July 7th, 2021 | 9 Entries

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9 Entries for “automatic”

  1. My car is automatic. Automatic cars are better than manual ones.
    Automatic cars are more expensive than regular cars.

    By patricia on 07.07.2021

  2. Automatic transmission is good but many time people must consider customization and doing things manually. If automatic is prefferred then things must be standard.

    By Serdar Koroglu on 07.07.2021

  3. that is what life has become now…wake up -cook-sit down for online classes -repeat..the joy has seeped out completely of simply pleasures like chatting with the bai in the morning over adrak

    By sushweta on 07.07.2021

  4. Automatic cars are easy to drive.

    By paty on 07.07.2021

  5. My body is automatic. My heart is automatic. My brain thinks in automatic. My routine is automatic. But I am clumsy. My love isn’t perfect. My thoughts irrational, messy, irrelevant. I need to shift gears.

    By Jessie on 07.07.2021

  6. The transmission that I’m trying my best to avoid driving. There’s a certain level of admiration when you’re a girl who can drive a car with stick shift. Sadly, motoring culture is disappearing and there are only a handful of car companies who give you manual transmission options. When browsing for cars, that’s all I ever see; automatic.

    By Angie on 07.08.2021

  7. It isnt automatic it is a timed thing that I have to commiot to doing I can’t assume that it will come withouth pressure and work I hafe to tiredlesslycommit to being btter at this I need to not accept automatic negtives coming in to my mind I need to realize that I wil

    By law on 07.08.2021

  8. Act without thinking. maybe it is a very familiar habit to someone. Robot move like this way.

    By Jee young Kim on 07.08.2021

  9. Its an automatic instinct to feel closed off in todays society. With social media and technology being at the forefront of everything its easy to feel alone.

    By Tiffany Belgrave on 07.08.2021