October 31st, 2017 | 32 Entries

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32 Entries for “bucket”

  1. a bucket is a thing of beauty
    filled with rainwater
    beside a yello and white striped
    that really needs a paint job
    and the bucket is the thing that makes it happen and the bucket sings its own praises because it can
    because it can.
    good old bucket.
    my fan.

    By Sara Matson on 10.31.2017

  2. bucket’s are meant for filling
    like milk is meant to spill
    or words are meant for feeling
    adjectives are fill of whim
    this is the last one I write today
    something about buckets
    skin and paving the way
    for things that mean something larger than them…
    buckets of women carrying buckets of men

    By sematson URL on 10.31.2017

  3. List
    All connect to bucket
    Nancy responsible for buckets Tim Horton
    Tek Cub
    Kal Ket
    Horse water

    By unitedstarminds URL on 10.31.2017

  4. I like to smoke from my bucket my good ole bucket bong,its hits you right between the eyes and makes a right ole pong,

    By Anywonder on 10.31.2017

  5. there was a small little bucket named jet he was no ordinary bucket he was a shape shiftier every one loves him.

    By olivia on 10.31.2017

  6. Detective Rostrum zoomed his camera lense to get a closer look at his suspect sitting on the edge of Smith and Main.

    “There’s the bucket,” his partner, Holloway, said.

    The man was exactly how the witnesses had described him. The fact that this sicko, posing as a vagrant, was able to get away with a string of murders for so long, boggled him. It didn’t help that social media was dragging the department around by the nose, either.

    A flock of business men in ties costing more than his rent walked by. The suspect stumbled up, dragging the bucket behind him as if it was a cement block.

    “Oh, there he goes.” Holloway was already out of the car.

    Rostrum bit back a curse. “Wait a second, kid–” But his three month old partner had already crossed the street. Rostrum huffed behind him, wishing that he had eaten one less cheesesteak.

    By LifesGrey on 10.31.2017

  7. The sound of the constant drip, drip, drip.
    The rain was a mantra in her head, over and over.
    He promised he’d fix the hole in the roof.
    He was long gone.
    The water filled the bucket, drip by drip.
    But she was still empty.

    By misshunbun on 10.31.2017

  8. Falling, falling, clutching the bucket tight, everything is spinning but the water stays inside. We plummet up and down, side to side, the bucket and I, but I never spill a single drop. Not one. That’s how steady I can be sometimes.

    By Archanza URL on 10.31.2017

  9. you can hold things in this bucket.

    By Shayla URL on 10.31.2017

  10. bucket full of dusty pucks and rusty muskets
    russet trumpets next to budget cutlets for custom cuspids
    on the cusp of luscious, covet justice
    on the summit, take care not to plummet
    rustic pundits turn to crusty puppets no longer trusted
    mascots and maggots stuck it a casket – the handle’s busted
    the glutton shovels mutton, finds himself sullen
    near a cove, the coven eat crumpet from the oven
    wisdom nugget: brave does, careful doesn’t

    By omqwat URL on 10.31.2017

  11. Bucket.
    buck it.
    buck quet
    buck. buck buck. et.
    balk blak balk et.

    By Siddhartha URL on 10.31.2017

  12. Chad left a bucket of the worst Halloween candy he could find out in his front yard, and then he turned out all the lights and watched the second season of Stranger Things in his boxers, eating tiramisu-flavored ice cream out of the carton because he had to feel somewhat fancy about his life. Not surprisingly, when he brought the pail back into his house four hours later, it was still around half full. Also, an allegedly angry trick-or-treater had left a note scribbled out on binder paper, using quite a few cuss words that were more appropriate for teenagers’ dirty mouths, to demonstrate their disappointment in the crude selection of sweets.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.31.2017

  13. “Will that be all, Mrs. Bucket?” “It’s Bouquet, dear,” said Hyacinth, and her husband rolled his eyes as usual. She was always putting on airs. Even the neighbors knew about it.

    By lbrygk on 10.31.2017

  14. got a hole in my bucket
    i tried to plug it
    still it seeps
    i dip it in the ocean
    it’s full for the moment
    but step by step it leaks
    the walk home is long
    though i’m careful
    i lose more than i keep
    my soul is that bucket
    over and over I try to fill it
    yet at the end of the day
    what remains is shallow

    By alasthepoetwarrior on 10.31.2017

  15. Bucket, this instantly paints the picture of a plastic bucket lying in my bathroom, with a mug floating in it and tap water flowing into it. However, after studying engineering, I came across many more meanings of the word bucket. Buckets were used a lot in few mathematics concept and yes from that emerged the bucket list concept. So this word somehow touches me sensitively as I used to find those mathematics concepts quite complicated.

    By happyj on 11.01.2017

  16. “I wouldn’t give a bucket of piss for your chances when that posse catches up to us,” Graham said with a sneer, spitting a stream of tobacco juice towards his wounded compadre. “They took a damn chunk outta your hand there!”

