March 27th, 2017 | 73 Entries

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73 Entries for “beard”

  1. She’s over men with beards and finds the “Brother Ezekiel” look to be disgusting. Especially after the last one tried to mansplain the finer points of an article she had written as if she didn’t know anything of it. Clearly he didn’t know jack shit about the author of the piece that he kept incorrectly quoting. And of course he would prove to be a fundamentalist masquerading as some kind of hipster.

    By Razor URL on 03.27.2017

  2. Aman named Malone had a long beard that touched his toes. It was hard to walk because he frequently tripped over it and had many broken bones. He had a Hospital VIP card. The nurses shipped him with over VIPs.

    By Colby on 03.27.2017

  3. Gee, Papa, I wish I could grow a beard like yours. A beautiful, bushy beard that hides your smile. A beard that makes you rugged like a lonely mountaineer. A beard that keeps the cold out and the heat against your lips. A beard that tickles ladies’ faces when you kiss them, one by one. I won’t let Mama know, no. I promise that I won’t. I’ll just grow a beard like yours one day so no one knows who we are.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.27.2017

  4. Long, chestnut, braided. Tucked into his belt, it was still log enough to sway from side to side as he walked. His hat was pulled low on his head, and his eyes glittered from beneath his bushy eyebrows.

    By Archanza on 03.27.2017

  5. The rough hair coming off your chin, the sides of your face, is just long enough for my fingers to twist and tangle in. An absent-minded habit, I have learned each stray curl, each split end…I know it better than you do. The rhythmic, thump of my fingers on your chin called affection.
    To be honest, it was a habit borne out of boredom, of laying in the dark with no words to say, even when there should have been. A sweet touch that was more of a way of solidifying my spot in your heart, even if yours was not permanent in mine. Even if I was aware of all this every step of the way.
    Calculating—how to fill the time and quiet, how to make you not doubt my affections I doubt myself?
    I turn my head at just the right angle, pressing against your skin just the right way. The content look on your half-asleep face is broken by a small smile growing a little wider. My hand is under my own cheek—too closed off, too distant. I reach up and hesitantly touch your chin—you pull me closer, a full smile of bliss, a bald island in the dark forest of your face. My moves thought through have succeeded, and this is a pleasant enough way to let time tick by if we are unable to connect in any other way.

    By Ai URL on 03.27.2017

  6. I haven’t had time or the inkling to shave, Grubby yes, but I don’t care. I put my

    By a false terl on 03.27.2017

  7. Facial hair that can transform a man from a 3 to a 10.

    By Katie on 03.27.2017

  8. He used you to mislead others about his identity, but he didn’t tell you. He made you believe him like a fool. You didn’t matter.

    By Maddy on 03.27.2017

  9. In this modern age
    Where manhood appears to be lost
    There are still those who stand and defend
    Who will not be deterred by insurmountable challenges
    Those who will fiercely beard injustice
    Who bristle at the thought of the weaker
    Maligned by abominable oppressor
    Possessing noble character
    Soldiers of pure heart
    Superheroes in mild-mannered disguise

    By poetwarrior on 03.27.2017

  10. She could never decide if she liked beards. She didn’t have another experience to know if kissing someone with one was a nice experience, but so far she knew that kissing someone with the ability to grow a beard could be a scratchy experience if they didn’t shave close enough. Most of the time when she saw someone with a beard her noticed two things; if the beard was streaked with grey, if the texture was dissimilar to the hair on their head, and

    By April on 03.27.2017

  11. beardy your fuckn wierd.

    By chezmoi on 03.28.2017

  12. my pubus regious growdous a beardous. Long and lengthy most times wavy.

    By chezmoi on 03.28.2017

  13. Déjate crecer la barba, dijeron. Es mucho más cómodo, repetían. Sí, ya. ¿Y qué hago yo ahora con esta cara peluda que solo me exige atención? Peina, lava, vuelve a peinar. ¡Quién fuera barbilampiño para poder vivir en paz!

    By David DM on 03.28.2017

  14. Every human being gets a beard. Every person thinks by putting arms at the beard. It’s a common thing. Especially it’s the same habit followed by writers. When They thinks about novel.

    By viji on 03.28.2017

  15. Still beard? I thought because of American time we might have ticked over to tomorrow’s word. I read somewhere (in a probably unreputable online source) that women are predisposed to prefer beards or cleanshaven at different times, often preferring the minority. I feel like we are reaching the end of a many years long Beard Season and are drifting back into a Clean Shaven Season. My man is clean shaven, but – unfortunately for my permanently, achingly besotted heart – his laughing face always in season to me.

    By Archanza on 03.28.2017

  16. All the thinkers have it. Great actors, artists, sportsperson wear it with elan and candour. They look brooding young men with intense minds at work.

    By Priyanka Chauhan on 03.28.2017

  17. I find my self wrapped in his arms. Finally he’s come back. It’s about time he looked at me. Not through me but truly at me. The scent of his beard oil the musk of his pits I love him so much.

