July 7th, 2019 | 11 Entries

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11 Entries for “brands”

  1. Are your brands ethical?
    Does it even matter anymore?
    Do you still believe where you spend your money counts?
    Band-aid measures can’t prevent the collapse that’s coming, change is inevitable.
    Now eat your fruits and vegetables –
    And prep yourself for the worst.

    By Resilience URL on 07.07.2019

  2. I wasn’t entirely aware of what the store sold, but the moment I noticed all the brands, I knew I was in Corporate Hell. All the familiar logos and trademarks glared at me like multicolored neon eyes, blazing and scorching into my own retinas. Still, I saw shirts that would look good on me, shoes that would fit well. Capitalism was a bitch, but I thrived in it.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.07.2019

  3. there are many different brands across the world, to me these brands label people. if you have a more expensive brand then you are richer and if your brand is cheap and not well known, then you are considered as low class.

    By B on 07.07.2019

  4. There are many different brands of cereal, correct? You’d be correct. But have you ever head of Broski Flakes? That’s what I thought, a hard no. I’m here to tell you more about, Broski Flakes. They’re Flakes for the neighborhood Broski. Most enjoyed by frat boys who recently thought about becoming an alcoholic was a good idea, and still thinks it’s a pretty awesome life choice. Go to your local grocer, an ABC Store, and grab you a box of Broski Flakes.
    Broski Flakes will cause you and your son to become a huge douche. Broski Flakes is not responsible for anything you do while being under the influence of Broski Flakes.

    By alex on 07.07.2019

  5. When I think brands, I think of branding. Who am I, and how do i brand myself to the world? Sometimes I worry that I am overly self deprecating. I am not trying to sell myself as a loser or pity party, but confidence scares me. It’s easier to make fun of myself than to look like I am trying and truly failing. Other times, I brand myself as a bubbly person, lacking substance. Why can’t I find the middle ground I need?

    By Cecilia Gray on 07.07.2019

  6. Tthere were different brands of jeans but I needed that particular brand. That was how I was going to become cool. My life would be so much better once I had joined the cool group. That’s not how it works, said mum. You wont be happier if you hang out with them. They aren’t nice people. She had no idea. If Jane liked you, then everyone would like you and I just wanted to be popular.

    By Ellaandlara on 07.08.2019

  7. Brands are types of products manufactured by a particular company, under a particular name.

    By Onitiju Lydmor on 07.08.2019

  8. We looked around the store, nothing standing out because everything was trying to. She looked at me like a person calling for a life preserver. I nodded my head to the door and we turned around. We walked into the muggy summer air, a strange breath of relief

    By Bridget Grace on 07.08.2019

  9. Brejins. Ashleyana. Diara. Rebecca.

    By Savannah Archer - McLeod on 07.08.2019

  10. brands are names companys use o show wht they have to sell, theres many different brands of many differetn things, my favourite clothing brand is nike, my favourite car brand ford, fabourite cigartte brand is next blues and so on

    By connor on 07.08.2019

  11. I like good brands, the ones that are on TV or internet. They ususally mean the product is good quality and therefore is up to its cost.

    By Karime Gallegos on 07.08.2019