July 16th, 2019 | 14 Entries

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14 Entries for “bottle”

  1. A bottle ,a life savour .During the day in hot sun with a bottle filled with water,is life savour.Carry a bottle always

    By arajiev on 07.16.2019

  2. A bottle ,a life savour .During the day in hot sun with a bottle filled with water,is life savour.Always carry a bottle whereever we go.It will of great use.water from bottles in red color will help to reduce weight as per sujok

    By arajiev on 07.16.2019

  3. Look, I brought you a bottle of sadness. Drink it up, drink it up, so you’ll feel the weight of the world press so hard into your shoulders that they’ll leave divots – pull your feet down like gravity, your ankles swelling from pitting edema. You’ll be so miserable and fatigued that you’ll need to sit down. But hey, I never forced you to imbibe the sadness; you wanted it. You said so.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.17.2019

  4. She was strolling on the beach. What she saw in the water was a bottle with a message inside it. She had managed to grab the bottle and open it. There was a message indeed, the clumsy paraphrase of her favourite poem:

    “This Is Just To Say

    I have drunk
    the wine
    that was in
    the bottle

    and which
    you would probably
    with pleasure

    Forgive me
    it was delicious
    so dry
    and so bold.”

    By cup on 07.17.2019

  5. The blue glass gave the whole table a sort of underwater aura. She smiled up at him. “It’s beautiful.”
    “Oh, good.” He walked back to the kitchen, every step anxiety.

    By Bridget Grace on 07.17.2019

  6. I found a message in a bottle by the sea.
    Reaching for it, I was swept by a realization.
    That even if I can read the message, how will I answer?

    By echuaco URL on 07.17.2019

  7. I have a bottle. Do you like a bottle? I have a big bottle, and it have a water. I like bottles. And my bottle is black.

    By Letícia on 07.17.2019

  8. Bottles.

    Bottles are important factors because they can contain liquids of all kinds. Sometimes bottles can be good and sometimes they are not. The reason being is pro, they can help people by bringing drinks in many locations, and con they pollute the environment.

    By Kenny Michael on 07.17.2019

  9. bottle in different colors arranged at the hotel side wall
    when the light falls on it
    it reflected like a rainbow on the floor
    the young chaps were so excited to see that
    their giggling where louder than the vibgyor beauty
    a world of happiness felt by everyone there.

    By arajiev on 07.17.2019

  10. my bottle is red. so red like blood. It red because is wine insaid it.

    By adrijana on 07.17.2019

  11. i have one in my back pack in my room in my house in my car in my toilet and in my bike i love drinking water

    By rama on 07.18.2019

  12. a bottle, you can do lots of stuff with a bottle. you can throw it you can flip it there are so many thing’s you can do with a bottle.

    By joey URL on 07.18.2019

  13. I have a water bottle.
    its spills and now I am wet.
    How did this happen?
    I have no idea?
    What type of bottle is it?
    Is it plastic?
    I don’t like plastic bottles. They hurt the environment
    We should use metal.

    By alex on 07.18.2019

  14. bottel re very usful spekign of thimgs that are usful… cause we use them all the time, what are other thigs that are usful… paper, pencils, they are what is used to help our young people to become educated audults.

    By Samantha Kingcott URL on 07.18.2019