September 24th, 2012 | 361 Entries

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361 Entries for “before”

  1. Before I go, will you say everything you always wanted to say? Before I go will you pull ne tight and not want to let go? Before I go, will you worry if I’ll come back, Before I go will you tell me everything I want to hear from your lips?

    By Audrey on 09.24.2012

  2. Her hands were as dry as the photo they held
    Was it the attic or time that caused the staleness she smelled?
    Her face sagged with the weight of the smile she once gave
    The life she once lived, the love she once craved.

    By Carly URL on 09.24.2012

  3. Before the night is over I really need to finish my damned homework and look up poetry (did I spell that right?) I need to get a little more “artsy” Imma kinda boring ha ha ha.

    By Kevin on 09.24.2012

  4. I wish for Before a lot. Before I screwed up my life. Before I changed. Before I lied. Lots of people say they wish they would change things. Do something over again. Fix their lives. I don’t want to fix my life; I know I can’t. I just wish for Before.

    By Faith URL on 09.24.2012

  5. We make decisions. Constantly. That’s what we as humans do. And they look so different. Before and after. Is it a good idea? You have no way to know. You just keep going. Keep doing things. And then you look back and you’re glad you did it. Maybe not a minute later. Maybe not a day. Maybe not a year. But one day. All experiences have worth.

    By Leah Borchert URL on 09.24.2012

  6. Before I knew him, I did not love. But now it’s after and I am left standing alone, singly, waiting for time to roll over and him to realize who I am. I wish it were before again.

    By Dani on 09.24.2012

  7. Before it’s too late. We only have so much time. Life is short, they say. Sure, but it’s also the longest thing I will ever do.
    But we only have so much time. What are the things you want to do. The things that are desperately crawling out of your mind. The things you will forever regret not doing. Know what those things are. Do them. Before it’s too late.

    By Leah on 09.24.2012

  8. Before I was scared. Before I let people use me as a bridge and walk on me. Before, I let anyone put words in my mouth. But I am not a puppet. You can’t stick your hand in me and make my lips move. I have words to say and you’re going to listen. Before, I was afraid to say that.

    By Molly Florence on 09.24.2012

  9. before i was who i am now i was something else
    i never knew things before i knew them
    and before that i had like no idea.
    before you do this
    before you do that
    before you forget
    before you regret
    before today was the day before and before that was the day before.
    before the sixty seconds are up.

    By Soulsway on 09.24.2012

  10. After is what happens when you’re through. The outcome the effect. Before a tornado it’s windy and dry/wet. After a tornado there’s destruction everywhere and death and sadness.

    By Abby on 09.24.2012

  11. Before you leave, let me know one thing, Did you ever love me? Of course I loved you. I have killed for you. But you killed my mother. She was hurting you, I did what I thought was right. You did what you wanted, that’s not love, that’s selfishness.

    By Frankie on 09.24.2012

  12. Before I met him, everything was so different. Before I got into that car, I was a good person. Before I ruined my entire life, I could have done anything I wanted. Before I let it get to me. Before I realized how much i missed him, he was gone.

    By alex URL on 09.24.2012

  13. There was a time when the zit was not blown up, but that was before Jim had asked pretty Polly out for a date. That was before the pressure built up and devastated Jim and shocked Polly to tears. Jack cracked up at all this.

    By Djeinus on 09.24.2012

  14. Before I knew it I was writing; just writing as if I had never written before. It didn’t matter what gibberish emerged from my brain, just as long as I was writing. I wrote like a fourth grader, getting every thought out before thinking it fully. I wrote as if it was my last minute on Earth. I wrote as if I HAD to write; as if some external force was compelling me to continue my composition. I just had to keep going, had to keep going, had

    By Matthew Johnson on 09.24.2012

  15. Before I fell in love with you, I wasn’t sure. Before I said goodbye, I wasn’t sure. I ended it before I realized that you were my only one.

    By alex on 09.24.2012

  16. Before she came into my life, everything was a mess. I didn’t have anything to look forward to but she gave me a reason to go on. Without her, life had been pointless and I often feel so out of sync and unsure if I want to do this anymore. I love her and want her back.

    By Lena on 09.24.2012

  17. I was happy before. I was laughing. I was enjoying the warmth of the summer sun, the breeze of the aves. But that was before. Before my life was taken from me. Before the waves took you away. Before, when I was not alone.

    By Alex and the Dancing Monkeys on 09.24.2012

  18. Nothing was the same. Before the crash her life was complete, her boyfriend was about to propose and her mother was expecting her little sister. But that accident had taken it all. Everything.

    By Lloyd URL on 09.24.2012

  19. before I uncovered my authentic self
    I hid behind fear, I flirted and cried.
    but this was before
    I discovered my true power of being a woman!

    By gypsypriestess on 09.24.2012

  20. i wonder what would i write if i knew before that i would get the word before. But now that i know i got before i will write about it after. lol this is my first try at one word, before i run out out of time…bye!!

    By Noorain on 09.24.2012

  21. Before I stopped by the store, I decided to take a walk around the neighborhood to try and get myself to focus since focusing had become impossible lately.

    By Lena on 09.24.2012

  22. Before a certain moment you have expectations of what will shortly occur. Afterwards, you realise how terribly wrong you can be.

