September 15th, 2011 | 446 Entries

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446 Entries for “average”

  1. Absolutely nothing special, but appearances can be decievng. Sometimes average can be nice, the calm familiarity of routine.

    By Ellorie URL on 09.16.2011

  2. mediocre, not extraordinary. i fear this word. i loathe it. i dont want to be it.

    but then, i crave it. i crave to blend in

    but thats no fun…. right?

    By Kimja on 09.16.2011

  3. I don’t want to be average. Average is mediocre. Average means that you don’t strive to do your best. I want to do my best and excel at whatever I do for the glory of God. I want my life to shine!

    By Anonymous on 09.16.2011

  4. I’m an average person. I do average things, have an average life, and eat average amounts of food. I’m nothing special. Average plagues me. I hate being average. WHY am I not unique? Average is a curse. Why can’t I be special? Average is nothing extraordinary. Average is a terrible, terrible thing to be. I long to be more.

    By Rowena on 09.16.2011

  5. Less than. More than. Just.

    It’s never good. Never bad. Just average.

    Literally the very medium of every piece you’ve ever done.

    Am I better than those around me? Worse?

    No one ever looks at it as being better than half-it’s always the negative.

    Just average.

    By Katelyn Nutter on 09.16.2011

  6. meh. Being average is just being a normal person who doesnt stand out from the crowd. Whatever run of the mill means – thats what average means. meh

    By Finn on 09.16.2011