December 12th, 2013 | 63 Entries

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63 Entries for “aperture”

  1. a light ray started of from a star a billion years ago. photons rush through vacuum. an eye. a receiver. information intercepted, message received. the circle is complete.

    By Desmond Blaine on 12.12.2013

  2. Within the rusted wheel are three apertures where the light from the corner streams. We don’t dare move the thing. When Seamus touches it, it leaves an inexplicably dark red grime on his fingers.

    “Where did it fall from,” he asked, “and how did it wind up in our cabin?”

    Neither Danni nor I know the answer. As it is now, the cobwebs are beginning to spring. The wheel is not going anywhere any time soon.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.12.2013

  3. the nostalgia of strangers’ photo albums;
    if i were to put something on the coffee table
    for the entertainment of waiting visitors
    i am not sure it would be my childhood

    and i have been coached that domestic success
    will manifest as annual portraits of well-dressed young couples in the holiday season
    but the longest partner i ever held (for three days, arms-in-arms, legs&legs)
    had matted hair and tangles

    for the kind of photos
    lovers only exchange among each other;
    the snapshot of the back of your thigh
    framed on the kitchen counter,
    we have not decorated for winter.

    By robyn URL on 12.12.2013

  4. The aperture of her vision expanded. All of a sudden, buildings were falling, cars were crashing. Mayhem, she thought to herself. Mayhem, just how it was always supposed to be. The aperture of her vision restored to its regular radius, for now, the girl had seen the world for what it really was, and would no longer need assistance from the commands of the brain.
    Now, she understood. Now, she was part of the world.

    By Batul URL on 12.12.2013

  5. You’ve become the aperture in my heart
    and sometimes I find you my reason
    other days it’s like I’m looking through glass
    but I can only see water
    slowly trembling into my coffin
    I can stop the gap with a mere finger
    but on these days to move another inch without you
    is to die
    so I let the sickness get me before you can

    By Katelin Woods on 12.12.2013

  6. Call me a nerd, but this makes me think of the game Portal, which is weird because I’ve never played Portal. My older brother plays it from time to time, and tells me about it. It also reminds me of all the settings on my SLR camera that I don’t fully understand. My brother tells me about them too, but I can never remember everything he tells me. Why I remember everything about Portal and scanty bits about my camera, I’ll never understand.

    By Victoria on 12.12.2013

  7. As I looked through the aperture in the door leading to my room, I felt numb. I saw myself crying on my bed. I racked my brain wondering why I was seeing myself crying hysterically. Then I had remembered this must have been me, a year ago, after finding out the terrible news. Had I gone back in time?

    By Shannonkeya on 12.12.2013

  8. The crack at the back of the cave yawned at me. For a moment I paused in my setup. Would Tolken-esque goblins appear in the middle of the night, ready to drag me to some unknown world?

    By Lexi Anna URL on 12.12.2013

  9. Discs sliding over another, a portal, a vortex into some permanent commemoration of a moment.

    By asavas on 12.12.2013

  10. You have 60 seconds to write about this word!

    By Meri on 12.12.2013

  11. there is a hole, right where you should be,and believe me i know this sounds like a middle school love poem you’ve read over and over again. but it isn’t. i’m not crying or blaming you or talking about how and why everything went wrong. i’m stating a fact. there is a hole where you should be, the hole is in my heart, and at the table, and in the seat next to me at that run down little theater that we watch rocky horror at. the hole is everywhere. i could state other facts if that makes you more comfertable, it is night right now. i have brown eyes. Elephants have excellent memories. Penguins mate for life. see? I’m healthy.

    By Abigail W on 12.12.2013

  12. “What on earth is an aperture.” Nully thought as he stared at the form. God only knew how big the thing is; when the sullen Parks and Recreations employee had handed him the entire packet, Nully had literally sagged under its weight. And all this for a birthday party.

    By Ni on 12.12.2013

    Still I hesitated. The gruff man’s words didn’t seem to phase me. I didn’t want to let go of her hand. I didn’t want to let go of this place.

    I needed to.

    Still the aperture closed further.

    By mot256 on 12.12.2013

  14. you will be so lucky when you hates the life and you just know that cannot keep fight and you start think about giving only….and here you see an aperture that’s shows you all what you need and what you really want; it’s amazing feeling…. hope we will get it so soon as we are looking for it

    By rossou on 12.12.2013

  15. The aperture closed, and he knew that he had been captured. He didn’t want to believe it, he wanted it all to be some paranoia due to recent events, but he knew that it happened, and he couldn’t stop it.

    By Human on 12.12.2013

  16. The snow was done falling. It was not that heavy but it still is that snow. I went outside. The real plan was just to play in the snow. With my friends, of course, to make a snow man really.

    So, I got ready, put on my shoes, jacket, scarf and toque. I’m just thankful that there are no more snow that’s falling. Now, that is dangerous and so cold and chilly.

    I went to my friends outside and they were already playing. Now, there was this abandoned house by the other side of the street. I went there carefully, not having my friends notice me that I’ve gone.

    I want to prove to them that I am brave. I bought a camera. Whatever happens, happens. It is dark and still chilly. There are many cracks to the house. I went to peep on one of the aperture and somebody went by. There are nobody living in the house. It is full black like a shadow.

    I dropped my camera and ran.

    By roze_princess on 12.12.2013

  17. The craft was small, flat, and very light, but it had crashed at a speed that had amazed everyone who saw it. The markings on the side were not of this world, and the small apertures on each side told Kelly that it was designed to have a pilot.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 12.12.2013

  18. There was an aperture in the the side of the brick wall. I stuck my finger in and felt something soft and fuzzy tug on the tip of my finger. I then heard a small sound, like a baby animal, and then I felt a hand on my shoulder. “Oh no,” I thought.

