May 17th, 2012 | 144 Entries

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144 Entries for “backspace”

  1. Filth, democracy, reverse, synonyms. Reverse is just another word for going backwards, which is exactly what we do. Obama or Romney? I’d prefer Charles Manson. In my mind, the only point of politics is to decide who gets to ruin people’s lives in the country for four-year increments.

    By Sasha Yedrysek URL on 05.17.2012

  2. Backspace is awsome I love to backspace back spacing can undo my words I type. If there was no backspace my essays would be terrible

    By Daniel Wen on 05.17.2012

  3. Used on a keyboard and computers. It deletes the letters and word that you want. It is also on many other electronic products when writing.

    By AnthonyRowan on 05.17.2012

  4. backspace is a key on the computer that deletes former letters when you press it.

    By Olivier Kendra on 05.17.2012

  5. Today we talk about Backspace backspace is when you type something you can backspace it and make it dissapear

    By Simranjit on 05.17.2012

  6. Backspace is used on a keyboard of any type and is used to erase words ( any you did not want to type or any typing errors).

    By Shaun P on 05.17.2012

  7. Backspace is a key on a keyboard, it is used to erase what you have already written

    By shenouda on 05.17.2012

  8. People always backspace on the keyboard on the computer. People also like to backspace on the computer when they have made a mistake.

    By Shaun Irvine on 05.17.2012

  9. backpace is way when u or on a computer if u make a mistaje u cxan just fix it by backsping

    By huxley on 05.17.2012

  10. To be used in computer

    Backspace it is one word

    By Darby on 05.17.2012

  11. Backspace…oh how I love you! You are always so easy to use and provide a special service when I am writing. If only all applications were so so easy to use. In our world we should always have backspace opportunities!

    By Miss Marino URL on 05.17.2012

  12. Backspace is good i like backspace its on keyboards and laptops but some times I hate back space

    By Tristan on 05.17.2012

  13. The backspace button is on your key board this enables you to delete your letters or words

    By jarryd bowler on 05.17.2012

  14. Back spacing helps me a lot in writing. When I back space I always get a warm feeling in my tummy, I get butterflies when I press backspace. Back spacing is so fun. Without back spacing my life would be incomplete. Back spacing is so amazing the back space key is so big and cool. I love backspacing

    By Daniel Wen on 05.17.2012

  15. Backspace is something u use when your typing and u made a mistake u hit the backspace button.

    By Anthony Rocca on 05.17.2012

  16. backspace. I hate the backspace button cuz I always mess up and then my whole thing just gets erased by that one little button. It’s kinda annoying if you think about it. I seem to be doing well right now though,, I hope this doesnt cut off. backspace,. It keeps going. I think I found a hole in this website. This is the second time that I’m writing on this bubble. Half of this I wrote a second ago. I feel like this time is faster though. It’s almost don

    By Mackenzie URL on 05.17.2012

  17. Backspace is a key on a computer that you can use when you make a mistake. It is kind of like a ereaser for when you are writing. It is a lot of use and a great thing to have.

    By Lachie Smith on 05.17.2012

  18. Backspace is what i use when I keep stuffing up on the computer.

    By Brodie on 05.17.2012

  19. Ummm. The backspace is good as cause you can use it heaps if u want to delete something so yer

    By Josh on 05.17.2012

  20. Backspace is useful in the way of deleting everything you’ve written and Ra is very useful in different situations a

    By Matty on 05.17.2012

  21. Backing into empty space, I wish we could backspace.

    By Marianne URL on 05.17.2012

  22. We fumbled behind the curtain, trying not to disturb the actors who were diligently working on stage.

    “Get off my foot you lug,” I whispered at Jamie.

    “Shut up fart face, someone’s gonna here you.”

    Suddenly Sulley’s voice boomed from the other side of the curtain, “The stage mikes are on guys.”

    I about peed my pants.

    By MoeMasterMighty URL on 05.17.2012

  23. backspace, click, go back and rethink, the window sighs some motor sound while I hear the clattering of my fingertips, ideas rolling across the screen like an old carpet freed from the tweed strings. And dust comes in as I breathe.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 05.17.2012

  24. the backspace is a key on my keyboard. on the mac it is officially known as the ‘delete’ button. in relationships it means, “i am going to backspace and delete you from my life now.” i don’t find backspaces particularly lovely in any context. Mhm.

    By Haley on 05.17.2012

  25. The backspace button is very powerful. If you press it, you can delete an entire paragraph of even an essay! It is good and bad at the same time.


