October 14th, 2010 | 178 Entries

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178 Entries for “bear”

  1. bears at first seem to be scary, but I think if you spend the time to think about their purpose and their manners and how they take care of their cubs, you can really relate to them.

    By Patrick Doty on 10.15.2010



    i did a poem the first time

    and the second time i wrote about that poem

    so nope, not gunna happen.

    By sar URL on 10.15.2010

  3. attack attack
    limbs limbs ripped
    from skin holding tight
    to heavy breathing;
    don’t fear
    i’m just a man
    w/ the best
    & i eat & i eat & i eat
    w/ a smile- for a while
    with a scream or a yell
    or a cry or something
    audibly pathetic you
    ran and ran &
    pumped bloody murder
    into thighs & eyes
    & survival is
    only a wish,
    ’cause i’m a man
    & a hungry one;
    a beast w/ a grin.

    By doc. URL on 10.15.2010

  4. i am very scared of bears. They try to eat you and get your flesh. But their cubs are so cute. Its a sad story for themand the rest of the world that they have to be so mean

    By zoe on 10.15.2010

  5. peaking its head above the rock I notice him. staring deep into my eyes, he notices the hunger that is present in them. the hiker turns and runs. . i enjoy his mountain house.

    By JSClark25 URL on 10.15.2010

  6. Bear’s are big. If you lay down and don’t move they wont eat you. Once I saw a cartoon where a person was laying down not moving and the bear was thinking “what a hardass, I won’t eat him”

    By Julia URL on 10.15.2010

  7. Brown. Vicious. Foreboding. The bear rests in its den, not concerned with the world. Ready to fight. Ready, to feast.

    By K Delaney on 10.15.2010

  8. “What was that?”
    “It was nothing, you worry too much.” He rolled his eyes at his girlfriend. Their relaxing camping trip was being ruined by her worries about bears.
    “No really, I heard something.”
    “Stop worrying, we took all the precautions to stay safe.”
    “Then what is that?”
    “Crap…that would be a bear cub.”

    By Trisha on 10.15.2010

  9. “What was that?“
    “It was noth­ing, you worry too much.” The man rolled his eyes at his girl­friend. Their relax­ing camp­ing trip was being ruined by her wor­ries about bears.
    “No really, I heard some­thing.“
    “Stop wor­ry­ing, we took all the pre­cau­tions to stay safe.“
    “Then what is that?“
    “Crap…that would be a bear cub.”
    (Wrote this before joining….rewriting now that I’ve joined)

    By Trisha URL on 10.15.2010

  10. lumbering with a purpose among the lush greens
    the mama grizzly wants to be a protector
    bear bear bear bear witness to the pain and
    place a furry bandage on the bleeding baby

    watch as it rains
    watch as it snows
    watch as it sleeps and all is well

    By Dawn on 10.15.2010

  11. Bears look like they’d be really nice to hug. I mean i’ve always wanted to hug a bear that i could actually say i’ve had a REAL bear hug. But at the same time i’ve always wanted to kick a bear in the nuts.

    By Alex on 10.15.2010

  12. I

    By Tracy URL on 10.15.2010

  13. I once saw a bear in a pink suit,
    it bowed to me and gave me a bowl of soup.
    I realized it was not a goop.

    By Bianca Wang on 10.15.2010

  14. I never had seen a bear before that day. It was so large a majestic. I have to ask myself if it was real. No one ever told me of the kindness disguised behind the hard face. Danger was irrelevent at that point, All I wanted was to know how it felt.

    By Rasaja on 10.15.2010

  15. I thought the bear was near. I heard its breath and footsteps. But as I cowered in the tent, my alarm faded into comfort, for even if it eats me, the bear is my superior. He is the king in the forest. I am just a visitor, a morsel of food waiting.

    By Zona URL on 10.15.2010

  16. I saw a black bear at a zoo once and was utterly unimpressed. It was tiny in comparsion to the monstrous polar bear in the cage down the path. Why do we care about the black bear?

    By Erin Trouba on 10.15.2010

  17. It was too much to bear – the weight of that bear – hanging over me, heavy in the bare air. Everything smelled of that bear, and it was too much to bear.

    By Hyperbole URL on 10.15.2010

  18. “Don’t think, just write?” How am I supposed to perform such a complicated task? I never really think at all! Then I see the word “bear” and my mind is mauled! Images of ravenous, murderous bears fly through my head and I start to feel chilly.

    By wallace on 10.15.2010