November 14th, 2018 | 40 Entries

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40 Entries for “broke”

  1. broke like dollar penniless again
    distressed depressed repressed from the
    perfect analogue
    in a digital download
    our reference to the past are prosaic
    or perhaps pretentious
    i can’t remember the last time
    we felt relevant
    the last time words we spoke
    evoked inspired endless sensation
    elated before deflated
    bored bored boredom
    of this capitalistic strife
    bore me until i’m broke again

    By matt m on 11.14.2018

  2. I struggled to open my wallet anymore. It was sad to see the empty space. It wasn’t like I wanted to to be in this situation- but sometimes life has a funny way of telling you that you are alone.

    By courtneyvint on 11.15.2018

  3. ´zebras are on the way over´, said the the tourists
    ´Broke but not like my binoculars, more zoom , said the guide

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 11.15.2018

  4. I’ve spent most of my life being broke.
    As a child, I never felt poor.
    As a young adult, I traveled around the world on a dime – seeing the glorious colors of each continent.
    Then I grew up and became a 1%er on paper. But charged it all.
    I lost my job and the weight of those decisions weighed on me and my family like a glacier.
    I earned what I could – which was about the same as I earned in college.
    And the hill of debts grew into mountain range of strewn paper.
    Robbing Peter to pay Paul.
    Now I’m earning a decent salary again.
    Each payday, I wake up and pay my bills – trying to tunnel through the mountain with a teaspoon.
    30 minutes and most of the wages are gone – towards the interest.
    Reminding myself to have the patience of Andy DuFresne.
    And to NEVER charge anything to a credit card.
    You’ll spend your life paying for things you don’t remember.

    By chantemcb on 11.15.2018

  5. If it aint broke don’t fix it.

    By Conundrum on 11.15.2018

  6. The mirror broke, shards flung to the far corners of the room from the impact. The pieces on the ground reflected the lamplight back a grisly red as blood dripped from her head onto the remains. “It doesn’t hurt that much,” she thought before slipping into a deep unconsciousness to escape the horrors of her reality.

    By Sarah on 11.15.2018

  7. I’m broke.
    Penniless, money down the drain.
    Spending nonstop until there is none.
    A painful lesson to learn.
    But it will soon pass, when the right lessons are learned.

    By echuaco URL on 11.15.2018

  8. Once upon a time, I broke my arm…I was jumping on my trampoline and it fell out beneath me. Then my mom came and checked on

    By junie on 11.15.2018

  9. mind shattered,
    heart going pitter patter.
    body broken.
    whyd you have to say the things you did?

    By AshleighSiegel on 11.15.2018

  10. She was playing soccer in the house and you can guess what happened she broke her mother golden vase. She was scared what if her mother found out so she hid the shards under the
    couch She realized that her mother might see that the vase was missing so she went to go apologize to her mother.

    By Southdakotagirl on 11.15.2018

  11. “Want to share a milkshake today?” asked Lacey, as we huddled together under the elm tree just outside school.

    I shook my head. “Sorry,” I sighed. “I’m broke. I can’t even afford a cookie from that shop right now.”

    “Okay,” said Lacey, smiling. “My treat, then.”

    I tried to protest, but she squeezed my hand in defiance.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.15.2018

  12. He didn’t know. He didn’t know.

    How did it happen?

    He didn’t know.

    His best friend was crying, and he couldn’t do anything.

    He didn’t know what happened.

    “What happened?” he asked. “Tell me what’s going on. Let me help you. What’s going on?”

    By Em on 11.15.2018

  13. not whole. in pieces, shattered, no money, can’t repair, broke open,

    By Mary Foster on 11.15.2018

  14. I broke my moms glass vase, it was her favorite. It broke into what seemed like a million pieces. I was so scared she was going to be mad but she wasn’t and I was so relieved.

    By Nitasha URL on 11.15.2018

  15. Broken.

    My laptop.

    With my final essay.


    My friendship.

    With the years of hugs and encouragement and laughs.



    Because everything is falling. And I can’t breathe.


    By Em on 11.15.2018

  16. To unfix, to shatter, undo, destroy, or ruin something. Like Barney Fife does.

    By David M. on 11.15.2018

  17. the word the day for sure….

    By Mr.584903 URL on 11.15.2018

  18. “I got no money” the girl on the subway said, pulling her jean pockets out dramatically to emphasize the point.

    “It’s literally a 5 dollar box. Her friend retorted.

    “Well you’re gonna have to figure out a way to get that 5 dollars.

