September 13th, 2012 | 328 Entries

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328 Entries for “asthma”

  1. “Save him! He’s dying!” the girl said.

    The boy was having a hard time breathing.

    “I don’t know what happened. I think it’s an asthma attack! Save him!” the girl cried.

    No one was there. She couldn’t do anything. There was no one who she could call so she cried and cried.

    By Rawr means I love you URL on 09.14.2012

  2. when you have trouble breathing and can’t breath that much.

    By Laura A on 09.14.2012

  3. Asthma i can say is what my little sister has. She started at age 3, the way i reconzed it was how she started to reacted about it, and i told my dad about it, so we rushed her to the hospital.

    By renee r on 09.14.2012

  4. I really appreciate that i do not have asthma. everytime i ever see someone have to cope with this illness, i begin to empathize with them. I question what it would be like to have to worry on a constant basis about where my inhaler was or if i had any left. i already have to deal with too many perscriptions and another would just famish my appetite for my health. I always wondered what that inhaler tasted like…

    By Alex on 09.14.2012

  5. Even his asthma wasn’t going to keep him from defending himself. All thoughts of reaching for his inhaler disappeared with the sight of the long blade. His arms rose to block her slashes. He could see the craziness as it marred her once perfect face. Her doe eyes blared at him, showing him them whites.
    “Calm down, Dani!” he yelled, backing back until he came against the living room wall. He only had a couple of feet until the only thing between him and the knife would be nothing at all.
    Her arms slashed through the air. “I guess it was a bad idea to gift you those self-defense classes after all,” he said, trying to diffuse the situation.
    “You’re damn right it was. So I’m going to ask you ONE more time! Who the hell have you been screwing in my bed?”

    By Tina Glasneck URL on 09.14.2012

  6. Asthma is a disease that occurs when one has difficulty in breathing. It is due to discomfort on the naval passage on one’s throat. The effect could be deadly if one is not sent to help immediately.

    By Joey on 09.14.2012

  7. I couldn’t breathe as I stared into those ocean blue eyes. You know not of the destruction that you have caused, yet you know of all of the destruction in the world. No body cares more than you, yet you are the most likely to hurt the ones you love. You strand them without an inhaler, almost as if to make them slowly suffer.

    By Amara on 09.14.2012

  8. i know a lot of people who have asthma andit not fun having they say .you cant breath your lung cloes up ad so does you thoath. i would hate to have asthma

    By Jordan clark on 09.14.2012

  9. I unintentionally have asthma – every time I see you I lose my breath. Please, be my inhaler; give me breath in my lungs once more. Be the air in my lungs, the pine smell floating under my nose, the crisp mountain atmosphere. Fill my lungs.

    By Brent Shenton on 09.14.2012

  10. when someone has a breathing issues so they can’t do much of running or they well hyperventilate.

    By Shadazha W on 09.14.2012

  11. a heart problem. you start running out of breathe. my friend has it. you always have to carry a little oxygen tank. something

    By AdrianaV on 09.14.2012

  12. short of breath ,you can not smoke or it can get worst . but good athlete have it also

    By Robert Williams III on 09.14.2012

  13. When You Have Asthma You Can Barely Breathe When You Run. Its Hard For You To Breathe Most Of The Time.

    By Tiana Sa on 09.14.2012

  14. when you have trouble breathing like normal people and my brother had it bad when he was little .

    By mikal p on 09.14.2012

  15. to were you cant breathe & you get short breath .. NO smoking !

    By Tiana Si on 09.14.2012

  16. a common disease which fat people use as an excuse for not being able to do exercise.

    By lauren sloan URL on 09.14.2012

  17. my little brother has asthma, as do 2 other people in my family, it runs in our family, i however have the fortune of not having it. but once we had this really dusty carpet and we always wondered what was making my brother choke.. then we realised it was the carpet.

    By lauren on 09.14.2012

  18. She gasped and rolled over, her hands reaching out into the night sky, touching swirling stars.

    So this was what it meant to be mortal.

