September 24th, 2012 | 361 Entries

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361 Entries for “before”

  1. Before. That was when everything was perfect. As perfect as anything had been. Life with Sherlock was strange and dangerous and exciting. John couldn’t remember ever feeling so alive.
    But now he was dead. He might as well be, for feeling so empty.

    By Sierra on 09.24.2012

  2. Before it started. Before my parents died, before my life became a wreck, I was happy. It’s hard to believe but I was actually happy. It all seems like a distant memory now swept away by the wind

    By Rose Silver on 09.24.2012

  3. Before I was ugly, I was pretty. Before I was fat, I was thin. But now I’m atrocious. The opposite of win!
    Before, things were good. Now things suck. I try to fix them but now I’m tired of giving a fuck!

    By ashley samuel on 09.24.2012

  4. before i go to bed i like to dream of beautiful butterflies flying in skies above my head with no one but myself around. Sounds of music flash before my eyes. before. before myself

    By Ian little on 09.24.2012

  5. Before I started my blog about ways to entertain yourself when you’re bored, I was always bored myself. Now I am not, there are tons of things to do you just have to try them!

    By Deryck King URL on 09.24.2012

  6. That moment before the fray. Before the world collapses around you and everything erupts. That moment of quiet before a ball is released in a game. The absolute silence that is just enough time to make you start questioning yourself.

    By asdfghjkl on 09.24.2012

  7. Before this all happened, I was a piece of a different puzzle. A cog in a different machine. The gears have changed and aren’t the same, and I now I am starting to feel the spin. Before it came, I never knew how it worked and now I’m just about sure.

    By Ian on 09.24.2012

  8. before the lonely tiger had anything to do about it, he jumped up and grabbed his baby. He had nothing else to do, I mean, he couldn’t just let it fall. It could die. There were about ten other animals waiting to pray upon it.

    By Destiney Deyo on 09.24.2012

  9. Before I wised up, I was Christian. I knew nothing. I was my parent’s child.
    Before I learned to think for myself, I was just a little Christian boy with a magnet for a mind.

    After I realized that it was all wrong, I became mad and then sad and then….well, whatever I am now. A puzzled Atheist. A pissed-off Agnostic. A scientist. Whatever.

    By Trevor Adams on 09.24.2012

  10. One upon a before there was man and a women who always slept in the same bed. then one day right before they were about to do IT a small little elf jumped out of the closet and screamed at the man for taking away his princess and tried to kill him with a banana.

    By Meagan on 09.24.2012

  11. before you go.
    before i leave.
    before we grow old.
    before we are in need.
    before we get married.
    before we graduate.
    before we love someone better.
    i wish to be with you long before you love another

    By meghan dresen on 09.24.2012

  12. Before.
    Before what?
    Before time?
    Land before time?
    Before dinosaurs?
    What happened?
    Before Earth?
    I’m confused!
    Before what?

    By Adamantia on 09.24.2012

  13. before. before i got baptized. before i decided to change my whole life. before i met aaron, or michael or even zach. before i put boys first. there are so many things i want to change back to the way they were before.

    By kate on 09.24.2012

  14. before i met you. before i decided that i wanted to revolve my life around you. before you decided you didn’t want me. before you broke my heart.
    i wish i could go back. go back before this all happened and let it be normal again. before i met you.

    By Kate on 09.24.2012

  15. And that was before, before the now and too early for the future. What were you like before we met ? Before I tried to change you? Before you pretended to be my dream come true?

    By marylee on 09.24.2012

  16. Some said that it was before the dawn that was the time of agony
    And others said that it was before the night
    All I know for sure is that the hilarity
    Of the darkness is surely bright

    Can you understand what I am saying?
    I doubt that you can
    For we all know that the ancient art of praying
    Is merely more than the art of “He can.”

    By Brandi on 09.24.2012

  17. Before…it’s my past. I can’t go back there. I don’t really want to. Sometimes I think “before” is preferable to here and now but that’s avoiding growth. Before will never get me to where I want to go because it will always hold me tightly to my past.

    By wgirl on 09.24.2012

  18. I love you like I loved you before. Nothing in this life will ever change that. In your eyes I see the safety and love and family that could be. I love you for all that you are, I accept, appreciate, cherish everything that you are. I want to be one with you. I would give up everything in my life to have you. Love me like you have loved me before.

    By Windy on 09.24.2012

  19. Before you look at me and judge me, listen to my words. before you think you know more than me, listen to my ideas. before you think i am better than you or you are better than me, realize we are the same.

    By gaby on 09.24.2012

  20. sometimes we all think about what happened before, before we were here, before we are gone etc etc what’s all this nonsense is what I personally have to say – before is gone there is absolutely nothing about it that you can smell or touch or here nothing tangible the moment has passed and you missed and if you are stil regretting and thinking about it then living in the before and the past are really the same thing no, because before is nothing that will ever actually exist in a present reality

    By Emily on 09.24.2012

  21. Before is what happened in the past. Most people say that there is no point in dwelling on the past, and then go on to ignore their own advice. I dwell on the past almost all the time. I think that most people spend too much time thinking about all the times they fucked up, or failed. Because that’s what you remember best right?

