December 26th, 2016 | 29 Entries

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29 Entries for “boxing”

  1. She wrapped it in brown paper, crinkling the edges and packing it tight in the box. She taped it and said a silent prayer that it would get to it’s destination safely. The box sat quietly, unsuspecting.

    By Bridget Grace on 12.26.2016

  2. Mona wanted to take up boxing, so I let her. That was when she met Lorraine. Lorraine was the youngest boxing coach at the local gym, and she was already molding champions out of the citizenry. Mona walked over with her own wraps and her very own pair of new gloves, and Lorraine must have fallen in love right then and there. I looked between my daughter, with her curls, and Lorraine, with her black bob cut, and already knew that sparks would be flying inside and outside the ring.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.26.2016

  3. Boxing day. Boxing up the gifts and putting them away in the cupboards. Or maybe she didn’t get any gifts because she was a minimalist…or a grinch. they’d had their celebration at the beach house. they played on the beach with a beach ball and played some beach volleyball. she modelled her new swim suit. and she felt a sense of happiness, lightheartedness that didn’t always correspond with Christmas day but sometimes, on occasion, every few years, like this year, did.

    By Ellaandlara on 12.26.2016

  4. Boxing is an incredible exercise and stress reliever

    By TA on 12.26.2016

  5. I gritted my teeth, internally cringing as sweat dripped down my face and into my mouth.I

    By ShreyShrey on 12.26.2016

  6. Although considered a form of sport, this activity is an expression of hate for the other. In the end both players have swollen faces.

    By Jared URL on 12.26.2016

  7. not your normal defensive posture
    back to the opponent
    head scrunched into shoulders
    shoulders curved forward to take the blows
    his adversary jabbing
    taunt after taunt
    decimating derision
    he continues to absorb the attack
    Finally, enough!
    He spins, screams
    throwing a flurry up punches
    connecting only with air
    as air is the only thing behind him
    the enemy is in his mind
    the demon on his shoulder
    spent from his assault
    rising again….
    head scrunched into shoulders
    shoulders curved forward to take the blows
    he knows they will come again

    By poetwarrior on 12.26.2016

  8. Boxing is one the oldest sports in America.Jack Johnson was one of the best fighters of all time. He beat the world champion but networks cut the access to the fight via the television. America wasn’t ready to see a black man beat a white man in any sport let alone boxing. You must under go several hours in the gym everyday, if you want to be a great fighter.

    By Ashley Warner on 12.26.2016

  9. boxing day? I think that was yesterday right? Don’t know much about the holiday just that it has something to do with presents. Interesting that this idea of presents has emerged from holidays – when there is no connection to an Xbox / Christmas vs. Xbox / Birthday. Just interesting.

    By John on 12.26.2016

  10. Boxing day. Family but lonely. Food but hungry. Cold as cold can be. Closed in. Prison. Struggle. Climbing. Strangled. Locked. No comfort. No rest. Restless.

    By Alexandra Goldstrong on 12.26.2016

  11. a fence
    between me
    and everyone else
    because I can’t
    feel outside of this box;

    hurricanes strike
    only the center
    and it looks like
    I’m just throwing
    It looks like I’m just joking,
    because I don’t know
    how to confront my own
    disassembling without
    laughing the severity off.

    Do not make the mistake
    of thinking I’m the circus
    master of this ring:
    I’m simply the clown
    who fills it.

    By Pandatry on 12.26.2016

  12. While she was boxing her things to sell everything she had all her life. She could just think how her new adventures would be.

    By Pimenta on 12.27.2016

  13. It was boxing day, I was finally going to move out. Three years in this shithole, working everyday to afford something better. I lived above the cafe where I worked, because when I first came into town my boss offered it to me. Later I would figure out that he had other intentions and ever since I figured it out, I had been saving up to leave.

    By Giulia on 12.27.2016

  14. They scramble out of the water, but just as Luca thinks he’s free, long fingers wrap themselves around his ankle. He yelps as he’s dragged back, thinking shitshitshithe’sdead, when-
    Edlen falls back into the river with a snarl, a stream of red following her. Luca gapes up as Doll drags him the rest of the way out, her knuckles stained with blood.
    “Didn’t I mention I used to box?” she asks.

    By savvadrokki on 12.27.2016

  15. During Christmas time
    people are BOXING a lot
    of gifts… and feelings

    loving and giving
    out of obligation to
    relatives disliked

    gifts under the tree
    open up on Christmas but,
    true selves stay unseen

    By ! Haiku-Man ! on 12.27.2016

  16. i love boxing. Boxing is a game. all countries play boxing as a game. It’s also a part of Olympics. there are two fighters in this game. knock out matches also there for this game.

    By ujjwal on 12.27.2016

  17. A quite interesting sport to me is boxing. Humans get into this thing where two guys get into a ring and beat each other senseless. Who has less sense the boxers or the ones watching the boxers?

    By trkstr67 on 12.27.2016

  18. when i think of boxing, I think of skilled fighting, sparring in a ring…

    By ctb on 12.27.2016

  19. They were playing they thought, hitting and evading each other’s fist, but then, by accident, Jared’s fist hit Michael’s face. They stood and looked at each other for a moment, scared by the blood streaming from Michael’s forehead. Then Michael lunged at Jared, and they were now boxing for real. By the time Michael’s father arrived to break up the fight, the clothes of both boys were torn, covered with mud and bloody.

    By chanpheng URL on 12.27.2016

  20. giving gifts and wrapping boxes…there is no need to fight about things…and never ever hit a child…boxed ears

    By Peggy on 12.27.2016

  21. Boxing day was upon them, no kangaroos punching their way to stardom, no rope rings, only packages tied up with strings.

    Time to bring the shit back to the store with the other shit. The imagination that lit up at Christmas a moment ago sputtered out with the dead candle.

    By Laura J. on 12.27.2016

  22. I watched the boys out in the yard, screwing up their fists and releasing punches onto each other. No matter how many times one would hit the other, even if he fell down, he always sprung right back up again with a flying fist. The boxing itself was pointless, utterly stupid, but it got me thinking about the contest. Maybe I wasn’t down and out just yet.

    By Alicia on 12.27.2016

  23. I was sweaty, my shirt sticking to my body. My fists were rubbed raw, I hadn’t bothered with gloves, only quickly binding. But it didn’t matter. I just needed to escape. The pain dripping in red down my fingers was giving me the much wanted distraction from what had just happened.

    By Daisy Leason on 12.27.2016

  24. Boxing is a sport that is having a great deal of importance in the present trend of sporting activities. One of the main reason for this is because it requires lot of energy and is very much time consuming, if it is practiced sincerely.

    By aniketnikhade URL on 12.27.2016

  25. I’ve always considered boxing. Being able to defend myself would be a soothing feeling, but would it really have that amount of an impact. I mean, is fighting ever the answer. I’ve had a few real bad experiences by getting hit, but I know it won’t make me feel better to jam my fist into someone else.

    The key is in conversing.

    By Jacques on 12.27.2016

  26. Boxing is an organized sport to help others see things from your point of view… that you are the winner and willing to do what ever it takes to win the prize.

    By Claudia URL on 12.27.2016

  27. What a sport.
    I started it as a joke, because out of all the sports for a girl of only 5 ft 2 to start, boxing definitely isn’t one that comes to mind. Or basketball. But I sucked at basketball. So I turned to boxing.

    By Sara on 12.27.2016

  28. “Let’s go, man.” Thomas said. He brushed off the gloves Sally made him on his vest and winked at Alex.
    “I’ll go. Back to Maria’s. I’m about to need a different kind of glove for this one.”

    By Paige B on 12.27.2016

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