November 11th, 2011 | 222 Entries

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222 Entries for “beginning”

  1. the beginning is always sweet
    and then it all falls apart
    when one cares too much
    or you concern matters of your heart
    too much or too little
    on 1 end fucks things up
    and adds a number to your roster
    mimicking a slut
    but your nothing of the sort
    just a hopeful girl with good intentions
    to make a man really happy
    and get it back in exactly
    the same amount of concern
    effort and adoration
    that lasts long enough to make it last
    and make loving your vocation

    © LL

    By lauren URL on 11.11.2011

  2. “This is new”, he thought. “We haven’t been here before. It’s nice. Looking out over the abyss, the end of days, the economic obliteration which faces us all. A new beginning without money or possessions.”

    “Yea, so what’s new Jimmy? You’ve never had an arse in your trousers, ya big thick.”

    By Santa Monious URL on 11.11.2011

  3. this is the beginning of the end. i like this word. it’s so optimistic and hopeful. each second is a new beginning. but how many beginnings do we get before we just get tired of starting over the same thing, time after time? i wanna do something different, walk on a separate path from the one destined for me. i want to explore who i can be and what it means to be me. this is the beginning of the start.

    By Micah Stewart URL on 11.11.2011

  4. It was only the beginning, she told me. Every night I would sit on the front step and stare out at the cold street, and look up at the moon on and ask; “When is this happiness going to end?”. She would creep up behind me and look up at the moon with me, her eyes glowing with sadness. “It is only the beginning, I’m afraid.” Beginnings, I think, are worse than the end.

    By unwrittenlovely~ URL on 11.11.2011

  5. Every keystroke is a new beginning. A new process to make a black mark appear on the screen. A new word. A new sentence. A new paragraph. A new idea. A new story. Beginnings are the easiest. And an ending soon will follow. Its the details that are the hard part.

    By MoeMasterMighty URL on 11.11.2011

  6. Back to the beginning, Everything would have been different. You would have loved me, and I you.

    I love you.

    By someone on 11.11.2011

  7. Where’d we start?

    Past tensions busted apart.
    Locks and strands twirled between fingers,
    Braided taught. Convinced pupils trusted
    Structures build themselves
    Involuntarily welding together parts.
    Either or, we know it’s heart.

    Together we all start.

    By drewd URL on 11.11.2011

  8. in the beginning, there was fire. in the beginning, there was us. in the beginning , there was a response… Now my heart leaps far from the precipice of our friendship….

    By aubrey URL on 11.11.2011

  9. Lets begin, I could use a new story. I will write the plot if you promise to help me figure out the end. Lets start together, at the count of three we will finish yesterday and create a new tomorrow.

    By Ami on 11.11.2011

  10. the end is the beginning

    By britt on 11.11.2011

  11. in the beginning things are always difficult, but without the beginning there will be no middle or end. so the beginning always means there will be an end, whatever it is.

    By kaorita on 11.11.2011

  12. As the world goes blank and time screeches to halt it all begins. As my eyes open to a new world and yours silently wish it farewell, as my skin warms to the touch of new friends and yours goes cold under the touch of old ones, as I shakily intake my first breath and you outtake your last one, you bid the world goodbye and hand it to me, the succeeder of your glorious life.

    By speechlessly URL on 11.11.2011

  13. Beginning

    I remember a song lyric …

    Beginning today my mornings are yours
    The hope that dawns in the light
    Beginning today, my evenings and dreams
    My gift to you is my life.

    By CameoRoze URL on 11.11.2011

  14. She came into this world with a wild cry. That was her beginning, the start of a life, a blank slate on which to write a story to awe the entire world. But here she was, lying on the dirty hospital sheets, at her end; and in the end, she realized she had been a terrible author.

    By Justin S URL on 11.11.2011

  15. New begginings. Fresh start, another chance to prove the you can do it. I like them. But they’re the hardest things to do. Beginnings always have an ending and it’s exactly that type of thinking that makes it hard to move on. From family, friends, relationships…everything….

    By Taylor on 11.11.2011

  16. the start of something wonderful, like a relationship or a new job. getting to begin a new journey in life and in love. the beginning of a race when you are full of energy before you run out of steam.

    By katie on 11.11.2011

  17. When the cute boy in class smiles at you then looks away quickly. It may be the beginning of a feeling you thought you’d never get again or it could be the start of the destruction you’ve never felt before.

    By Amelia G URL on 11.11.2011

  18. today is 11/11/11
    what are you wishing for?
    a new beginning; an ending to something that should have finished a long time ago
    sunshine to brighten your sky; rain to blot it out
    words to fill up the pages of your life; silence in your mind
    friends and lovers and relationships; to be alone, to have some time to sort things out yourself
    a new image; to be accepted by the one youve already got
    something to believe in; the strength to believe at all
    for him to come back to you; to forget him, to finally move forward
    a life worth living; to realize that every life is worth living

    By Dulcie URL on 11.11.2011

  19. For every beginning there’s and end, and for every end there’s a new beginning. I want to believe that my new beginning starts now, with every step I take by myself. I know that I still need help from time to time, but in the end I know I can still have a sense of independence if I can make decisions on my own and be successful.

    Sometimes I wish the answer was so simple though. it usually never is.

    By Patrick URL on 11.11.2011

  20. jump in,
    feet first.
    start something new.
    be it a “..hi”
    or something as ‘insignificant’ as eye contact.

    some say a butterflies flap cant make a difference,
    but, if it changes the course the present is currently on,
    i say its the beginning of something new.

