December 19th, 2018 | 18 Entries

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18 Entries for “banking”

  1. silhouettes framed in the light
    frayed trassels shimmer
    and on the throne he sits
    lord of all
    twisted knotted roots
    must feed the heart

    By Nomdore Gnike on 12.19.2018

  2. I thought that I would try a number of jobs once I got out of college. And I did – I tried out marketing and advertising. I tried out retail. I tried out banking. I worked at a Renaissance fair over the summer selling swords and axes and pretending I understood Shakespeare. I even decided to busk for cash, playing an old guitar of my father’s with two missing strings. Somehow, I still landed two hundred bucks one night.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.19.2018


    By Rose Robles on 12.19.2018

  4. money makes the man
    turn up turn out turn over
    reflection of what was once beautiful
    a skyscraper screams in yoga pants
    echoing tenements tournaments
    wrecking ball
    semen spilled
    broken down
    bankers keep on banking
    as they move into our histories
    cha ching ding ding
    goodbye my yesterdays
    not so hopeful tomorrows

    By matt m on 12.19.2018

  5. Why are you sending me to banking when I needed non-fatal auto accidents? Never mind. Banking, it is. I was banking, however, on auto accidents. Non-fatal, of course. Had it been a fatal accident, I wouldn’t be writing here. My family would have been calling undertakers and asking for the cheapest coffin possible. As it is, however, it’s my car that’s missing a front end bumper, but my own front and back end are just fine, thank you. It’s my eyes, which missed seeing the red light until I was practically under it. I hate the whole process of auto accidents, from the moment of impact to the dealings with insurance adjusters to the finding of body shops (although on this island I have the best one I’ve ever gone to) to the waiting for parts to the car to the car rental dealers and then to the increase in my auto insurance. I guess by now you must be thinking I’ve had a lot of auto accidents. Yes, I have, but this is the first one that’s been my fault. In fact, two of them were when I was stopped at a red light and got rear-ended. Anyway, enough, basta, pono, cut.

    By Joanna Bressler on 12.19.2018

  6. I wasn’t banking on being angry after I got back. I wasn’t banking on my mother encouraging me to get you little gifts, to get together when you’re in the city. “I don’t want to encourage him,” I snapped at her in a museum gift store, and she said encouragement was explicit, this didn’t count. What she doesn’t know even though I told her multiple times is that you take implicit encouragement from every little thing.

    By Ella Emma Em on 12.19.2018

  7. Banking can be a hassle but it also keeps your money pretty safe. I like my USAA bank because it relates to the military except that doesn’t make sense because the military make me crazy. I wish I had more money in the bank. I used to teach banking in Personal Finance.

    By Lisa on 12.19.2018

  8. Neal was banking on her finding him irresistible, but as soon as the waiter left, he could tell she was already bored with him. He couldn’t remember the last time he actually had to try. It was making him sweat. He kept picking up his glass of water, putting it down, picking it up. He almost knocked over her glass when he was going on about his trip to France. He thought that would snag her but she said she didn’t care for travel. She started making little paper airplanes out of napkins. Pulling them out of the table dispenser one by one and crafting them–just like that. When the check finally came, she folded that up, too. She was clearly insane but still… on the drive home it kept nagging at him. Why did he want to impress her so much?

    By absolutelynthng on 12.19.2018

  9. air conditioning drones on. second hand ticks by. one second at a time. slower, slower. this is misery

    By Nicole URL on 12.19.2018

  10. What will you find if you go
    Banking in your heart?

    Endless treasures waiting for you
    To discover
    When you reach the gate of

    Now turn around
    And see what
    You have left behind.

    The path ahead is waiting
    For you once you leave
    What does not serve
    You anymore.

    By Sanjida Shaheed on 12.20.2018

  11. money is safe here, i don’t do it well, i should save more, bounced checks, fed reserve, savings checking

    By Coutch on 12.20.2018

  12. money is safe here, i don’t do it well, i should save more, bounced checks, fed reserve, savings I need to do a better job of it, Need to be honest about money. Im in a bad financial place

    By Coutch on 12.20.2018

  13. she’d never expected to be in banking
    she’d thought it would be like the Mary Popppins movies
    crusty old men in grey suits
    turns out, it was more than a cliche

    By chantemcb on 12.20.2018

  14. I do banking for a living and a get paid fairly well but i need more money for a better car and house.

    By Jessemowry URL on 12.20.2018

  15. I’m banking on friendship,
    do I let the thought of marriage jostle me into the jewelry store?
    My friends and I ride,
    oh, yahh,
    we rideee,
    the magnetic railways out to LA every Saturday,
    although I love her, should I share a sandwhich with
    her that never ends,
    not the foot long,
    the bread that never stops growing, yeeaahhh, yeahhh.

    If I rely on her like bees do pollen,
    maybe she’ll like it,
    and I will too,
    I just want the most happiness for me and you,
    and her and I.

    On this marquee I stand,
    she holds a glass of wine,
    my buddy Ryan stands right next to herr, yeahhh yahh,
    she my oleander,
    Ryan my fellow Neander,
    shall we give up the LA heart felt talks,
    where we aimlessly meander,
    for my oleander,
    and I,
    to plant in the same,
    and start to coil,

    By Milad URL on 12.20.2018

  16. I’m most frustrated with you while I’m doing my banking. You’ve stalled for too long, and now the year’s almost over, and we were supposed to be done by now. Over there, while you continue to stall with the usual excuses, he hurts me, and he slights me, and he angers me, and I want to punish him (but I can’t). You were the one who told me I was going to get picked, but I should’ve known better than to believe you even a little bit – after all, you were the one who never picked me.

    By whatever_artemesia on 12.20.2018

  17. banking yet again. with the stock market descending so rapidly, the man contemplates robbing a bank. it won’t be the first time, but he has forgotten to see the new Robert Redford movie about an elderly man who kept robbing banks in the most nice, most civil, most heartwarming way. so he doesn’t know exactly how to do it. the last time he robbed a bank he was 27 and he was only the getaway driver. they got away but he was given only a small percentage of the take. now he was 85. suddenly he knew he could never do it. he’d probably be arrested as he walked into the bank. they’d know. what was another option? suicide. only he wanted to go on living. what a dilemma. suddenly he knew he’d never resolve it. he’d have to leave them all hanging. or banking.

    By Joanna Bressler on 12.20.2018

  18. the drip drop of the money
    ching change
    clink clank
    out of the till
    unto us all
    banking tanking
    the more we spend
    the fuel we give
    the bought brought
    bough unknown
    we reap what we sew
    never more
    and always was
    forgetting frankly
    were we could be.

    By matt m on 12.20.2018