    By Andy K on 05.17.2012

  26. How convenient would it be to have a “backspace” button for life? A cliche’ thought, yet when have you made a mistake you wish you could take back? You have to live with your decisions and their consequences. Life isn’t a word document.

    By Ashi URL on 05.17.2012

  27. Sometimes I want to write. I do. But the moment ta sentence has been tapped out, I look at it and think “Well, this sucks.” Then I hit backspace and it’s like I never really started writing anything.

    By Jean on 05.17.2012

  28. The back staircase coiled up in the narrow space next to the chimney. It was warm, there, even when the rest of the great house was frigid with winter. It was quiet, when the floors squeaked and groaned and the high echoing ceilings rang with laughter. It was private, and secret, no matter how many people filled the ballroom and spilled onto the patio and out into the gardens. It was theirs.

    By Vat on 05.17.2012

  29. Backspace. Deleted. To destroy what mistakes were made. Like an abortion for words. I am morbid enough to laugh at that. Backspace, where stories go to die. Backspace is where broken-legged ballerinas dance. Backspace.

    By Gracie on 05.17.2012

  30. Have you ever wished you could undo something in life? To click delete, backspace, control z? I do.. I wish I could stop myself from making stupid mistakes and to stop myself from hurting people, because I seem to do that a lot.

    By Mellanie N. Covell URL on 05.17.2012

  31. Backspace, an odd word that almost doesn’t connect to what it means: delete. A “back-space” would almost suggest a space in the other direction.

    By kibi URL on 05.17.2012

  32. I wrote several things before I once again hit backspace. I was tempted to do the same for the previous line. The space of time within a minute is plenty for a multitudinous amount of deletions and revisions of which the backspace is conveniently used. Yet, after every use: after every compulsion to erase in the event of an awkward phrase, revert when I’ve gone too far in place, or chip back at a word I could better attribute.

    Whose to say that I could be fine without deleting the previous? What are my mistakes? If I were channeling some deeper Truth wouldn’t I twist it by my treating it to a cheap sense of self?

    By Eric Harrell on 05.17.2012

  33. Backspace, Oh backspace. The joy it brings to erase and correct a word. If only one could backspace and delete those awful things we’ve said and done.

    By Beatrice Amaro on 05.17.2012

  34. When your typing on the computer and you mess up you have a backspace key to delete a word or a whole sentence.

    By Tracy Truong URL on 05.17.2012

  35. Haha! Oopps, i’ve some mistake on a typographical level. It’s never been too mythical or anything but everytime there’s a mistake, you go back and delete it. You press backspace and the space is back

    By huxley on 05.17.2012

  36. I couldn’t think back to a time where my superstitions didn’t push aside the logic I’d work so hard to obtain. Did I owe my lack of sense to my mother’s visits to the witch doctor? Or were my inherited nerves only partially guilty for my nonsensical belief in black magic?

    By Ruben URL on 05.17.2012

  37. Back… back… back…
    I do it all the time, wish I could to real life. That or Control+V. Sometimes I find myself reaching for the keys when I mess something up.

    By Well on 05.17.2012

  38. You had a tendency to erase everything if you decided you didn’t like it. Once, after writing nearly thirty seven pages of a story that had come to you on a whim, you stood up and threw your laptop out the apartment window, and watched it plummet sixteen stories to the pavement. The whole thing was smashed to bits; the hard drive, and the story. Some of your other outbursts were less dramatic- you simply pressed the backspace key, or burned the papers, or erased the sentences that your pencil had so carefully carved out. They were also a rarity. The occurrences were so few, I could easily count them on my hand.
    It had never bothered me, to watch you destroy whole manuscripts, entire notebooks, and over priced laptops. You were a writer, you didn’t look back, right? No looking back.
    Unfortunately, you liked to erase whole people- not just characters, and plot lines- too. You treated them as particles of graphite, left over residue from your pencil. You would brush them off, blow them off, and finally, erase their canvas until it was white, and empty again. And you never looked back.
    Please, look back, at me.

    By Taylor K URL on 05.17.2012

  39. Sometimes he just liked to stop and smell the roses. What good what anything do for him if he was constantly stressing?

    At times like this it was best to halt, take a step back, and assess his choices. What ever went wrong, and how could he go about fixing it? He didn’t know for sure now, but that’s what he put aside this time for. Just the need to think.

    By this is a name on 05.17.2012

  40. The key board has a backspace.
    Putting you car in the backspace in the garage.
    The backspace of the universe.
    I have to backspace to fix an error.
    Backspace is the opposite of frontspace.

    By Kevie Lui on 05.17.2012