May 29th, 2014 | 62 Entries

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62 Entries for “bonfire”

  1. every friday we had a bonifre. everybody was invited. no boos though, much to the chagrin of some of our roudier patrons….well i say no boos but of course boos ended up arriving somehow anyways, usually late at night after all the adults had already left. we snuck out to go do..really nothing and drink while not doing it. but it was always fun. i miss the old days

    By metom on 05.30.2014

  2. sit down, come on, closer. it won’t bite. i won’t bite.

    it’s okay. it’s safe. for now. they won’t come back. you’re safe. it’s ok.

    By ravn URL on 05.30.2014

  3. God, how he had exposed himself. So stupid. But unavoidable. How coud John not have noticed! “Amazing how fire exposes our priorities.” It had been his own Words. Did John really never listen to him?

    By soil on 05.30.2014

  4. “So what else can we burn?” She kicked through a pile of rubble near the edge of the rooftop, her worn shoes scuffed and blackened. He watched her as she bent to pick up a piece of a what was once a child’s blanket.

    By Lotus Bloom URL on 05.30.2014

  5. The smell of the bonfire, toasted crumpets, baked potatoes and fireworks. Happy memories.

    By Alexandra on 05.30.2014

  6. Eine Wärme-
    ein flackern –
    ein Flamme schlägt hoch.
    So warm-
    so schön
    zurückbleibt nur Asche.

    By Anuri URL on 05.30.2014

  7. It is a symbol for togetherness.See them on outdoor event. People gather up around it and start talking or cooking or just looking each other from the flame.

    By Arsya URL on 05.30.2014

  8. Her face was lit up in a golden colour, reflecting the flames from the bonfire. She watched her entire life burn in front of her. Clothes, books, all her possessions, even her passport, had to disappear, so that she could too. Tomorrow the sun would rise and she would be a new person; a nobody, a blank page. And she would finally be free,

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 05.30.2014

  9. It burned, burned brighter than a summer bonfire, brighter than the sun and the stars and the fires of hell that licked at his toes but he couldn’t stop. couldn’t stop wanting. couldn’t stop wishing and praying and clawing with shredded fingernails and bloody teeth to every last lingering memory. it was love. had to be. only love could hurt this much. only love could set his heart to agonizing flame and then leave him quivering and weak till there was nothing left but ash and despair.

    By mollyfolly on 05.30.2014

  10. we are sitting at the bonfire and i am looking in your eyes, you meet my gaze and touch my face, your lips are so soft, i never want to miss them, your hands are warm, please don’t ever leave me

    By anna URL on 05.30.2014

  11. we are sitting by the bonfire, your gaze is meeting mine, your touch is so warm and your lips are so soft, your hands are all over me, please never leave me

    By anna on 05.30.2014

  12. The clearing opened up before them, the stench of the grime still clung to their socks and shoes. It had not been long they had been looking for them, but it had felt like an eternity. The faint redolence of past bonfires simpered in their noses, until they realised what they did not want to: these tracks were fresh, the smoke was real, and the commotion in the distance sounded like armed men. Hundreds of them.

    By Austin on 05.30.2014

  13. As she watches the bonfire crackle and splutter, her little form quivers. He wonders if all bonfires scream and cry like this one did.

    By Alvina on 05.30.2014

  14. i could see them no more

    By rodrigo ferreira on 05.30.2014

  15. i dont even know what it means I’m not really good at english it sounds like Bon Iver I think but I don’t even know and I have no time to look for it

    By celia on 05.30.2014

  16. I’ve never set a bonfire, but after I decided I didn’t want you I feel like there has been one inside of me

    By celia on 05.30.2014

  17. at my house we have bonfires with the boys Tom loves them the best we toast marshmelows the fire dept sometime comes over It is alot of fun I cant wait for the next one.

    By Lois on 05.30.2014

  18. It wasn’t supposed to be funny. In fact, it was the most terrible thing. But Jack wasn’t thinking right. In his head, the building looked like a huge bonfire. He started laughing, people weren’t paying attention because the roar of the fire was too loud for anyone to hear. Jack laughed and laughed until all of a sudden he was overcome with nausea and began throwing up. His wife was inside.

    By Beka URL on 05.30.2014

  19. She stood on one side of the bonfire staring into the fire, and as she looked across the flames she caught site of someone looking at her from the other side. His eyes were hotter than the flames she was facing and she no longer felt that heat, but only his.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 05.30.2014

  20. I remember when we were kids and we used to have bonfires all of the time. Summer afternoons when the thickets needed to be trimmed, and they became dry in the sun. So we burned them. This was in the country but most of my friends, they lived in the suburbs, and what they called a bonfire was merely a campfire. These scorchers bruned through the night. In fact, once we had the fire department show up, because someone had called nine-one-one. I remember secretly hoping the firemen would see the bruises on my arms so that they could take me away.

    By vince URL on 05.30.2014

  21. Ma song that james blunt wrote about love or something like that.its nice i hear it on the radio at work atleast 2 times a reminds me of some people

    By mark on 05.30.2014

  22. The cottage
    red wine
    Sometimes music
    The sound of the water rolloing in
    Stary night
    Make a wish
    Just kick back
    Summertime Fun
    Cotage life Life is great

    By shellan on 05.30.2014

  23. The word bonfire comes from the meaning bone plus fire. It’s symbolic towards Augustus because he had osteosarcoma (bone cancer) but that didn’t stop him from being Hazel’s fire.