    By Chuko on 03.28.2017

  18. She reached up to touch his face, running her hands over the scraggling hair on his cheek. God, she loved that. She composed herself and patted his cheek lightly, trying to ground herself. “Buck up, buttercup.”
    His hand met hers and it took all her strength not to melt.

    By Bridget Grace on 03.28.2017

  19. Irritation blossomed in him.

    He didn’t understand why, but he knew what had begun it. It was his beard. All this time, he spent hours staring at that reflection of his hideous stubble, and later splurged wallet-fulls of money on finding the right product to make those dark blonde hairs glossy, neat, and the perfect picture of a well-kept and respectable man.

    Look at it now. Miss a couple of days without a shower – not even by choice! – and his beard was a frizzy, dull lump. It made him want to scream.

    By ethel on 03.28.2017

  20. Beard— represents or is a part of man’s look. It may add to our perception about tahe person in more than one may. Sometimes it helps to form a opinion.

    By Dimpy on 03.28.2017

  21. I couldnt believe how long, full, shiny and beautiful his beard was. Its fullness overtaking his face like a garden takes over a sad day. I was in awe. It had a personality of its own.

    By kinya on 03.28.2017

  22. Looking down, a sickening stench greets you. Bits of rotten fish, complete with mold and fungus, lay scattered in the thick, mess. Old cornflakes, bits of BBQ flavored crisps, chunks of a sticky lollipop you never got round to eat, stare up at you strewed around the spiky, bristly mishmash. Sometimes, you wonder whether you should cut it off and be free? As, you stretch your tongue over to the left to feast on a piece of hairy yet tasty lollipop, you think it may not be that bad having a beard after all…

    By I followed my heart and it lead me to the jar of nutella URL on 03.28.2017

  23. My dad has a big beard and my grandpa to he looks like santa they have big beard

    By Craft5 on 03.28.2017

  24. My dad had a beard when he was younger. Now he has a clean face that he shaves every day. I think he would look funny with a beard. I think it would make him look older, and I wouldn’t like it. When I think of beards, I think of old white men with white beards like Santa Claus.

    By Craft5 on 03.28.2017

  25. The beard of the blanket was resting on his chin
    As if it was his own.
    He had always wanted one
    But it was something he could not do
    Just another thing he was incapable of
    Another step he could not climb
    So he relied on that blanket to give him a beard.

    By puddin on 03.28.2017

  26. Your beard is good. Just a compliment about your beard being good. Billy goat beard. Bearded lady. I can’t grow a beard. ZZ Top all have big beards. I don’t find the word beard very inspiring.

    By Paul on 03.28.2017

  27. She was his beard for the night. Trying to make it look good, being very affectionate yet not cloying. Scanning the room she tried to pick out his latest conquest, the one he would go home with later. Being a beard for her employer was a great responsibility and came with great reward. One slip up and she could go from the board room to the mail room by dawn.

    By Sister Golden Hair on 03.28.2017

  28. Shelly had always been very feminine and well groomed. Money had come easy to her, born into it and learned much from it and about it. Life had been well planned out and predictable. But today a ray of sunshine running through the window and onto the magnified mirror she was casually looking at revealed a horror. She was growing a hair on her chin. The kind Little Red Ridinghood pointed out to the Big Bad Wolf. Not a soft, short hair either but a large, stiff WHISKER! The kind no one in her social circle would be caught dead talking about. A post menopausal facial hair that screamed “You are old and grey and sporting a beard now so either get used to it or go get that thing waxed off”.

    By Sister Golden Hair on 03.28.2017

  29. No! You can not keep that thing. But why? Because, it stinks, it scratches me and it looks horrid. Thats not fair, its only a beard.

    By Kinya on 03.28.2017

  30. L was never one to grow facial hair. Even if he was, he didn’t have the capability – instead, he was blessed with a position that gave him a multitude of scars and lashes, alongside a face that clung to his youth. Baby-fatted, hairless cheeks, and a title that fell like water from his fingertips.

    By block on 03.28.2017

  31. I have a awesome beard on my face

    By Jerome Carr on 03.28.2017

  32. Facial Hair.

    By Adrian on 03.28.2017

  33. facial hair below the mouth and to the sides of a face.

    By Stephen on 03.28.2017

  34. face hair.

    By tyrece on 03.28.2017

  35. a beard is facial hair that grows under you chin

    By julian on 03.28.2017

  36. something you have on your face

    By cedrez on 03.28.2017

  37. some thing that grose on your face

    By larry on 03.28.2017

  38. hair you grow under your chin
    Most grown men have Beards
    facial hair

    By breyona jones on 03.28.2017

  39. A beard is the collection of hair that grows on the chin and cheeks of humans and some non human animals.

    By Breasia M. on 03.28.2017

  40. a beard is something that grows up underneath a males chin and is facial hair.

    By G'Ameka on 03.28.2017