October 26th, 2011 | 362 Entries

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362 Entries for “artistry”

  1. Artistry is an art. It shows the quality that someone or something displays. It leaves one in awe or amazement. It can be viewed as perfection.

    By Chaz on 10.26.2011

  2. artistry is a type of art
    to sell money

    By pscougar URL on 10.26.2011

  3. artistry is something someone can be like an artist is an artistry person. It pretty much is artistic

    By maxamillion URL on 10.26.2011

  4. Artistry is being artistic. For example the picture was very artistry compared to the prodject.

    By stewart~little(: URL on 10.26.2011

  5. its like were an artist is very artistry idk im only in 7th and im freaking clueless hahahah :) soooo yay

    By picklebounce1 URL on 10.26.2011

  6. Artistry is where the art is.

    By mango1209 URL on 10.26.2011

  7. artistry means where your artistry meaning you know how to do art like being creative

    By kiwi URL on 10.26.2011

  8. Artisty is when you are very artistic. You have a natural talent for art, you are very good at it.

    By Bub :D URL on 10.26.2011

  9. i really don’t know what artistry is but i will take a wake at it. i guess it is a art. but i don’t know i am really sorry.

    By inforser URL on 10.26.2011

  10. Artistry is something that I remold and polish again and again, improving as time passes by.

    By Sir Hammington URL on 10.26.2011

  11. His little fist curls around the yellow macaroni crayola crayon. His wrist twitches and slips. His curves are long and careful, his turns are quick and sloppy. But it’s his name, and so it’s beautiful.

    By Bethany URL on 10.26.2011

  12. My mom used to sell Artistry from Amway. Those were the days. She’d sit in her little office every Friday night trying to get her order in. It was such a buzz kill for the weekend. I’m 18, and they are trying to get me to sign up. Pretty pathetic when you want your 18 year old daughter to sell make-up that sucks.

    By Amie on 10.26.2011

  13. I enjoy the artistry of typography in graphic design. I like making letter forms show the meaning of the word as well as tell it. An artistic font can evoke emotion or attitude and give much more meaning to a word than when it’s spoken or written in a word document in something like Arial or Times.

    By Andie on 10.26.2011

  14. artistry is my new favorite thing. Never before did i consider my self an artist… i was always the scientist type but then i met you… you introduced me to a side I never knew, a side that was secretly wanting to explode inside of me.

    By abra URL on 10.26.2011

  15. Her artistry was that of silence, that of bending trees and falling leaves and quiet pavements. The way she’d slide over in her seat to be closer to me, the way she’d tuck closer in the middle of night, so near that I could feel her gentle heatbeat against my chest, that was her charm. She was delicate in build, her bones showing through thin skin, but her spirit would show through her blue, wide eyes, daring me to follow her, her open hand beckoning to me, asking me if I could trust her.

    By Lucy on 10.26.2011

  16. The beauty of this artist’s painting was to die for. In it, there was a cluster of trees gathered around a meadow and a small girl stood in the very center, looking up at the blue, blue sky. This was true artistry. I’m so lucky to be able to see it.

    By dolphinherovamp5 URL on 10.26.2011

  17. painting. someone using their imagination to paint or create what they feel. there is more to art than painting. it is music, drama, any type of creativity. artistry is something that inspires someone. it is putting your feelings into your life.

    By chelsea on 10.26.2011

  18. I love art. It helps my mind create and think of the impossible. I let my imagination run and flow and be free out in the world. This creates art. It’s the artistry of my life and surroundings and everything everywhere. It is what makes me, me. Art is beautiful.

    By Kasey DeMarr on 10.26.2011

  19. she spends her life chasing paintings and sculptures and whoever is the next big thing on the market, but in all the years, she never touches a brush herself, never dips her fingers into paint and drags them across worn canvas. there’s something about art that makes her shy away from trying it herself.

    By Halima on 10.26.2011

  20. artistry gives you a chance to bring light into darkness. when one has the gift of art, one can lead masses into new worlds. artistry is taking anything and pouring a part of yourself into it.

    By Ashley on 10.26.2011

  21. creativity. inspiring others and yourself. living through your passions. the creation of something beautiful.

    By chelsea URL on 10.26.2011

  22. they flowed
    like color from her fingers,
    smooth and long, they came out in strands
    her artistry
    crisp with consonants and round with vowels.

