April 3rd, 2013 | 192 Entries

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192 Entries for “bagel”

  1. I woke up with a yawn already forming in my throat, and I stretched lazily, curling my toes and arching my back.

    “Gods, you remind me of a cat sometimes,” Adam chuckled from beside me, and when I focused my gaze on him, I saw that he was holding out a bagel to me. “Eat it. Food is good for you.”

    I sighed and sat up, accepting the bagel. “Fine, fine,” I grumbled.

    By Evelynn on 04.03.2013

  2. okbonheur

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 04.03.2013

  3. I walked out of his room, trying to keep the tears from rolling. A faint smell of bagels emanated from one of the open doors in the hall. It was nearly midnight, and a small smile crept onto my face. But it left as soon as I forgot how to leave and thought about how he should have walked me out. Hell, he should have walked me back to my room. But we weren’t like that.

    At least he wasn’t.

    By Marissa URL on 04.03.2013

  4. The bagel that she ate was not as chewy as the ones she had before, yet she enjoyed it just as much. She generously spread on the lox and with it being toasted to perfection, her taste buds began to scream in ecstacy before she even took a bite. She loved bagels. It had been a while since she had even allowed herself to dine on one, since she had become a model, people had commented on the size of her thighs.

    By Jillian on 04.03.2013

  5. I like bagels, especially when they are the cinnamon and raisin type, but they are apparently very fattening in Weight watchers. I can eat them “raw” without being warm, but some people frown on that. I don’t really like the onion ones or the plain ones but will eat if necessary. I like real bagels, from America but the ones we can buy here at a push.

    By Deb on 04.03.2013

  6. Susie stared at the bagel that had been sitting on the rickety table for five days. The ants had come and gone. It was too hard to penetrate, but on day six, it became the perfect weapon to throw at her brother.

    By Karen on 04.03.2013

  7. new york style bagels don’t taste any different than other styles of bagels
    i live in massachusetts and we don’t have a certain type of bagel but our bagels are still good i think,
    i don’t really eat bagels all that much though
    i’m wondering now whether u eat bagels all that much or if u prefer other breakfast sandwiches or to not have breakfast at all
    you’ve got good skin so i bet u eat a hearty breakfast and get in a whole abundance of nutrients early in the day
    i also bet u drink a lot of water
    i don’t know
    u look very healthy
    i want to kiss u hard

    By maggie on 04.03.2013

  8. one word a day, is that the same as one something else a day. one bagel a day would be good, but two bagels a day would be even better. bagel rhymes with kagel and that’s about it. but i suppose there are more clever people that i who can find a rhyme. i don’t mind though as i am just about to go and eat my tea.

    By Deb on 04.03.2013

  9. I met her at a coffee shop. She was wearing a red dress because she was on her way to apply for the job at sin city. Sin City is the towns most notorious strip club. I loved her because she reminded me of my ex-girlfriend. She was also a stripper.

    By dannydepp on 04.03.2013

  10. I like bagels. They are very scrumptious and I could live off of blueberry bagels.
    hm, this

    By Meghan on 04.03.2013

  11. Whole Wheat. Her choice every time. I sat behind the counter, longing to ask her something, anything. I never did. I thought about the talks we could have had. The night’s spent longing for one another. The time spent dreaming of what comes next. But I never talked to her. Only in my dreams.

    By Nick URL on 04.03.2013

  12. the center of my judiasm. How many times has my Dad dragged me to a Deli to have lunch with my grandma, or shoved one piled with lox at me in the morning. But really, to me all it is is nourishment. My real connection to my family and religion is far more complex than a bagel. Or is it?

