April 27th, 2017 | 35 Entries

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35 Entries for “beverage”

  1. Today I drank a lot of water and water is truly everywhere such as in oceans and rivers and in Siddartha he learns from the river and I enjoy the ocean and water is truly a huge part in nature and when you think about it there would no life without water, that is how amazing it is. We are the only planet with driankable water and we are the one solitary piece of matter in this universe at least that we know of that drinks water.

    By Lia on 04.27.2017

  2. Milly sat down with a cold adult beverage and tried to relax. Thank God that the week was coming to an end. It had been long and challenging and a nice margarita was the way to unwind.

    Being a hitwoman wasn’t as glamorous and she first thought.

    By MsShel330 on 04.27.2017

  3. Would you like to try a combo today?

    No, I’d rather not.

    How about some fries? Or a beverage?

    I’d really rather not.

    Then why are you in our drive-thru, then?

    To see your pretty face.

    I think I’ll call security.


    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.27.2017

  4. 0. A number that makes me grab at the bottle by instinct. I don’t want to think about liquids adding any more than 0 to my daily count. Water or tea. I don’t miss soda, never having quite grown fond of carbonation. But, in the end I grew up with dinner having a side of bubbles because it was nearly as readily available than water in my home, and I followed suit. Having an excuse not to drink it constantly was freeing. 0 is written on every drinkable liquid in my home. Hot chocolate packets are piled high, unused. I indulge occasionally on calorie-ridden, frothy tasty drinks, but there is no evidence.
    If I want something sweet, it isn’t here.

    By Ai URL on 04.27.2017

  5. I looked at Phil, and asked him to grab me a beverage. I don’t know why, but when Phil thinks beverage, he thinks hot sauce. You see, today was April fools day, and I start the day off with a hot prank.

    By Spencer McCreary on 04.27.2017

  6. I’m so effing thirsty. I wanted one of those milk teas from Japan today. Couldn’t get it. Fucking hell. Wasting a lot of seconds here cause I got nothing else left to write. Gonna smoke a bowl now.

    By E on 04.27.2017

  7. speaking of beverage, i drank some coffee today at like eleven why did i do that knowing i had to be up at like 8:30 at the latest idk but something good came out of it bc i did watch when harry met sally and jerry maguire today and that was a good time but now i’m really in my feelings for various reason but i mean whats new honestly

    By scheritataylor on 04.28.2017

  8. She took a deep sip of her drink as a diversion.
    “You haven’t answered the question.”
    She gulped, “Haven’t I?”
    The hubbub of the bar did nothing to abate his gaze from her face. She shifted uncomfortably. “No, you’re right, I haven’t.”

    By Bridget Grace on 04.28.2017

  9. cool beverage in my hand in a summer’s day. i would like to have a cool beer or soda and just enjoy the sunshine at the beach. watchin kids playing on the beach. there’s dog chasing frezibees

    By Roy on 04.28.2017

  10. beveragebeverage beverage beverage beverage beverage beverage beveragebeverage beverage beverage beverage beverage bever

    By sherin on 04.28.2017

  11. A drink so profound and unknown of that it could bring you luck. Luck is just a superstition? Wrong. With this simple beverage you could win thousands of dollars and millions of friends. All it will take is just one simple sip. One very, simple sip. All your dreams would come true.

    By . on 04.28.2017

  12. Deep breath. Deep breath. He grabbed the miniscule, diminutive little glass between three fingers and pinched it. He thought about pinching his nose too. Then, as soon as the thought hit, he slammed it back.

    By Nick URL on 04.28.2017

  13. the beverage thats most accesible,
    isnt usually the tastiest liquid slurring out of the fountain machine,
    its when you have to perfect that thai tea,
    with great vigor,
    and constant revamping consitutients of sugars and blends,
    until, alas, awaits, a flavorful drink, so delicious,
    its deadly.

    Even if water and milk tastes like sour seashore pebbles on a warm california day,
    the mere fact that it infiltrated your taste buds,
    renders life in your life.
    Pleasant glass bottles of coca cola may be irrestible,
    but if they were the only drink at the liquior store,
    would they ever leave their price tags?

    By Milad URL on 04.28.2017

  14. I drank the crimson liquid greedily as my followers reveled in the dingy basement of my mother’s bungalow. I was Steve, Dark Lord of the Universe.

    By PrincessFrisk on 04.28.2017

  15. The glass slipped out of my hand, spilling bright blue liquid all over the carpet. “Are you fucking kidding me???” I exclaimed, staring hard at the screen in front of me. There in huge letters were the words “CARD DECLINED” and I knew I was officially broke as fuck.

    By PrincessFrisk on 04.28.2017

  16. Alcoholic beverages make us feel better for some time however, many do not realize that they have a depressing effect on the long term. The only good solution for a happier life is ganja.