    By allieooop URL on 10.26.2011

  23. It’s an art, and you are a world class artist. You can make me feel like no one else can; like I’m flying, or better, laying on a cloud.

    By Emily T. on 10.26.2011

  24. tapestries are woven into her hair. it’s a hip thing, i guess, and everyone else does it and it’s like one of those tapestry new groovy things where everyone is being unique and awesome but not really because their roommate has it done too.

    By adriana URL on 10.26.2011

  25. she spends her life chasing paintings and sculptures and whoever is the next big thing on the market, but in all the years, she never touches a brush herself, never dips her fingers into paint and drags them across worn canvas, never finds specs of clay dust on her clothes even weeks later. hands-on in all other aspects of life, this is the one thing she can’t seem to try out.

    By Halima URL on 10.26.2011

  26. Artistry… What does that mean?
    The artisry…
    Um, I think I’m going to go to good old… Ciao! (Even though I don’t take italian)

    By Erin Jane Moore URL on 10.26.2011

  27. like the pancakes at the schools of fine cuisine. or sidewalk chalk seas. or fresh breath.

    By Taylor on 10.26.2011

  28. It’s a type of tree that grows artists. That’s a horrible pun. I don’t have any, many people probably do, but I am not one of those people. It is a pretty neat looking word though, it’s got something.

    By Carlo on 10.26.2011

  29. with the beautiful hair of a young child she swept across the room, drifting between the pillars she’d seen in her dreams until they met and carried on to flow through the colours hand in hand.
    she turned and he was gone, but he was always in her heart and forever in her eyes

    By s on 10.26.2011

  30. I hear music and think of a paint brush
    The sunset would inspire some people like me.
    theres a glimmer of hope when you paint and listen to music
    Music and painting

    By Cara-Lee on 10.26.2011

  31. Her skin was pale beneath the ink. Dragons rippled across her shoulderblades as she stretched; a phoenix stretched its wings over her rips as she breathed.

    By pecatrix on 10.26.2011

  32. I am not an artist. I have never been an artist, and I never will be. Artists are creative. Artists have soul; they have passion. I am lifeless. I am hopeful of life, but lifeless. What do I do with that. Nothing. I am not an artist. I wish to be an artist. But I cannot. Too bad for me.

    By Poppy on 10.26.2011

  33. There is no artistry in the machine that clamps onto my breast and squeezes till it is flat and lifeless, just a specimen to be scanned for signs of death.

    By nannan URL on 10.26.2011

  34. I remember it to this day. I’ve never saw any real popular paintings until that. It was the first time I saw any true artistry, anything really beautiful. To this day, I love Monet.

    By Paige Noel URL on 10.26.2011

  35. Artistry is the way of beautiful things. It is in the delicate snow that lays in the trees outisde your window; it is the scribbles of pictures on the margins of your notebook during class; it is the perfectly mixed hues of your eyes.

    By Bri URL on 10.26.2011

  36. An artist. Painting. Drawing. Singing…. wow this isn’t going very well for me… can’t think of anything.

    By Christiana on 10.26.2011

  37. Her artistry in painting, dance, sculpting, and more was immaculate… but her heart belonged to photography. She loved the way the camera fit in her hand. The heaviness of the lens. The sound of the shutter opening and closing. She loved it all.

    By Rocky URL on 10.26.2011

  38. in the way his hands move, in the way he bounces on the balls of his feet and his fringe flutters a little and brushes his eyebrows. In the way his widest smiles make the corners of his eyes crinkle, and his voice arcs up and up before he catches himself and quiets. The way his fingers tap, the way his legs twist in the sheets when he wakes in the morning, the way his throat flexes when he speaks or laughs or swallows. And all the paint and pencil in the world won’t capture it, but she will try and try again with that aimless motivation deep in every artist’s heart, in the hopes that one day she’ll at least come close.

    By miira URL on 10.26.2011

  39. artistry is how we see the world….see what others think, look at life in a new perspective. it is what it is.

    By anieda on 10.26.2011

  40. Artistry is how one expresses themselves through the use of art. When i think of this, I think of the old days of the Renaissance. Painting back then was a lifestyle, something people could support themselves with and a profession that they loved doing. It was such a major part of peoples lives back then. I especially think of Michelangelo, painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. The art expressed religion, personal beliefs, nature, and anything else the painter was feeling.

    By PieceofMind URL on 10.26.2011