December 12th, 2013 | 63 Entries

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63 Entries for “aperture”

  1. Aperture…Well, it’s on a camera and it has something to do with light entering the hole so you can snap a picture.

    By stimjim on 12.12.2013

  2. What’s an aperture? For a camera lens it is the equivalent of the pupil in our eye. Widening the aperture increases the amount of light that enters the lens.

    By Yas on 12.13.2013

  3. The curved ceiling of the cave had a cavernous aperture, dark and reaching deep into the recesses of the earth.

    By WearyWater URL on 12.13.2013

  4. Through a pinprick in the wall
    I see a light to the outside,
    A brightness blinding.
    And yet, there’s comfort in the dark.
    This glimpse of truth might be enough,
    Without the maddening understanding
    Of the central “Truth” that threatens to invade
    As my fingers probe the concave
    Aperture, curiouser and curiouser.
    The light connects,
    And senses flood my mind,
    Capturing past, present, and future histories,
    As I course through infinities
    In time and space,
    Breathable, living, for now I understand
    The bond that connects us
    Is the darkness, lying
    In steady wait amidst the infinitesimal
    Cosmos between the particles we
    Call self, awaiting to be realized,
    And finally free at last.

    By Julian Christopher Geritz on 12.13.2013

  5. it is the size of the hole through which the light passes and the amount of light is inversly proportional to size of aperture.it is mainly the unit of size of the lens.

    By Prajwal Bhattarai on 12.13.2013

  6. “It’d an Ancient styled house,” I explained, letting my finger trail along the line representing the outer wall.
    “Meaning what?”
    I barely resisted the urge to roll me eyes. I was NEVER working with amateurs after this again; I really meant it this time. “MEANING,” I began pointedly. “There are evenly placed apertures all along the topmost level; all we have to do is get to the top, find one that isn’t blocked, and take it down to the next level,”

    By S.C. Lovelace on 12.13.2013

  7. I thought I had opened the camera aperture enough to capture the remaining light, that evening on our tour to the water fall, from the valley below.

    By victor URL on 12.13.2013

  8. The shutter came down and captured everything; the colours, from red to green. The shapes and sounds that would have only been kept in my mind were captured…..forever…..

    By Jack on 12.13.2013

  9. My photography course talks a lot about aperture. I understand what it means but not always what setting to use for the various pictures I am trying to achieve.

    By Alexandra on 12.13.2013

  10. Jolly dragged himself through the park like a corpse. He tried to open his eyes in the face of the sun, adjust his aperture, get a grip on his sinking self, but the wine and the pills from the night before pulled him back and left him staggering along in a haze. Children sidestepped and mothers cast accusatory glances.

    By pip333 on 12.13.2013

  11. A single click, with perfect lighting, could make or break my career. Years of living with these beautiful beasts, years of avoiding their aggressive charges, years of my camera being drug through the mud and sludge and water, and somehow through it all, it survived long enough to take the picture that could define my life, put my name up there in the ranks of great photographers, like my hero, Ansel Adams. I saw the light rise over these creatures, the few stars left brightening just for me, the trees casting shadows over the sleeping elephants. A single click, and I grinned. I’ve seen my future, and it’s here, with this camera, and the beautiful assistant who doesn’t mind sleeping in tents with me and keeping me warm.

    By Samantha on 12.13.2013

  12. He picked up the camera and clicked a picture of her. Aperture set, focus right. What was lost was her beauty.

    By Aak on 12.13.2013

  13. Aperture. I search for it my whole life, still, seems like there’s none. Nowhere is the one i’ve been looking for. For which am I even looking for? I don’t really know. I don’t know what I want. Apertures everywhere, still, it leads me nowhere. Still, I search for another. Still, I don’t care.

    By Anette on 12.13.2013

  14. I’m running down the tunnel. Past bright lights on my left and the cars on my right. My breath is uneven now, but I push forward. I’m nearly at the end. I stumble out into the cool night air. I peer through the darkness, but I don’t see anyone behind me.

    By ella on 12.13.2013

  15. i have no idea what this word means.
    if I could make up a meaning, it would mean
    something beautiful
    like a peach tree
    down south
    in the sun.
    I hope it is not an ugly word.

    By Mandy on 12.13.2013

  16. Aperture science. We do what we must, because we can.

    By KT on 12.13.2013

  17. He was smiling as he did it, she thought, anger and disgust flooding her. Through the camera she looked, twisting a dial to change the aperture.

    “Bet you never thought anyone would see you doing this,” she said softly, then snapped the picture.

    By Anthony StClair on 12.13.2013

  18. aperture? I don’t know what this means! I should! Yet, I don’t, how sad. What a fall on my part! Oh how ashamed I am that I haven’t learned the meaning of this piece of English language!

    By Aubrey Laine on 12.13.2013

  19. an aperture
    the size of my body
    small then big then small then big
    like me

    can i go through it?

    By sarah marie URL on 12.13.2013

  20. i wasn’t blind
    and i wasn’t in darkness;

    i was just waiting
    for something worth opening
    my eyes to see.

    By h. b. on 12.13.2013

  21. When I think of this word, I mostly think of a camera. It takes me back to when Jean was a photography student and took pictures of me outside. I hardly think of this word because of digital cameras–they seem to distance us from the taking of a photograph. The process is different and less hands-on.

    By Amy Canfield on 12.13.2013

  22. Amara doesn’t really like huge openings.

    It’s a small fear, maybe. She’s not really sure where it came from or why it happened. Why such a simple little thing such as staring down into a dark, seemingly neverending hole freaked her out. Even if it was just the hole of the sink’s drain, or the opening of a soft drink can.

    Of course, as with all things, she grew out of it. The terrible fear. The intense apprehension. That didn’t mind her anxiety didn’t skyrocket whenever she spotted them; she simply didn’t react as heavily as she had when she was a kid. She didn’t run away, or choke up, or feel salty tears well up in amethyst eyes. As a teenager — and eventually, adult — all she really felt was an intensely uncomfortable feeling.

    Amara never knew why. Anthony didn’t, either, and he wasn’t much of a help. It wasn’t like any trauma had occurred to Amara to make such a tiny thing such a fearful experience, to make her want to close her eyes and have to breath in and control her suddenly hammering heart, her suddenly clammy hands, skin breaking out into a cold sweat.

    It isn’t until one night where Amara Meanders wakes up in her bed, mind full of the thought of her mother’s casket being put into a hole so deep in the earth it looked like it continued forever. And that, Amara realizes, must be where it all came from.

    By Eiprej on 12.13.2013

  23. the aperture of a can
    is far different
    from the aperture of a funeral hole
    both do fill with liquid
    just a different sort
    a different type
    one with carbonation
    one with dead skin and leaves
    and soil
    one s w e e t
    and another s i c k

    By Eiprej on 12.13.2013