    By Julia on 04.28.2017

  17. I need to drink less soda. I open my fridge and there it was, the last can of coke. A forced start to my resolution. An escape from the marriage to sugar. The cold red can stares back at me like I stare at it; a sweet locked gaze of love and regret. I reach for the can, but stop just short of grabbing it. Not yet. I’ll say goodbye another time.

    By Brian W URL on 04.28.2017

  18. I was looking out and seeing the sun blazing colors of orange and red turning the sky purple as it set. I was at peace with the world, I came out of my stupor and sipped my beverage

    By Matthew Bartee on 04.28.2017

  19. I am a coffee and wine drinker. Those two beverages make my life so much better than it would be otherwise. A drink in the morning to wake me up and one at night to wind me down.

    By Jenn on 04.28.2017

  20. He gently knocked his beverage on the ground. A look of slight horror washed across his face at the news. Trump has won.

    By ali URL on 04.28.2017

  21. Hazel sipped the cool beverage, waiting for her boyfriend Mich. He was a baker, you see, and since his father was so sick, he now had to run the entire business. Hazel helped out when she could, but she was… honestly garbage at helping. She always spilled things everywhere and only got in Michele’s way instead of helping. She tried her very best, but she had learned by now that her best bet was to stay out of his way.

    By grace on 04.28.2017

  22. 1. The steam from the cup curled around her face, as if it were searching for something.
    2. He had succeeded in doing a lot more than just drowning his sorrows.

    By anothershadowbox on 04.28.2017

  23. She looked at the spilled beverage spreading across the floor and tears sprang to her eyes.

    “What’s wrong?” he pondered. “No need to cry over spilled milk,” he laughed, as he bent to sop it up with a towel.

    “It’s just- one god damned thing after another. I can’t take it!” She threw her hands in the air dramatically.

    He quickly forgot the milk and walked to her, silently embracing her and letting out a sigh. “It’ll be okay.”

    By grace on 04.28.2017

  24. The soda bubbles over the metal can, but he doesn’t see the foam as much as he sees her eyes. Even as they kept a steady distance. It was the first meeting in a thousand reincarnations and his drink was dead between them.

    By Alexandra Bell on 04.28.2017

  25. It was his first adult beverage. He sniffed it. It smelled strong, and not pleasant. He put it to his lips. It was like fire and water sliding past his tongue and down his throat. “Why do people like this?” he asked, disgusted.

    By Zhelana on 04.28.2017

  26. Bevere. She remembered the last time she felt free and sincerely happy. When she had her first postachio gelato at in Rome at the place called

    By Jeannille Hiciano on 04.28.2017

  27. She opened the doors of the fridge and felt the cool air blast her bare skin. It felt so good. She stood there for a moment until a lady politely asked to get around her with her cart. She selected her milk and moved. She walked down the freezer aisle, just to get that feeling back.

    By Bridget Grace on 04.29.2017

  28. The beverage was orange. It had a sparkle to it. It was unlike anything she had ever seen. The way the surface seemed to dance and ebb against the glass with no movement whatsoever. She walked across the clearing and reached for it. It was beautiful almost incandescent. She lifted it slowly to her lips and sipped the brew. Her mouth was enveloped in flavor. The drink swooshed atop her taste buds. She’d never felt so light as she lifted to the sky.

    By Emma on 04.29.2017

  29. beer, hurts my head . The tannins? Don’t know. Maybe soda brown and bubbly. I like the froth
    Give me a cool glass of water lately. Quench my thirst. Have a drink

    By mattvlak on 04.29.2017

  30. The beverage was cold, but warming. Sweet, with a tang. It was frothy and left the most wonderful taste of Cara’s tongue.

    By Wendy on 04.29.2017

  31. The first thought I had this morning was that I needed a beverage. Specifically a coffee beverage. Move specifically, and since I’m not a barista, a coffee with cream and sugar. Yum.

    By creativeinlet on 04.29.2017

  32. She sipped the tea. It was cold. Chunks of milk that hadn’t dissolved lay in the bottom of the cup. It made her sick to think of it. This was the last of the milk, and it was being wasted.

    By Beth A on 04.29.2017

  33. The beverage of choice in my house once I graduated from college was whiskey sours. My father made them and they went down easy. For the first three my father drank, he was all charm and bonhomie and love for his wife and daughters. Only after the fourth one, did he start in on the three of us.

    By Joanna Bressler on 04.29.2017

  34. a new thirst, one a styrofoam cup couldn’t quench
    warm like honey tea in fine china

    By Desiree J on 04.29.2017

  35. I like to drink coffee. A lot. No morning is complete without and no evening ends smoothly without it. People think I’m a bit crazy when it comes to my love of the beverage, but I just love it!

    By rosanne hofstatter on 04.29.2017