January 17th, 2012 | 156 Entries

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156 Entries for “below”

  1. Below

    Somehow I knew this would be today’s word after yesterday’s “bellow” – which I tried to write about but ended up deleting. I wrote something like “Look out below!” she bellowed!

    There. Now I’ve covered both ;)

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 01.17.2012

  2. Under ground or under something.

    By chapman on 01.17.2012

  3. Below zero is very cold weather. Below the equator is the south. Below is the opposite of above.

    By Greg on 01.17.2012

  4. Below. I am way below on my grades then I should be ;D. I am below average. I am original and myself! O;

    By XxTTxX on 01.17.2012

  5. i sit below the sink and think of how bazzare it all is. why are theise things happening to me? that is my question.

    By emily 'vv' on 01.17.2012

  6. the dog is below the deck.

    By Joshua on 01.17.2012

  7. I sat there right below the ice

    By bob on 01.17.2012

  8. All of my checks say “do not sign or write below this line”

    By just582 URL on 01.17.2012

  9. under something.

    By dylan shuler on 01.17.2012

  10. In TV shows, they always talk about living above or below someone in an apartment building. I have never lived in an apartment. I live in a house. My room in above the garage and below the roof.

    By lizzyb97 URL on 01.17.2012

  11. I am below the table.

    By cando URL on 01.17.2012

  12. Below her heart lies nothing. She is empty. As empty as the tin can above her bedside. But can you expect anything more from the life she lives? What is a heart with no soul? She IS nothing. And one can never expect something to come from nothing. Unless you are a child. And lucky to believe in the one thing most have lost. Hope.

    By Victoria URL on 01.17.2012

  13. It’s a trademark, it’s in two different colors; it makes me think that I need to think of just one word.

    By Shelly Clemons on 01.17.2012

  14. Below me my feet stand. Holding up all of my weight. All of my weight. Of my head and heart and sole and all that physical part. Poor little feet. Below me you stand. What a burden you must have.

    By Lor-n URL on 01.17.2012

  15. Below expectations; underneath something; hiding

    By Shelly URL on 01.17.2012

  16. Below the surface of dreams, you can imagine anything. It doesn’t matter what world you live in. When you dream, you fly. You live.

    I can’t help but dreaming of a sweet island called Neverland.

    By Gwyn URL on 01.17.2012

  17. Below where the demons howl.

    Below where the sinners cry in pain.

    There I duly wept my piece.

    To solely die in shame.

    By Alexandra Bell on 01.17.2012

  18. They thought I was below them. Inferior. Crazed. Diseased. They sat three tables away from me on purpose as I ate my danish and drank my coffee. They visibly wrinkled their noses as we held hands and kissed. They were all dressed the same, in gray suits and ties, no silver. And when they walked, they left dirt behind from their heels, to remind me I was below the mud itself as well.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.17.2012

  19. Below means under something, like my feet are below the desk. No one exactly knows what is below the ground. Below is where something is.

    By Damaris URL on 01.17.2012

  20. below the starry sky
    below the bright moon
    below the few, scattered, puffy clouds
    we lay below, in a moment of complete peace
    watching and wondering at the world around us
    contemplating what is up above

    By Samira URL on 01.17.2012

  21. Below me I saw nothing but vastness – every detail of earth and sky between was beckoning for me to jump; That, and the instructor beside me yelling, “MA’AM – are you going to go or not?!?!”

    By robineh on 01.17.2012

  22. hous of below
    below you
    What means below, too
    I cant really remember,
    In those times of cyclic disturbances of my identity

    By Gagah on 01.17.2012

  23. There’s this place below my heart. It’s small and private and no one knows about it. It’s like a chest, I put something in there a very long time ago and I locked it shut. Never to be opened again. What I put in there was you. Your words, your kiss, the memories I have of you. All I had of you. I promised myself I’d never look there again. I’d keep it hidden until I was old and grey and ready to handle the heart break of re-discovery. But yet here you are asking for me to open it…I don’t know if I’m ready…

    By Brittface URL on 01.17.2012

  24. Take me down below,
    To where the shades of grey

    A simple touch
    sets spark to millions
    of unanswered questions.

    Shapes shift
    and warp as light dances
    across different perspectives.

    What you see isn’t reality.
    What you believe isn’t truth.
    Nothing is what it seems
    to be.

    By zoe URL on 01.17.2012

  25. below the dirt and soil, I’m sure there is another world. Far beyond our imaginations, it’s just there. I don’t know if I’ll ever see it, but I know someone will. They’ll dig and dig and dig to get there. There must be many wonders there, and so i will say, I wish I could go there.

    By Kendra Hicks URL on 01.17.2012

  26. I am having a good day today i might be able to play the x-box today.

    By Blazing_Angel URL on 01.17.2012

  27. there is something below that table something under something there is someone under that bed to be under something

    By briley URL on 01.17.2012

  28. today is a weird day.i dont know why it just is.

    By jasminemelissa URL on 01.17.2012

  29. there is something below the table. something under something. there is someone below the bed. there is something below the deck.

    By bayleigh URL on 01.17.2012

  30. under alot of stuff that is blocked so it cant get out from under the pile because its below and not above!

    By epiclysiver URL on 01.17.2012

  31. below is something on the bottom

    By Dianna0531 URL on 01.17.2012

  32. It is a place specifying where a certain thing is. ‘Its below the surface’ is an example of a sentence of the word below. It is somewhere under something/someplace.

    By SarynDayle URL on 01.17.2012

  33. Hiiden below the house there is a stream and in that stream held down below the water by chains is a body

    By kkk on 01.17.2012

  34. below is somewhere that is not above or under.i am below the sun. please write below is an example sentence.

    By Jamie URL on 01.17.2012

  35. under someplace is where blow is. thats below.

    By SarynDayle URL on 01.17.2012

  36. Below the clods there are people and inside those people secrets dwell. I have a secret too but no one can tell they never will.

    By kna on 01.17.2012

  37. there is something under the hand

    By chickaboo URL on 01.17.2012

  38. there is something below the table

    By basketball08 URL on 01.17.2012

  39. as above so below
    words we live by, but to what end?
    what does it mean?
    why do we seek to mirror the worlds of sky and earth?
    is such balance even possible?

    By Domiknitrix URL on 01.17.2012

  40. I am below the happiness I had for a quick moment. now here I am again..this dark pit seems extremely familiar. when, some one please tell me, when will things make sense? I’m tired of this nauseating roller coaster.

    By laughalot on 01.17.2012