    By katie URL on 11.11.2011

  21. not hardly. and, unfortunately, the end doesn’t seem to be in sight – though, for the first time and at just about the worst time, i had allowed myself to believe it so.

    By unbornsymphony URL on 11.11.2011

  22. I was beginning to think you meant nothing to me at all and then I realized that you truly do not so I’m a happy woman now.

    By Carol on 11.11.2011

  23. The beginning was the best because I had no idea that you would mean so much to me. I’ve grown to care about you in more ways than one and I hope you care about me in the same way. I’m your perfect match as you are mine. I love you Darwin Valentine.

    By Teresa Hernandez URL on 11.11.2011

  24. In the beginning, there was darkness. There was a void that could not be filled up. There was silence, and there was nothing.

    In the end, there was still darkness. But amongst the floating mass of shadows lie silhouettes. And how can you see silhouettes, if there is not even a glimmer of light?

    In the middle, there was a boy. This is his story.

    By Circinus URL on 11.11.2011

  25. the beginning, when it all started, and it was all ash and fire and smoke and bone and blood, the blood, red and crimson and there and whywon’titstop? I tried, I tried, but it would not stop and I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe, Ican’tbreathe, but that’s okay, because it’s just the beginning and, and, and, they won’t come not this time. I’ll save you. This time, I’ll save you. I promise.

    By Salaa'ut URL on 11.11.2011

  26. Well I already did this, but a new beginning is like a tasty little treat, no?

    By carol URL on 11.11.2011

  27. at the beginning with you….i don’t even know how to tell how i feel. it has been such a short time and yet i feel like i’ve known you forever. you have been there for me and i for you, and tonight you finally told me everything that i needed to know. you are my beginning middle and end. but you my love, have been there since the very beginning and for that i owe you <3

    By singasongjusttosmile URL on 11.11.2011

  28. The beginning was incredible and I know the rest of the way will also be amazing. You have made such a difference for the better in my life. I want you to know that I care about you more than I do of anyone else in the world. I have grown to love you and I hope you feel the same.

    By Teresa Hernandez URL on 11.11.2011

  29. Is this the beginning or the end? I cannot tell which is which. Everything is just moving so quickly. To quickly to tell what to do. Where to go or how to get there. The beginning is never near. But the beginning of what? The beginning of my insanity? That has come and gone. I’m so far gone that there is no hope for saving me. I’ve given up hope on myself.

    By Brigid on 11.11.2011

  30. In the beginning of time there was nothing. At the end of time there will be nothing. In between, there are somewhat meaningless events.

    By morgan on 11.11.2011

  31. The beginning. Always so scary. I’ve always hated beginnings. To me they remind me of the failures, all the things I’ve done wrong, making me start anew. I hate everything that has to do with beginnings. They aren’t welcoming. Nor are the people. No one knows what it’s like to feel like this. Trapped and scared. Yeah everyone says they do but no one truly gets it. New beginnings. New life. New hate.

    By Bdevs URL on 11.11.2011

  32. Every ending is a new beginning.
    the ending of fall becomes the beginning of winter.
    Every finished page is turned to show the next one.
    Every step has one that follows.
    Every ending is a new beginning, until the world is now more.

    By Mary URL on 11.11.2011

  33. forget about it.
    everyone else has.
    it wasn’t as good as you think.
    things are better now.
    i better not hear you say anything otherwise.

    By j. mcnertney URL on 11.11.2011

  34. If we’re always beginning again, when do we get to the place we’re going?

    By Clarity URL on 11.11.2011

  35. the night is only beginning
    im on my second fifth of scotch
    lying on the floor
    i don’t own a bed you see
    watching my fan spin
    it isn’t even on
    and listening to Elliott Smith

    By Andy URL on 11.11.2011

  36. The beginning is the end. Why is that so ? When you start something it also means the end of you wanting to start something and the beginning of you starting something. Confusing much?

    By fluffyangelzx URL on 11.11.2011

  37. The beautiful green leaves were beginning to turn to oranges and reds. The fall had swept over the forest, and as the sun shone through, the leaves seemed to glow.

    By Chloe K. URL on 11.11.2011

  38. this is nice to think of, reminds me of the possiblities. LOVE OF YES. sex, even better. lolls jkjk. but yeah. babies idk, they ‘re so cute, i really want more of this, learning new things perhaps. thats an behinning. future past? funo think about :D

    By Vivozhou on 11.11.2011

  39. In the beginning of the course, I was very tense and felt that I should let things flow. There is a beginning to everything. It is exciting that we all have a beginning. I believe that it is what makes life so exciting is to have a beginning. I think that everyone should celebrate new beginnings. It is great!

    By Lynn on 11.11.2011

  40. I can feel it. I wanna steal, seal it and send it out — touch it and feel it. Something new is coming my way and I gotta say nothing sits prettier than something you haven’t fussed with and cuss, we’re pretending this isn’t a bust to bus around the same old sounds of been there done that it’s a new hunt to bump to new tunes and review the days we’ve spent and see the way our words have been bent and sent out calls for a new Clark Kent when what we need is super but not man, it’s just anything at hand; really we’ve got a way about us that I just can’t pay as I go I want to invest in this mess that could be what I need.

    By Kiera URL on 11.11.2011