December 6th, 2023 | 4 Entries

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4 Entries for “blur”

  1. Something is not clear is blur, which is not nice I see blurry without my glasses and I feel sad when I do. Blurry vision makes me feel sick.

    by jrke on 12.07.2023
  2. blur is a adjective to define clarity of an image. when something is blur, it means that it is not crystal clear and light cannot go through it easily. it can cause total darkness or it can change the shape of the image.

    by m on 12.07.2023
  3. The vehicle went so fast that the landscape was a blur as it rushed past the windows. She would have like to have seen the trees and buildings to get an idea of the environment but all she saw were shapes, and the ethereal images of people, like ghosts.

    by Chanpheng on 12.06.2023
  4. The blizzard blurs my vision. Cars turtle down the road, a slow hiss as they pass, spraying snow spittle and asphalt into the sidewalk

    by Joe on 12.06.2023