February 22nd, 2014 | 60 Entries

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60 Entries for “belated”

  1. I thought they would remember. They came years late. They ignored me. They pushed me aside.

    And here they came, heaping praises, reassurances, false hopes. Platitudes. Fake.

    It was a belated birthday.

    By ManiYani on 02.23.2014

  2. Whenever I think of the word “belated” it almost always goes with “birthday.” As in, “Happy belated birthday.” Like, whoopsie, I forgot but I remembered just in time to send you this belated card. Do you refer to folks who have passed away as belated? I think sometimes that’s the case. How about when you’re late to a party? Are you belated?

    By michaelbuzz on 02.23.2014

  3. The train arrived belated. That made it even harder to say goodbye to them. I tried to just turn around and get into the train but I still couldn’t overlook nor let go of her tiny hand that sticked out of her red coat.

    By Amaychan URL on 02.23.2014

  4. I once forgot to greet my aunt on her birthday. I didn’t really forget. I just pushed it down my to-do list until the day finished. Two days after she messaged me about her disappointment. She was hurt.

    I just said, “belated.”

    By Potx on 02.23.2014

  5. I want this to be belated, since i don’t feel so elated. But bealtion wont come to me, only misery and agony. Oh how i wish it would end soon, but my mind tells me i will have to endure. Let it be, let it come, after all that I’m gonna take a nap

    By Ivan URL on 02.23.2014

  6. Lost are the days and gone are the times
    But moments are Static and Framed inside
    Nothing can conquer or take away that right
    For I shall forever be there
    No later than today
    Never Belated…

    By Mriidu Khosla URL on 02.23.2014

  7. Lost are the days and gone are the times
    But moments are Static and Framed inside
    Nothing can conquer or take away that right
    For I shall forever be there
    No later than today
    Never Belated…

    By Mriidu on 02.23.2014

  8. It was my sister’s belated birthday last month and my nephew’s belated birthday this month. I’m the worst sister and aunty in the world and feel very guilty about it. I recall should email my sister to apologise rather than spending my time writing on websites like this! Ha ha.

    I like the word belated, it has a nice ring to it. I feel that I’m about to have a belated career. The one I should have had years ago. It’s never too late!

    By Taryn London on 02.23.2014

  9. I always try to remember birthdays but it seems that the men in the family have a problem with this. They generally have to send belated wishes and cards.

    By Alexandra on 02.23.2014

  10. I shuffled through the doors of a gymnasium. A *gymnasium*, of all things… I was hoping I’d see her, standing there on the stage laughing her ass off. “I’m not dead, you bunch of fools!” It’s something she’d do. Rat bastard. But there was no one on the stage. Only a box. A box of decaying flesh but no one was in there. Only something that kind of looks like what she used to. But nothing about her is held in that box. That’s why I know I’ll never visit her unruly grave, her dusty headstone, her little patch of nowhere. I can say all I want but she’ll never hear my goodbye.

    By Ivy on 02.23.2014

  11. There’s certainly nothing like a word to make you think you don’t actually know what it means. Belated? The more I say it the less I actually understand it. Sounds like it means recently deceased … the late … so-and-so. Funny thing how words do that. Say it over and over again.

    By Jim on 02.23.2014

  12. today i wished my sister a belated birthday. i felt bad because her birthday was last week and i totally forgot. she was really mad at me.

    By Rebecca on 02.23.2014

  13. i told you happy belated birthday
    you never got it

    By Hayden on 02.23.2014

  14. “Happy Belated Birthday!”everyone shouted. I just stood there and blushed. Attention is not something I want much of, I’d rather spend a quiet day relaxing alone. But, since everyone thinks birthdays are such a big deal, I need to put on the fake smile and pretend I’m not missing him today. Nighttime will be the time I can mourn and feel the loss of him yet again. It never seems to get any easier…

    By foost URL on 02.23.2014

  15. Coming later than it should have done. That seems to be a thing with me. A motif. I take a long time to start something, probably because I waste my time on websites like this.

    By Chris on 02.23.2014

  16. I don’t really know the meaning of this word. Belated sounds like being late for something. I wonder if that’s the real menaing, but if it is, then ;m gad I stumbled upon it because being late is something everyone in my life doesn’t mind about. They are late for almost everything and they always have excuses.

    By Ana on 02.23.2014

  17. It was belated. The most important day. The day I was going to murder the man who killed my parents. I didn’t know where he was, or what he was doing at this moment because he was late for this very important date. He was supposed to attend a funeral, his funeral, that I prepared for him, but he never showed up.

    By Susan Rother URL on 02.23.2014

  18. You hid behind remnants of clouds
    and drooping cliffsides, as if they
    would help you touch your sky:

    you said the edge was the best place to live.

    But you don’t take risks with anything
    but your life, hiding behind
    more curtains and restrictions of
    the agonizing: “but if I…”

    and I want to help you,
    as I yearn to love you,
    but our embraces come to late.
    (I’ve already been stolen).

    By Pandatry on 02.23.2014

  19. Whenever I dream, it’s too late. I arrive too late. You and I never intersected. Late I am, never to know the ways of the seconds past by.

    By Evelyn on 02.23.2014

  20. I never liked the idea of extending belated greeting to anyone, on any occasion. I am not good at covering my feeling and my excuses are soon exposed.

    By victor URL on 02.23.2014