    By Lee on 11.01.2017

  17. A bucket is about this much with as much for the whole that you can carry beside the rain or fruits you have harvested, or even for the time again.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 11.01.2017

  18. The wafer-thin mint, like the pin on a grenade… To his credit, Monsieur tried to refuse the mint. But the waiter wouldn’t take “No,” he’s the nicest bully you’ll ever know. A foodie terrorist. “It’s only one little thin one,” he says, knowing Monsieur’s gonna blow. “Oh alright…” *BLAM* The waiter runs, too late! He’s trodden in Monsieur’s barf bucket: true justice.

    By Hope on 11.01.2017

  19. So many things to put in, so little space. Buckets feel like a metaphor for life sometimes. I am surrounded by endless possibilities, endless things that I could make happen, but I only have so much space and then I am out.
    I think I need a bigger bucket, but they appear to be in short supply.

    By terradi URL on 11.01.2017

  20. I found a bucket of dead fish. Someone had left it on the sidewalk. The fish were colorful and bright, but dead. I stopped and stared for a long time. I was trying to decide what exact emotion it was that I was feeling, seeing these beautiful things dead and discarded.

    By James Wilson on 11.01.2017

  21. She grabbed a tin cup and headed down to the well, tears streaming down her cheeks. A cool cup of water would calm her nerves. At the well, instead of the usual wooden bucket, there was a bucket craved from a solid piece of crystal…

    By Taylor on 11.01.2017

  22. When will we kick the bucket and will we know when it will be tipped over. Where did that actually come from, the phrase “Kicked the bucket?” Why do we have such casual ways to say “Died”?

    By Courtney Livingston on 11.01.2017

  23. kicking the bucket means dying, jack and jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water, pail is also a bucket, bucket is made of wood

    By Pavalamani Pragasam URL on 11.01.2017

  24. I use a bucket to hold water to water my animals

    By Natalie on 11.01.2017

  25. Seagulls fly overhead as I sit on the beach. I can hear my mother and aunt laughing behind me, reclining on beach chairs. Buckets filled with sand are piled next to me. Pudgy toddler hands grabbing fistfuls of the grainy material and dumping it into the container. I take the bucket and tip it upside down on the cool, wet, ground. I feel the waves washing over my small feet as I slowly lift the bucket to reveal my masterpiece. A small tower made of sand.

    By Abbey on 11.01.2017

  26. No feel no sanity
    No words that came pouring out

    What thoughts that are trapped inside
    Filling me to the brim with voidless nights

    Upon a night I would wish
    That such deliverance be come to me

    But strength I have
    Shall never be broken

    Twas full the bucket it was
    As my mind hovers in vain
    Overshadows those pesky fellows
    Of little consideration they ought to be

    By Lynn on 11.01.2017

  27. why this hut have a old buckets outside? Someone here or not?
    “Knock Knock” from inside the door
    when I’m open the door. Nothing in the hut…..

    By Javier on 11.01.2017

  28. I put a bucket in the well. As I pulled it up I could feel my hands toughening up. I looked in the bucket and saw gold, silver, and jewels. I gasped and ran inside the house. I showed my mother the bucket and her face brightened up. My mind raced with all the things I could do with all this gold and jewels. I could take my mother to get help from doctors, I could make amazing meals for my mother, and finally get clothes for me and my mother. All this was a dream come true I looked out the window and saw someone go by our well. He had a bucket and looked down our well. I ran outside and said, “Hey, what are you doing?” He looked at me and all of sudden I realized it was Prince Alexander. I quickly realized my mistake in yelling and bowed down. Prince Alexander took my hand and pulled off of the ground. He smiled and asked,” What is your name?” “My name is Avery.” I said, trying to look brave. “Well, Miss Avery, I was the one who put gold and jewels in your well and came to see if you got them. Also to ask if you and your family would like to live with my father and me. My father, King Andy, has taken fond of your mother and would like to ask you mother if she would take his hand in marriage.” I took my hand out of his and said, “How does your father know my mother?” At that time my mother came out and said, “I accept his marriage.” I looked at her with a questioning face. She smiled and said, “I knew the king since we were young. Now I think he would like us as a family.” I looked at Prince Alexander and said, “Well, with you as a brother, what can go wrong. We headed to the castle and the wedding was the next day. As I sat by my new brother I said, “Oh, the adventures we are going to have.” We grinned at each other and started laughing. Oh how it is great to have a family now.

    By TexasGirl0 URL on 11.01.2017

  29. The drip echoed through the house, making my eye twitch. I tried to focus on my book, but the drip was my tell-tale heart, my slowly ticking clock in the belly of a crocodile. Alligator? Which was it? My focus was GONE.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 11.01.2017

  30. There’s a puppy in a bucket waiting for me when I get home. When did this become normal life for me?

    By darseyrsm URL on 11.01.2017

  31. I just really like what you’re up to, and how you show and discuss it!.

    By Shelton Sember URL on 11.02.2017

  32. I just really like what you’re up to, and how you show and discuss it!.

    By Layla Knopinski URL on 11.02.2017