    Okay follow my lead. They approached the stranger waiting for the next train.

    “You wanna see a card trick? 10 bucks says you won’t know how I did it. And for 20, I’ll give you the secret after.”

    The guy smirked. ‘Check out these two little grifters’ he thought to himself. “Okay I’ll bite.”

    By amy gilder on 11.15.2018

  19. She found her watch, but it read 12:20, and that couldn’t be right. She held it up to her ear. Nothing. Great. She looked outside, but the rain made it impossible to know what time it was.

    By Bridget Grace on 11.15.2018

  20. broke down filthy tugboat, lollipop prince and smarting ankles, beyond the splashing sphincter lives the dandelion king, his smile yellow and cracked with rot and marked with coffee smudges, and he bobs up and down.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 11.15.2018

  21. It was never really a fear of mine, but I suppose it always kind of loomed as a possibility. I know some people always had a safety net, I’m not sure what they meant by that, if they were walking on a damn tight-rope but anyway, I’ve never really felt that way. If I ever did, I can’t remember. But it’s not there now.

    By mr.bojangals on 11.15.2018

  22. She was the same complicated soul that instantly broke through my shields the first time I saw her. Five foot eight, with a body at once both athletic and pruriently feminine. Above these magnetic, curvaceous charms, a waterfall of brunette hair tumbled around her neck. She had a delectable, inviting mouth that sent me into the stratosphere every time I tasted it, and two mahogany eyes that could become penetrating laser beams of anger or crinkle into the hint of a smile that always melted me into a helpless pool of butter.

    By Terry Shepherd URL on 11.15.2018

  23. Broke is a word used when something no longer works. For instance my hi capa broke and wont shoot because

    By Caleb Joshua Simmons on 11.15.2018

  24. After exhausting their final coin, the younger brought up going back to old ways. But his bodyguard shook with anger at the mere thought someone might touch what was his in a way only he should know.

    By Jordan Ashley on 11.15.2018

  25. I was broke. Beat down, overqualified, underqualified, destitute. I had nothing and owed out more than I could make in my first three months of a normal job. LIving in my friend’s photography studio, on a spare futon couch. No heat. Not hot water. Broken.

    By T. Michael Smith URL on 11.15.2018

  26. Broke. Nothing. Nada. What am I going to do now? How can I get through the week? The day? I’m going to need a miracle.

    By Rushlight URL on 11.15.2018

  27. “We’re broke again.”

    “How broke?”


    “Like…water-for-dinner broke?”



    “Do you have any water?”

    Del let her head fall back against the cool stone. Outer-wall stone was always cool, didn’t matter if the sun had been

    By Sam R on 11.15.2018

  28. “The back up aux unit is out again.” I let the comm go dead.

    He doesn’t pay attention to me. He seems distracted by an idea on how to fix the situation. It won’t work. I already know the storm has to pass before we’ll be mobile again. We are stranded once more in the ever worsening sandstorms. But I know this look of his.

    “Godspeed then, you would-be engineer.” I think while rolling my eyes.

    There’s been too many setbacks and not enough gains.

    I severed the tether between us awhile ago. Missions are missions are missions I know.
    I outgrew whatever this was we had. Not enough tension means no passion all fad. The line was slack. He didn’t know how to anymore and I didn’t care to help on my end of the equation. So it became silence. And more silence. More and more with the endless, empty stretches of silence.

    I thought of my friends back at home base and missed them dearly. A friend to me was all that I needed to pass the time. If only I could reach that far – like teleportation. If I might wink myself out of this mess and return to the haven of my life lines.

    I took out a sheet of foiled paper I kept with me for just these occasions. I began to fold.

    The crane was petite but animated on one bending leg by the time the engines powered back up again. As predicted the storm need only pass so that there was no electrical interference that would interfer with the way they produce their core momentum.

    He huffed as if thwarted once again from ever finishing this engine-storm, troubleshoot puzzle. I knew deep down he’d never crack it it. He hasn’t that kind of talent. Someone else does though. Someone who should be riding with me instead. But what can you do when that person remains unknown? Forge on ahead.

    By Gaë URL on 11.15.2018

  29. Please don’t let me break the spell between us. All alone in a house from a time apart, the only light spilling out the door of your office.

    By Fox Hedgehog on 11.16.2018

  30. I broke into someones car. I don’t know why. I have no idea who they are. I didn’t have anybody with me. I broke the window but didn’t take anything. I broke into someones car and I don’t know why.