    By PetitePommes on 09.24.2012

  23. Before I got divorced, I didn’t know what it felt like to have a broken heart. Before, I thought he was my soulmate, and that love conquers all. Before, I didn’t have any idea how hard marriage can be, and how hard life in general can be. It’s called “before” because it’s not now. Now I know what I didn’t know before, and I’m glad before is over and I can move on through now.

    By Katy on 09.24.2012

  24. Jack was hysterical now, his voice raising over my objections.

    “Cut it off before I get infected – it’s that damn easy!”

    It was the obvious solution, but having to cope with this new life sans an arm would prove too troublesome.

    His shouts grew even louder at my silence. Rising to his feet, Jack stormed towards our packs behind me. I knew it was the kitchen knife he was looking for, yet I hadn’t the strength to tell him I had left it embedded in the skull of our attacker.

    Life was way easier before we had to deal with the living dead. Jack huffed, kicking dust on my backpack as if in agreement.

    By Jess on 09.25.2012

  25. And after, I thought about before it all had come to pass. The soldiers made an effort with the vast number of widows making their way west. For some reason there was no indication of the massive emigration until it was too late. Sadly, had they known before, an entire generation would have been saved and helped in the most unusual of ways.

    By Beau Stephenosn URL on 09.25.2012

  26. Before everything, I never even notice you. I thought of you as “another one of the them”. Them being the men who swoon real quick for me and don’t even know me, being as you were the third at that time. Well funny how that worked, I now know how you felt. Being a nothing to your version of “me”. I’m so happily confused by the “who you are” as apposed to “who I thought you were”. It’s a constant guessing game that I am finally tired of guessing. So go ahead and be that better version of you that was already great for that other “me”, the one who sees you before the one who doesn’t even matter. Silly games we play, I wish for you the best life has to offer, call me crazy but, I just would like you in my life because when things go great I want to hear it through your own mouth and not someone else’s words. So win this game already, because I’m done guessing.

    By kt on 09.25.2012

  27. So the sun was a bright blue, the water a light green; sky a shining purple while the moon shone turqouise. The little boy, all dressed in drag, looked up at the sky and hissed while his mother followed after him with a bucket of water and ice. No one knew why life was like this now. But, it was the before that didn’t matter. When it was normal.
    Now was the odd, the changing, and – the way the sky seemed to shimmer when the pink clouds floated over. Before wasn’t now. And now, wasn’t normal.

    By Brianna on 09.25.2012

  28. it was the last dao january and the low sun glared with a never to be forgotten brilliance. It was very nearly impossible to drive against that blinding blilliance whe you faced it but in turns and twists it picked out hosed that were partle demolished and the colours of of
    never argain to be dwelt in rooms

    By jack blake URL on 09.25.2012

  29. befre is brefast he went round to inspect the traps e had st in the twilight. it was exciting for him and got him up at the crack o dawn. he too weell knew what shock horror it was to find his quarry had bin raided

    By jack blake URL on 09.25.2012

  30. before I begin I would like to acknowledge the fact that I’ve unfortunately already begun. pet peeve of a phrase, that is. Before I begin. You’ve clearly already begun in saying that. Goodness me, I wish I could type faster than this, the clock is making me anxious and mavis beacon didn’t teach me diddly

    By emma on 09.25.2012

  31. Before was a whole different time for her. Before was when she could believe in his smile and before was when she had the heart to return that smile back. After was now and now was a time where smiles were hardly exchanged.

    By emlex on 09.25.2012

  32. Before the bombs had fallen, there had been a tree where you are standing right now. I would wake up to the singing of the birds that lived there, listening to their ode to the morning sky, as I prepared to face another day. Generations of birds had sung for my mother and grandmother, and her mother before that. But now, there is silence.

    By Anastasia on 09.25.2012

  33. Before I was template and fame, counter and table, centaurea cyanus and jasmin, i was a rock on seldom sky which birds loved.

    By Renato on 09.25.2012

  34. Before the beginning there are no ends. I’d like a stew of meat and vegetables with that. I hate stews.

    By Renato on 09.25.2012

  35. Before there were no cries. Before there was no pain. Before there were no tears. Before.
    But you can not take it back, you can not come back to where we were, we can not go back to our happy times, there are none now. At least not with you.
    Sometimes I think we have the power to make options, that different paths are at our reach to choose them. I no longer feel like that. Life has insisted on showing me we don’t really have a word to tell about our destiny, it is somehow previously set up.
    I was bound to be a happy person, just not with you. Your destiny let your opportunity go.

    By Ishimimoto on 09.25.2012

  36. before is always something you are suppose to do, think before you do that, learn this before you learn that, before seems to always have to be done, but i think before sometimes

    By susan orr on 09.25.2012

  37. before you even came in to my mind i saw you at the end of the street standing alone with your thoughts and all that came before you.

    By Animikii on 09.25.2012

  38. Before I met you I was with a man 11 years older than me. Before I met you, I was desperately in love with a man who was my equal; my own poison. This man was my best friend and my enemy. Two chaotic individuals stuck in a state of loss and love. Before I met you I was troubled, but no longer is that the case. It’s wonderful, you’re wonderful, and I’m sorry I’m chaotic.

    By Jackie on 09.25.2012

  39. before you leave, before you fly away home, before you leave me and the budding love we had- tell me you love me. at the very least, tell me you loved me. tell me everything wasn’t to waste. i need to know this before i make the stupid decision to follow you.

    By Pip on 09.25.2012

  40. Before I let you go, I want to say I love you.

    By sums paguia on 09.25.2012