    By Alyssa Parker on 12.12.2013

  19. in looking through the small hole, one’s vision expanded, in incremental fashion, much like light is gathered over the course of opening the aperture…or was it aperature? She couldn’t remember…

    By Aliza Wiseman on 12.12.2013

  20. Once upon a time, Stacey and I were playing pirates, with our corrugated cardboard ship and our newpaper telescopes that bit into the skin around our eyes, and Stacey said, “If I were on the moon, I would look through a telescope and see the whole earth,” and I laughed at her, because why would you have a paper telescope on the moon, anyway, except now I sidestep around the craters and there is stardust under my feet and the sun to my left and the earth to my right and all of space in front of me, and my only regret is not having brought a newspaper, because I could probably use a little perspective here.

    By Sol on 12.12.2013

  21. Ok, all I’m wondering is why in the world is it only giving me the word “aperture”? Does it even know another word? Because this would be pretty awesome, but I’mma need something besides “aperture”. Unless, of course, it’s a daily thing.

    By Nobody on 12.12.2013

  22. (aperture) Light filtered into the room. I rolled over. My head pounded. The sheets tangled around my legs as I tried to get up. Eventually I escaped enough to reach the window, stuffing some cloth in the hole.

    By Beth A on 12.12.2013

  23. Capture?
    No. AP ER TURE. Geeze.
    Oh. Ok. Aperture. Sure. What do you want to know?
    Nothing. Nevermind, dad. Have you had breakfast yet?

    By Lena on 12.12.2013

  24. the marble wall is smooth and cool to the touch. i run my fingers lightly across the intricately carved wall. my nail falls through for a second, catching on a small fault in the stone.

    “it’s here,” i murmur. i swivel around and take the hammer from Will, balancing it at my side. i take a swing. “you can’t-!” Carrie shrieks as the metal slams into the black stone. a small cloud of white dust comes up. i stare at the small indentation in the wall against the fault. just enough.

    Will hands me an awl and i jam it into the aperture. another whimper from Carrie. after a few twists, i finally jerk it back towards me and flip out a chunk of stone, revealing brown parchment paper half an inch thick behind. Carrie’s wide eyes glint.

    By Alibay on 12.12.2013

  25. The rear sight aperture was raised to the Soldier’s eye. He took a steady breath; 1 breath, 2 breath… shoot… Ahhh the release. A man never felt so good. The feeling of firing his weapon at a black silhouette. It was relief, and it was agony– It was everything in between. It was war.

    By A. Gardner URL on 12.12.2013

  26. The aperture of his shot greatly showed what it was. A small cog with a pin-lenght hole.

    By Adrian George Nicolae on 12.12.2013

  27. wow, let’s look through that again. will there be enough light? doesn’t she look nice? hold up your hands like this, frame her in your view, imagine her in your lens

    By Lee on 12.12.2013

  28. After looking through the camera she checked the aperture and clicked the picture. It would be perfect, she just knew it. And hopefully she would win the contest. She glanced up at her friend, Sarah and saw that she was smiling. They walked back toward the car together, not having to say a word.

    By Collette on 12.12.2013

  29. It’s amazing how light can sneak it’s way through the smallest aperture into where ever the darkness hides and illuminate it. The dark cannot handle even the smallest bit of light.

    By Maeday URL on 12.12.2013

  30. Through an aperture lens, he harboured a collection of sentiments.

    By Mr. Sunflower on 12.12.2013

  31. So, it’s a camera lens? I’m not sure what to do with that…

    By MaybeMe on 12.12.2013

  32. I didn’t know what to expect as I opened the doors and entered into the lab. I was told I was going to be participating in a series of tests. That didn’t sound so bad. I then began to realise that these “tests” were going to push my limits in more ways than one.

    By Chantavia on 12.12.2013

  33. Quick and prompt

    By Anoop on 12.12.2013

  34. There was an aperture in the wooden fence. Just large enough for a curious eye to look through.

    By umbazachika on 12.12.2013

  35. You ate a chocolate bar
    But the aluminum wrapper
    was still on.
    And it tasted tangy
    Like a sea island lemon.

    It was not noteworthy-
    Nor superfluously sufficient.
    It could not curb the rumble
    The lied deep in the absolute abyss;
    Your stomach, pouched out perfectly,
    button undone
    On your yearly christmas cardigan.

    By Jason Ohono on 12.12.2013

  36. The aperture appeared on the small whole in her mouth as her hand raised up to cover her mouth in disbelief. She never thought anyone could every hurt her this much, never in a million years. She was always well liked by everyone. Or so she thought.

    By Grace on 12.12.2013

  37. It’s a gate, you know,
    opening a new book:
    you drawn yourself in it.

    You bore again,
    again each time.

    All new,
    all so powerful
    and vivid.
    You enter in another dimension in which
    mingle together.

    Hold the words in front of your sight,
    let them carry you away.

    Your mind blow through the flip
    of old pages.

    By gargouillis on 12.12.2013

  38. A camera flashed in my face, focusing after the picture was taken, and I was left in shock. Confused, I looked around, seeing the rest of the camera, the entire camera crew. What in the world was happening? And why was it happening to me? That was the better question. This was weird. To say the least.

    By CJ K. URL on 12.12.2013

  39. A amount of light absorbed by a camera. It varies from 1.8 to 32. The aperture has a great effect on photographs.

    By Dhinesh on 12.12.2013

  40. I saw deep in the crevice, a small figure. A small figure that was moving, and… Shouting? I couldn’t make out any words, only faint sound. It was so far down. So far down the hole.

    By CJClaire on 12.12.2013