    By Becca on 04.03.2013

  13. Mmmm, bagels. I honestly cannot remember the last time I’ve consumed a bagel.
    It’s been quite a while. I don’t even think I remember how they taste. I should get one today. I

    By meg on 04.03.2013

  14. pretentuos little cripple, younger brother of the hardworking brad, he always tripped that he is indeed french, the problem is he is from tenessi, and all the wine will not change that. i always hated me but then he introcuded me to

    By Petar on 04.03.2013

  15. “bagels? i should eat actual food before eating ice cream,” she said, shoving the bag of plain baked loops back into my hands. “cream cheese may be dairy and bagels may be a grain, but i don’t think plain ones count. starch and carbs, more like.” alice rounded the island planted in the middle of the kitchen, topped with speckled black granite.
    “i could make something, quick”

    By vaenilla URL on 04.03.2013

  16. There was a bagel sitting on the counter. A bagel from last night. Where did it come from? I can only remember the smell of her perfume, which lingered on the strawberry spread. Erotic. Intense.

    By Tyty URL on 04.03.2013

  17. There it was. It seemed to be staring me in the face, tempting me. It was the last one known to the human race. They had all been devoured and no more were being created. The last one. Give into temptation now, or hold on to it for a few more days? The last bagel in the universe—damn, a bird just snatched it away.

    By T on 04.03.2013

  18. I stopped, lips in an exaggerated frown, and sniffed a little as I watched the bagel roll under the desk. She would have loved that bagel. It was perfectly toasted, and covered in onions.

    By Sean Duffy on 04.03.2013

  19. It was insane, really, that I remembered he liked bagels for breakfast. A bagel, of all foods. Maybe because I couldn’t stand the darn things. But it annoyed me, that I remembered that. He was a bad memory. Why couldn’t I just forget those bloody little details about him?

    By Aca on 04.03.2013

  20. “It’s not like the entire world rests on yours shoulders, Kara,” she said, munching on her bagel.
    I swallowed, hard, and didn’t answer.
    she looked up at me, her eyes narrowed. “Right, Kara?”
    I couldn’t bring myself to meet her eyes. “Actually,” I said, wetting my lips. “Actually, that’s exactly what it’s like,”

    By S.C. Lovelace on 04.03.2013

  21. I love bagels but I can’t eat them because I am trying to be healthier by becoming gluten free. My mom has been gluten free for over a year or two now, I’m not sure how long exactly but she has a gluten intolerance (self diagnosed). She looks great and feels much better now though.

    By Kim on 04.03.2013

  22. There is something pleasing about a bagel. It’s not as boring as a sandwich and can feel distinctly American sometimes. I like watching how others eat them. You can learn a lot about a person. My best friend eats them toasted with sweet chili sauce and jalapenos. I’m not sure what that says about her.

    By leaheline on 04.03.2013

  23. The girl looked up from the bagel she was eating to meet the eyes of the boy sitting across from her. He smiled and motioned for her to wipe the corner of her mouth. Flushed, she removed the remnants of cream cheese. She reached for the napkin just as he did, and their hands brushed.

    By Amanda G. on 04.03.2013

  24. i love bagels! eating them reminds me of sunday mornings when my dad and my cousin’s dad would visit newman’s bakery to buy bagels, cream cheese with lox and half moons for the kids and our mothers. i miss those days. they were precious to me, as are bagels.

    By l on 04.03.2013

  25. she allowed herself
    one bagel every day,
    preserving the
    skeletal dancer inside
    of her.
    stares met her on
    the streets as she
    wiped her pouty lips

    By calico on 04.03.2013

  26. I stare down at the cream cheese covered bagel and sigh. What happened to me to get to this point? How did I get here?
    I glance around the empty coffee shop and frown. Where is he?

    By Victoria Krajci on 04.03.2013

  27. Grantaire sauntered through the kitchen, swiping a bagel from the breadbox and sticking it in his mouth.

    “Wake up late again, then?” jeered Courfeyrac, leaning back in his chair to aim a kick at his housemate. Grantaire dodged him with ease, slinking around behind him to ruffle his hair before continuing on his way to the door.

    “Be glad I’m going to class at all,” he snapped back, the bite of his comment somewhat lessened by the bagel muffling his words. He said something else as he fumbled with the front doorhandle.


