran all the way to the top of the temple. I tossed in a few coins as an offering, a silent prayer. That somehow, somewhere we would meet.

    By Tea Rose on 03.09.2017

  8. “I am the buddah,” I exclaimed, while crouching next to the little golden statue and holding my stomach. Usually, I would be self conscious about sticking my stomach out in such a way, but here it felt natural.

    By Paige B on 03.09.2017

  9. The Buddha image sat on the coffee table, surrounded by all the other trinkets that Jeff had brought back from his trip to Asia. “I bet Noy will like to see this.”

    But she was distressed when she saw the statue. “You can’t put it there,” she told him. “It’s disrespectful.”

    He was about to say that it was only a piece of cast iron, but he stopped when he saw the look on her face. “I understand,” he said, although he didn’t. “What can I do to make a respectful place for it?”

    By chanpheng URL on 03.09.2017

  10. buddha is a god. buddha is calm and light. you can see buddha anywhere unless your mind is closed and dull. have you seen buddha?

    By brokuł on 03.09.2017

  11. A bronze belly perched on a mossy platform. A sea-green patina creeps from the crevasses of the folded arms.

    By ml on 03.09.2017

  12. Kindness only brings you so far; and often contradicts that which needs to be done to avoid suffering. What is seen on the surface as all zen and peace and relaxation,lies to somber core of the true teachings: life is suffering. Everything that comes to you in life is suffering, through its existence or lack thereof. Wanting, attachment, the roots of it all. To avoid suffering, there must be no bonds tying you down to Earth and its temporary existence. Want nothing, miss nothing, love nothing. Love no one. It will only give your insides a sharp twist at every glance, bit of warmth, every step apart. Laughter that trails off like an ellipsis. Joy will not come alone, it too wants to hold hands, and it walks in tandem with its’ downcast partner. Both must be avoided for true peace… so it is said.

    But what is the difference between contentment in nothing and absolute numbness? Perhaps suffering it better- to feel something beyond a shallow pool reflecting a face you can no longer claim as yours.

    By Ai URL on 03.09.2017

  13. I can see your villa-boarding house from here,
    a roomy, pillared 3 story bungalow,
    smirking down upon the blue crystal waters,
    your domain produced some contributing atoms to our air!

    Now im floating, soaring, and i’ve hovered
    there were other particles like me,
    other molecules like me,
    though despite the regimined and sour ice tea,
    you always had ice cubes
    spiritualist thoughts to share
    reminding us that difficulty passes with perseverance.

    he was as simple teacher that everybody thought was fat
    just like buddah
    knowing that in surreal reality
    wealth was within himself and not external,
    his practice: rid mental causality!

    By Milad URL on 03.09.2017


    By elena36 on 03.09.2017

  15. Last night, in the midst of my own personal over-indulgence– I tuned into Last Word tonight with John Oliver. I recall how much John Oliver makes me happy– that time I saw him at the March for Equality on Washington. But how I wish sometimes he was more serious, and then, to my surprise, his levity turned into sheer joy as he interviewed the Dali Lama, who in turn, offered the demon inside him to be reincarnated into Mr. Oliver upon his own worldly demise.

    By L. Chestnut on 03.09.2017

  16. He was sitting in the middle of the lawn in the lotus position, not bothered by the running and the laughing and the general chaos of the campus. No one seemed to notice him, or if they did, they didn’t pay him any mind, like he was part of the scenery. She assumed that he must do this a lot.

    By Bridget Grace on 03.09.2017

  17. I don’t know much about it. Not sure if it has to do with Asain or Japanese? Big belly guy that is usually in nail salons. That’s the only time that I have seen it. Maybe part of their religion.

    By Morgan on 03.09.2017

  18. Buddha is the figure head of the religion Buddhism. Usually depicted as a large man with a bad head. Traditionally it is found to be good luck to rub the statues belly.

    By Jacob on 03.09.2017

  19. Buddha is a cool statue with a big tummy that is part of the Hindu religion and culture.

    By Ryan on 03.09.2017

  20. Buddha is a chill guy. Buddha is in touch with nature and speaks to it. Buddha’s buddy knows how to butter his bread best. Buddha has many followers.

    By Andrew Oberg on 03.09.2017

  21. Buddha is always smiling, sitting under his tree, going to places in mind, through meditation

    By Andy on 03.09.2017

  22. The ever going notion that you need to reflect upon yourself, only to make oneself better. only so that you can ripple through each action you’ve considered, and done and turn it into the peacemaker. To come to and end of ones self only to find another, and another. Buddha, the belly rubs of wisdom. A belly so big, there is a universe that sits inside of it. Welcome to the womb world. The buddha, the golden statue who holds his belly for all to wonder about.

    By lucy on 03.09.2017

  23. I think Buddha is a figure in history that people look to for inspiration and meaning. Personally, I do not place my faith in Buddha, but I can understand why people are searching for an inspirational or transcendent force to help guide them.