    By Nitasha URL on 11.16.2018

  31. As the girl climbed the tree the branch suddenly broke! She was laying unconscious. When she woke up she was in an ambulance and figured out she had broken her leg and arm in 10 places.

    By Emma on 11.16.2018

  32. i fell from my chair! THe chair broke! My necklace broke! MY FOOT WAS BROKE! WHAT WAS I TO DO!I CANT PLAY IN THE VOLLEYBALL GAME WITH MY LEG BROKEN!

    By Emma on 11.16.2018

  33. I pray that it’s true you broke through. For what feels like an eternity, I’ve wanted you to do better, and maybe you will. Maybe you can be more than a long coat and a puff of smoke.

    By Whatever Artemesia on 11.16.2018

  34. she is broke
    he is fixed
    she is sad
    he is happy
    she is hurt
    he is not

    The world is broke today and tomorrow.

    By Someone Unknown to you on 11.16.2018

  35. Darn,
    I’m hecking broke.
    I have no money,
    Whatta joke.

    I’d like to say
    That i could pay,
    for my meal…..
    I guess I’ll steal.

    I look around
    then start to run,
    I feel some guilt…
    nah, this is fun!

    I mean, c’mon
    Who needs money anyway?
    I could do this
    every day!

    Am i still in the clear?
    There’s no cops in sight!
    Oh frick,
    I think I see police lights

    The sirens roar,
    The people scream!
    Why so dramatic?
    I only stole some ice cream.

    Ok just kidding,
    I stole much more!
    A steak, a lobster,
    expensive foods galore!

    I try to run,
    there’s no where to hide!
    Wait! A house!
    I’ll hide inside.

    I smash through the window
    I jump through the glass
    It seems I’ve gotten into more trouble,
    but alas,

    I’m not safe for long,
    The police pull right up!
    There’s no where to go,
    I’m all out of luck.

    They burst through the door
    I pray they’re polite
    but they do not care

    We drive to the station
    They throw me in jail
    Too bad I have no friends,
    no hope for bail

    Now for years and years
    the food will be minimal,
    Now I’m not only broke,
    I’m a starving, broke criminal

    By Miki on 11.16.2018

  36. broke is what kites that don’t fly are. broke is what leaky faucets that pitter patter are called. broke is what a bird that can’t fly is. pretty ceramic doll cracked and chipped with its little china paints broken and shattered. Little chips and pieces everywhere. broke

    By *__* on 11.16.2018

  37. Broke: something that many lamps in the world have done throughout the ages.

    You see, jumping off of end tables and desks is a sort of extreme sport. Whoever lands on his feet the fastest wins… so far in it’s 5,000 history, no lamp has actually landed upright, so the judges changed to the rules to “whoever falls off the most spectacularly wins” until someone lands upright. The intrepid power-cord jumper, Mr. Lampy McLampface, has jumped off a total of twelve tables and three desks in his two-month career. When interviewed, Mr. McLampface, affectionately known by his owner as “That Stupid Lamp,” said, “If I land on my foot this next jump, I might actually land on my feet.” That’s a direct quote from Lampy “That Stupid Lamp” McLampface. Another table-jumping legend, Mr. Lambert Lamp Jr, once fell off a dresser and shattered his light bulb. It is understood that Mr. Lamp has never been very bright ever since that accident. More news coverage on Lamp-Breaking extreme sports to come. over and out.

    By David M. on 11.16.2018

  38. Her mother’s precious vase was broken, shattered into thousands of glittering pieces on the parlor floor, and all Amelia Westley could do was stare down at the horrific wreckage with shaking hands and wide blue eyes. What had she done? What sort of terrible beast of a girl had she turned into?

    By annie on 11.16.2018

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    By Smithb507 URL on 11.16.2018

  40. I have many stories to tell about this word…. i don’t know which one i would choose for you
    I want at first remind you when you feel weak, sad, you don’t have any energy in your own and the worst that it happened for you suddenly and you don’t have any idea! you start ask yourself: it’s just word he said for me! why i should give all this attention for this small gesture! after that you see your tears fall…in fact means that you are Broke !!
    we all know the global meaning that we can find everywhere
    but the real meaning is when you are broke means that you are strong; you know what! all the tears and the bad feeling involve you to start again with an other power, you will get what you want, you will fix your problem, you will correct yourself, you will give more attention to choose people with whom you should trust, or be honest…
    and the best when you realized your new lesson in your life and why you have it ;)

    By Roumaissaa FERHI on 11.16.2018