    He rolled his eyes and took the bagel out of his mouth. “Where’s Enjolras?”

    “This is his long day, he won’t be back til eight.”

    Grantaire tore a bite off his bagel, shifting his bag on his arm. “Should’ve stayed in bed,” he muttered under his breath. But he’d made a promise, and he’d keep it. “See you later, then.”

    By Julia A. URL on 04.03.2013

  28. I’ll have some cream cheese with that
    with what?
    that bagel.
    I hate bagels, you idiot.
    this is the start to the most uninteresting story ever written

    By Zoe on 04.03.2013

  29. A bagel sat on the bench. Two large, green eyes watched it with keen interest. A small charcoal paw reached out and gave it a swipe just as Suzy came round the corner.

    “Hey!” She laughed, picking up the little cat.

    By Jennifer on 04.03.2013

  30. Getting my bagel just right is complicated. I need to smooth both sides with excellently creamy cream cheese, and smother that with a fruity jam.

    By darseyrsm URL on 04.03.2013

  31. The bagel was hard as a rock. I looked at the clerk and she shyly smiled, she already knew. I swear I felt the urge to hurl it at someone and see if their skulls would burst open. I reached for my pocket to grab some chance ashamed that I was spending money on this rock. This day sucks.

    By Alexis on 04.03.2013

  32. Just to let you know

    I devoured
    the garlic bagel
    that you left
    on the counter

    and which
    you’d already schmeared
    with cream cheese

    Forgive me
    smelling of garlic
    when next
    our lips meet

    By penny dreadful on 04.03.2013

  33. I love a bagel in the morning. Cream cheese. Strawberry. Yum yum. Gotta go have a bagel. Later.

    By teeda URL on 04.03.2013

  34. bagels are one of the most delicious foods in the world. you can have them for breakfast with a little creme cheese and maybe some marmalade, or you can have them for lunch with some turkey and cheese.

    By Tru on 04.03.2013

  35. A bagel. A goddamn fucking bagel. What the hell is so special about a fucking bagel? They’re donut imposters. They have no place in this world, like me. They’re freaks, and they’re too chewy. No one ever wants them. No one ever wants me.

    By Victor on 04.03.2013

  36. Paris on a plane when I was 13, we went with the company Mum worked for. It was my first flight and I was very excited… I remember we got lost and I proudly used my schoolgirl French to ask the way to our hotel. I can almost remember the name of the square.. but not quite. We climbed the Eiffel tower and had to use an old cast iron pan to warm the freezing bed. The plumbing in the hotel was really bad, we could everything clanking all through the night. I remember believing the baguettes were called bagels and it wasn’t until years later that I realised that a bagel was actually a hard round doughnut thing popular with Americans…. nothing remotely French about it…..

    By raggedpoet on 04.03.2013

  37. One word. That is all it takes sometimes. Most of the times it can separate family’s, it can crush lovers, spate believers from followers. Truth, that is one word, yet what is behind the word; Behind this one word, is a universe of others.

    By elle on 04.03.2013

  38. I wish I had a car with bagels for wheels, or a ballerina with a bagel tutu. Could you imagine a bagel hamster wheel? It would be gone in seconds.

    By Laura J on 04.03.2013

  39. Bagels are only good in New York, he always tells me. But unfortunately, we are not in New York, nor will we ever be in New York, unless his “let’s go get an apartment after high school and both go to NYU or something” plan actually works. Which it probably won’t. He knows I hates crowds. He knows I hate the city. Maybe one day he’ll stop talking about bagels at lunch and start talking about something else.

    By EJ URL on 04.03.2013

  40. “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” a doctor would say
    “a bagel a day keeps the doctor away” a baker would say
    “a joke a day keeps the sadness away” a comedian would say
    what do I think about it all? well…
    “common sense every day keeps idiots away”

    By the_reckoner on 04.03.2013