    By Alli on 03.09.2017

  24. Well yes, he had pie. A good pie that is. It was truly divine pie. One can not even fathom the awesomeness of this food, it was a taste beyond human senses. He had THAT pie. That’s how he found enlightenment. Truly…

    By Polyak Attila URL on 03.09.2017

  25. Crossed legs and closed eyes. I breathe into the diaphragm of my very essence. A connection between lung-space and the great void. My heart becomes a picture window. I can choose to gaze across the invisible spiritual plane into the grandiosity of the outside world. Or maybe I will simply flow inside for some as yet unmet scenery.

    By Stacy L. M. on 03.09.2017

  26. The Buddha was young. The Buddha was handsome. The Buddha was an isolated prince. He reached nirvana on the breath of a cloud, and he thought the statues of him were odd.

    “I am not fat,” he said to himself. “Why do they make me like that?”

    I sat with the Buddha and listened to his words. “If you are so enlightened,” I asked with a frown, “then why does the aesthetic of art matter to you?”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.09.2017

  27. ummmm, I have no idea what this word is or means.

    By Dylin on 03.09.2017

  28. My roommate has an empty bottle shaped like Buddha. It used to have beer in it. It’s always struck me as kind of ironic since I first saw the bottle. Beer definitely does not lead to piece and enlightenment for most people. Who thought it would be funny to sell beer in a Buddha bottle?

    By Andrew on 03.09.2017

  29. Vipassana. As far as I remember he was the inventor/rejuvenator. Its such an imp thing in my life and I believe everyone should give it a go. Thanks Buddha. You too. Try it.

    By Chitransh Popli on 03.09.2017

  30. The ever going notion that you need to reflect upon yourself, only to make oneself better –only so that you can ripple through each action you’ve considered and have done, to turn it into the peacemaker. To come to and also end ones self only to find another and another. Buddha, the belly rubs of wisdom. A belly so big, there is a universe that sits inside of it. Welcome to the womb world. The rebirth. –The buddha, the golden statue who holds his belly for all to wonder about.

    By blackvoid on 03.09.2017

  31. The Jade Buddha sits regally on his throne, an immortal being, frozen in the waves of time, legs crossed peacefully, and regarding the world through an all-knowing lens.
    Flowers garnish the altar, and candles stand proudly, their rosy warm light flickering over the shaded alcove.
    The air is thick and full with the deep smell of incense, tickling the nose like a persistent mosquito.
    The sun flickers in at a slant, casting an ethereal mood over the entire scene, as if someone had stepped off the edge of reality and was in the realm of the gods, the deities, the supreme beings flowing in and out of forms, dipping into the shallow existence of the world before retreating to heavenly perches again.
    The Buddha watches, just the mere form of a greater power.

    By Teeny Duckie on 03.09.2017

  32. Buddha is from other countries. In our family we worship God. Buddha was a nice man. I prefer God.

    By Rose Barrosa on 03.09.2017

  33. atop a grassy hill
    legs crossed, robe loose, smiling face
    the river runs fast

    By stranger on 03.09.2017

  34. Buddha Bodai, right in the center of China town. It feels warm– not just in temperature, but in that diner-y feeling you get when you want to mix all of your food together on the plate and the waitress is judging you. In the best way. And then she refills your cup of coffee.

    But here? It’s green tea, settled into its little porcelain cup. Nestled into the table, resting in your palm, the warmth expanding not in temperature, but in the way your soul fills the comfy space.

    By Molly on 03.09.2017

  35. Buddha Bodai, my Papa’s favorite restaurant. It’s a funny combination, a round Soviet man with a little soft spot for Chinese food. Vegan, of course. And it fits right in that soft spot nestled deep in his heart, in one of the chambers that feels never-ending, like it could contain all of the soy protein in the world.

    By Molly on 03.09.2017

  36. A statue that sits in places.

    By hannah on 03.09.2017

  37. so this man named Carlos was a salt addict and he always loved salt. he never tried any other food but salt. but one day his mom came and begged his to try her food. he did and he loved it. but one day, he ate so much of her food, HE POPED, then his mom came throught he door and she was sad. they had a feuneral for him and everyone that new him was there. his coworkers, family anf friends.

    By Annonimos on 03.09.2017

  38. I close my eyes and let my mind wander, wondering where the line can be drawn between detachment and obsession. My fingers twitch, breaking from my self-control only for a moment, as if to grasp at something felt only through touch that is forever blind to the mind’s eye, but as tangible as the heart beating in my chest.

    A feeling drops into a pool of thoughts in my head, creating ripples unseen in the darkness of that void – but they are there none the less. Nothingness: a concept as flawed as being human – restraint masked behind wisdom, that’s all it is.

    I don’t need a doctrine, a thread of silk thrown down to me from some celestial pond. Why inspire pity, when you can inspire awe?

    For just a moment, I close my mind, and let my eyes wander.

    By mistyfizz on 03.09.2017

  39. buddha’s blessings bust
    bullets baring blank bearings
    brandishing burnt brains

    By christopher "c-h-r-i-s" febles URL on 03.09.2017

  40. It stared me in the face. As I relaxed and meditated. my meditation didn’t last long with me know about the buddha staring at me.

    By Slim4fun on 03.09.2017