    By Ryan on 09.24.2012

  22. All I could do now was sit back and wait. I knew he would show up in his own sweet time. My job was just to spot him before he could slip away again.

    By WearyWater URL on 09.24.2012

  23. He mimics flipping through a book, “Let me read to you from the ashes of our world.”

    “Our world isn’t that destroyed,” I mutter.

    “Oh, really? Where shall I begin?” he strokes his chin thoughtfully. “Despair, poverty and disease, or the part just before we blow ourselves up?”

    By Abbey on 09.24.2012

  24. Before everything.

    I was fine before everything. Before the fight, the break up. Before the car accident. Before the hospital bills, the financials issues, before the bankruptcy. Before the hurt, the loss, the pain of losing all earthy ties, all relationships. All meaning of existence.

    Before everything, I was fine.

    But now…

    By Sarah on 09.24.2012

  25. He sighed and wrote a note… the last note, maybe.

    He wouldn’t put the mushy things. There was no time for that. He put the serious things they had never talked about. He would miss her. He had wanted the baby. He would never know what to do if he didn’t find her again.

    That was before he was drafted…

    By Megan on 09.24.2012

  26. A violent rumble sent Persephanie flying from her bed. She floated in air as she watched her life flash before her eyes.

    By Annette on 09.24.2012

  27. Before we were infinite
    Before we could not die
    You and I were perfection
    And now we are nothing
    Whatever happened to before?

    Tell me please.

    By E on 09.24.2012

  28. There is no thing which you cannot do now which was any less important before or in the future. There is no person who you can care for now, before or in the future who is was or will be any less important to care for than they can possibly be.

    By malycedoyle on 09.24.2012

  29. before i met him, my life was totally different. before we went to the beach, we were both different. we laughed, we loved, we enjoyed life. before i came here, i was normal. but that was before, and this is now. he was here and now he’s not…

    By sophie on 09.24.2012

  30. before you launch into anything, be sure that you love your family.

    By kaorita on 09.24.2012

  31. Before the dawn of civilization, what happened? What happened before humans roamed the earth? What happened?

    I wonder if it was peaceful. Before humans constructed time and language to identify “before.”

    By Raneem URL on 09.24.2012

  32. Before we were infinite
    Before we could not die
    You and I were perfection
    And now we are nothing
    Whatever happened to before?
    Tell me please.

    By E on 09.24.2012

  33. before before
    an exit
    after the entrance allowed everyone
    their understanding

    I have stood before understanding
    the need to walk
    or talk into a life unbiased

    By Phil on 09.24.2012

  34. before bed i brush my teeth and before that i eat a lot. A LOT. before that, I work. I work A LOT. before that, I’m at the gym. There I work out. not as much as I should, but at least I haul myself out of bed each day to get there.

    By Ariel Moore on 09.24.2012

  35. Before I went to school I was full of life and energy. I enjoyed the material I was studying but the loneliness got to me and I started feeling like it just didn’t matter. After school I started learning to be me again.

    By jakob URL on 09.24.2012

  36. In the beginning there was nothing.

    In the end there was nothing.

    Before that, there was you. Me. Two beings with nothing better to do then get in each other’s hair. Constantly over the years we’ve fought, causing the world’s catastrophes, wars, plagues, and hardships. Because of us, mortals suffered. And because of us… There’s nothing left.

    By Aster Vox on 09.24.2012

  37. Nothing mattered now. The past was the past, and he couldn’t change anything about it. He couldn’t go back to what they had before. He could never go back. Their relationship could never be the same. And that was all because of him.

    By NOOOooooOOO on 09.24.2012

  38. Before. The past. What people dont realize that ‘BEFORE’ means nothing. We need to forget before and dwell in now. not ‘after’, NOW. If we all dwelled in NOW life would be so much better.

    By Grace LemMon on 09.24.2012

  39. Before the tragedy of Humpty Dumpty, the kingdom of Far Away (created before Far Far Away) was at peace with it’s fairy tale characters. Before the disastrous resettlement of the characters, there was peace and harmony. But as you know, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall, so here we are today, with Far Far Away being a melting pot of sorts and the kingdom of Far Away reduced to a haunted village, where only Hans Christensen and Grimm characters flock to to save their salvation, for after all; none are welcome now, and soon, even Far Far Away will be reduced to ashes.

    By Li Poxto on 09.24.2012

  40. Before this happened, I was just a normal teenage girl who just wanted to get pass high school. I wasn’t into relationships or love. And then you came along and changed everything.

    By Abigail Rae on 09.24.2012