March 7th, 2019 | 16 Entries

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16 Entries for “birth”

  1. my birth was in the earth
    with a shirt made of dirt
    and shorts made of quartz

    my sister is a twister
    my brother, the thunder
    as for me, I will one day become the sea

    By omqwat on 03.07.2019

  2. what do I put I said not to think so I didn’t but the thing that popped in my mind is the birth of a hero

    By Jesse Martinez on 03.07.2019

  3. The birth of the prince turned the entire kingdom upside down. Of course, this was before she made clear that she was a princess, not a prince, and the king doted on this little baby as if she were a beacon of light radiating from the heavens. As she grew older and became more feminine, it seemed that the king found her glow to be dimming. It was not easy living in that castle.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.07.2019

  4. My younger two brothers birthday is coming up. We are supposed to go to the childrens museum.
    It sounds fun. I know they are excited

    By Alexandria on 03.07.2019

  5. The importance of birth is only understood when one loses a significant someone to death, or when death brushes up against us so closely that we realize we were born to live, love and laugh. And that birth and death is a continuous cycle.

    By Shalini URL on 03.07.2019

  6. Birth is the most wondrous event. Cut off from the rest of life. A sacred hour. And from it emerge mother and child into the light outside.

    By Elen on 03.08.2019

  7. I haven’t spoken to her in years, and yet I regularly find myself thinking about her. Even still. There was something very off about the way she moved through the world. Her name, which her mother chose, was an odd one in terms of her mother’s South Korean upbringing, because she could never pronounce her “L”‘s properly, and her name was filled with those tiny little L-shaped dancers.

    By Aisling on 03.08.2019

  8. She looked down at the small crying thing in her arms and her ears stopped working. She was crying. The baby was crying. Roy was crying. She couldn’t hear any of it. Just a sucking vacuum of silence.

    By Bridget Grace on 03.08.2019

  9. I remember what I was wearing the day my sister was born. It was a turtleneck shirt with crayons on it and aquamarine corduroy pants. I was about two and a half years old at the time. I had to stand up on the chair to see her in the incubator behind the glass. This may be my earliest memory.

    By lz on 03.08.2019

  10. My birth was not natural, in fact I was removed not birthed. My sister always says
    “Happy Removal Day!”

    By Naomi Comeaux on 03.08.2019

  11. Birth. Life. Everything finally came together. After 9 long months of waiting, here she is. Here, in my life. Forever.

    As soon as the thought hit my head and the pain washed away, I heard the words. “still-born.”

    And my life went black.

    By Parker URL on 03.08.2019

  12. Llegamos a la vida en medio de fluidos y ansiedad. Aspiramos una bocanada de vida y apenas sólo sea el primer trauma que nos brinda.

    By Miauricio Jimenez URL on 03.08.2019

  13. the beginning of me as I know me. Thanks to my parents and all the influences between then and now. All the answered and unanswered prayers that got me to where I am today. The birth of my two daughters probably the best thing that ever happened to me. My legacy!

    By Jeff URL on 03.08.2019

  14. when mom gave birth to me she told me that she screamed and cried alot. she also said that i wasn’t easy to give birth to.

    By KJ on 03.08.2019

  15. Birth. Death. In between. The raw numbers of our lives are meaningless. What happens between the two dates is all that matters. When will people finally get that?

    By Leslie on 03.08.2019

  16. It was the birth of a movement. It sprang forth from our own bodies, groping for sustenance and stumbling.

    By absolutelynthng on 03.08.2019