    By Alexi Nowokunski on 05.30.2014

  24. There was a bonfire in the middle of the town, and the citizens stood around it somberly. They were burning cradles, cribs, small chairs, little shirts and trousers and skirts and shoes, because there were no children to use them. There had been no children for years now.

    By mrsmig on 05.30.2014

  25. The smell would stay on me for days. The primordial, elemental glow of its hypnotic flames draw me in and dissipate my thoughts to a plume of smoke that rises into the grey sky.

    By asavas on 05.30.2014

  26. Freedom grew tired of Mercy’s game; now she too was angry. As Mercy was out of control and would not be stopped, Freedom made the falling branch burst into flames. The burning branch was falling toward the barn roof. We were to late,she thought as she wiped the tears from her face. Mercy watching the dancing flames and began to giggle. Freedom ran over to grab Mercy’s hands. Then Freedom chanted as she and her sister danced in a circle: “Burn, burn, fire burn, burn, burn, everything burn.” Mercy followed her sister’s example and tried to sing along. “Burn, barn, fiya barn, fiya burn.” Freedom loved the way her sister talked. They laughed and sang out louder. They twirled each other in circles, giggling and reciting the verse over and over. The children were no longer angry. The earth trembled slightly as they spun. The more they sang, the larger the fire grew until the flames quickly engulfed the entire barn. The barn had become a bonfire. The air filled with Sarah’s piercing screams. Then what followed was a deafening silence.

    By Freedom on 05.30.2014

  27. I watched the fire slowly devour the wood and wondered if being engulfed in it’s flames would be less painful than seeing you with her, just across the bonfire. The marshmallow I’m roasting caught on fire and I shook my head disapprovingly at how pathetic liking someone is.

    By d a n a on 05.30.2014

  28. Cracking

    Bonfire’s attributes clear in the night.


    Fire itself shines through.


    By Maple on 05.30.2014

  29. Lana smiled, her face illuminated by the light of the crackling bonfire. She dug in her pocket and pulled out the engagement ring Liam had given her over a year ago—they’d broken up yesterday, and she felt no need to wear it or even look at it any longer. Perhaps he’d buy another for the girl he’d been caught making out with.

    “Here’s to happiness!” She cried, tossing it into the raging flames. Her friends cheered and clapped; maybe now they’d have their girl back.

    By AJ Kenobi on 05.30.2014

  30. The each took turns tossing their armfuls onto the fire; soon the fire became a raging bonfire. Each person walking away with tears in their eyes as they tossed the parts of their loved ones onto the fire and then tossed their protective suit on the flames as well. The smell of the burning flesh and hair permeated everything for miles. They would not soon forget the smell, although they would wish they could. How this virus started so quickly and caused so many deaths was beyond any of them. There was no one left from the government to answer their questions. The few lone survivors knew they needed to burn the dead to save what was left of this small community. They must clean out some of the houses and start from scratch to rebuild.

    By Bethany Herrington on 05.30.2014

  31. It was a perfect night out on that beach. The bonfire illuminated our faces. And we smiled and made smores and listened to the ocean. I walked out to the shore by myself. The stars never seemed so bright, nor the sky so clear.

    By austin on 05.30.2014

  32. It starts with one and ends with many up in flames of course. Goes to show that combustion is the root cause of one element affecting many variables. But what happens to the spectators around it. Yes those are the beings that chose to sit and watch and save themselves for another day.

    By advik on 05.30.2014

  33. The warm hearth glowed as we sat down on our makeshift chairs made of upside down buckets. Our blanket was draped around our shoulders as we huddled together and stared at the stars. we were the only ones still out as the embers slowly died.

    By Heidi P. on 05.30.2014

  34. It starts woth one and ends with many. The elememt cire knows naught but bow to consume. With the fire burning spectators like you and me wait and watch saving themselves for another day

    By inkslinger on 05.30.2014

  35. His face is flushed and bright. My eyes watch the sparkle in his eyes as he throws back his head and laughs. His body shakes with laughter, his hands alive, his body dancing. All of him, every tiny bit, is happy.

    By Ella-Belle on 05.30.2014

  36. everyone gathers around and tells stories. see the flames glow in the night enjoy everything around you. get cozy around the fire watch as the flames burn the wood.

    By pamela arriola URL on 05.30.2014

  37. everyone gathers around and tells stories. see the flames glow in the night enjoy everything around you. get cozy around the fire watch as the fire burns the wood. enjoy it with who ever is there with you.

    By pamela arriola URL on 05.30.2014

  38. everyone gathers around and tells stories. see the flames glow in the night enjoy everything around you. get cozy around the fire watch as the fire burns the wood. enjoy it with who ever is there with you. roast marshmallows

    By pamela arriola URL on 05.30.2014

  39. When we hear this word , the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind is people sitting around a fire, eating marshmallows and sharing, People normally share scary stories because bonfires normally take place in a forest. Well, that’s what we see in movies and that’s what comes to our mind

    By Kushagra Chugh on 05.30.2014

  40. We sat around the bonfire and told stories all night. But unlike most people who told ghost stories we recalled romantic stories from the past.

    As the soft glow from the bonfire illuminated your face, I could see the passion residing there and I felt a knot grow in my stomach. Soon we will be entangled in each others arms.

    By Chellie on 05.30.2014