    By M. Darkweaver URL on 09.14.2012

  19. it is a disease. if you have an asthma, you should bring your inhaler anywhere you go. don’t forget to bring your inhaler because this is so important. it may safe your life. don’t be too tired.

    By laras on 09.14.2012

  20. I’m pretty sure I know someone with asthma I just can’t remember who. I can’t even imagine having asthma, it would be so hard to deal with, always getting out of breath…yah.

    By Bonnie on 09.14.2012

  21. Breathing in the worsst way possible. Running the mile and needing air. Coughing, hot flashes. Inhailer……

    By kira URL on 09.14.2012

  22. An incredibly annoying disease that many people suffer from. I’m glad I don’t suffer from it cause then I would have to carry an inhaler with me all the time and constantly be scared of dying from not being able to breath.

    By Vera on 09.14.2012

  23. closes up the lungs, hard to breathe, cant run for long distance, cant be around smoke,

    By marshall s on 09.14.2012

  24. some people have asthma. when you have asthma sometimes its hard for you to play sports.

    By lateriah on 09.14.2012

  25. asthma is when someone has troubleing breathing and they have to have a machine to help them breath.

    By jone on 09.14.2012

  26. What I know about asthma is that you if you have it then it can be very hard to breath. I know many people who have asthma. My sister, my girlfriend, and one of my best friends out of town. I know they can’t really be around smoke.

    By Austin G. on 09.14.2012

  27. asthma one person whit this cant do some things

    By azucenag on 09.14.2012

  28. hard to breath with your lungs

    By juanc on 09.14.2012

  29. The breathing condition or the way that you breathe.

    By shonteviust on 09.14.2012

  30. Suffocating, it steals your breath away. You feel like the world is closing in on you, crushing you. You struggle to fill your lungs, but the weight is just too much. How will you keep this up?

    By Mandy URL on 09.14.2012


    By OJC on 09.14.2012

  32. lol…i didnt know this would be my first word on this site…. asthma ? well..i don not hav it Nd i hope i never get it and those who are reading this i hope even you too never get it… this reminds me of a guy in my class who had asthma…hmmm.

    By Nf_fly on 09.14.2012

  33. takes breath away slows people down i dn
    know much about it my brother has it though.

    By juliah on 09.14.2012

  34. Something that people have if they have breathing problems.

    By otis m on 09.14.2012

  35. When I was a kid I had asthma, for some reason adults gave things and candy because of this, maybe they thought I was sad because I couldn’t go out and play with my friends but I liked being alone.

    By Mel Gtz. on 09.14.2012

  36. Asthama seems like a scary thing to happen. for some reason i believed that only innocent and pretty little girls wha re very delicate got asthama. but obviously i grow and thankfully realized that it doesnt work that way. I just hope there is some definate cure for asthama and everyone can breathe freeeeeeeeeeeellyyyyy :D

    By zoya on 09.14.2012

  37. Asthma again? …

    By Mel Gtz. on 09.14.2012

  38. Ever since I was a child, I have had a complete and pervasive fear of dying. The few close calls I’ve had with death should make me responsible. And yet here I am, today, and I still have to live with the fact that I don’t pick up my medicine when I should, though I know if I don’t I could die.

    By Jeremiah Jaster on 09.14.2012

  39. It tightens around my neck. I can’t breath. I slowly suffocate. Then, a hand brings forth the medicine to clear the way – a stranger with the breath of life.

    By Billy on 09.14.2012

  40. Jim Gordon is an asthmatic man. He also shares his name with the Commissioner, Jim Gordon. That Gordon isn’t afflicted with asthma, not like our Jim Gordon. There’re a lot of differences between the two Gordons. For one thing, our Jim Gordon is a British 30-year old man with no wife or kids. Another thing people seem to notice when looking at our Jim Gordon is that this Jim Gordon, unlike the Commissioner, is pretty dead.

    By Justin on 09.14.2012