May 9th, 2017 | 75 Entries

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75 Entries for “anthem”

  1. An anthem is a band that plays music in the streets like a parade

    By aundrea Kelly on 05.10.2017

  2. When I hear the word anthem I think of a song called party rock anthem.

    By Wyatt on 05.10.2017

  3. What have we become? The National Anthem plays in the background as president trump walks across the podium accepting his award. NO!!!!!!!!!!

    By Susan on 05.10.2017

  4. Oh shit a personal anthem! Like a song like a roar like a scream and it’s all about you. This is so much pressure> but that’s it

    By jlr248 on 05.10.2017

  5. When he heard the National Anthem, he immediately stood, placed his hand over his heart, and began singing. He felt strongly that this was an important way to honor his country.

    By Robin on 05.10.2017

  6. the national anthem
    of the united states of america

    By sinthia on 05.10.2017

  7. he sang the national anthem at the game as pride for his country.

    By sinthia on 05.10.2017

  8. I would write the national anthem, but a barley know it. So please forgive me.

    By Dylin on 05.10.2017

  9. It happened last time you were here. My fetish happened. He was gorgeous, or did you notice? Did you notice him look at us and flash that diamond grin of his? The anthem of getting it, and not getting it.

    By Ella Emma Em on 05.10.2017

  10. a-a-anthem, what? I have no idea what this word means. jeez they give us all the hard words, right?

    By ian URL on 05.10.2017

  11. The national anthem is an iconic symbol in most countries such as Australia. They are sung with pride throughout countries and have been through time. Although sometimes they cause conflict as people sugest that they are racist

    By Thomas Harding on 05.10.2017

  12. Australian national anthem gives us pride. We sing it with hearts and pride like the anzacs did in their stride.

    By Ethan URL on 05.10.2017

  13. The Anthem was the most important element to the town. It provided the town with a sense of pride, something that brough everyone together.

    By alannah on 05.10.2017

  14. Australia’s national anthem is an anthem that has defined Australia over many years. It was an anthem that created national pride and a song to sing about with pride.

    By Rorque on 05.10.2017

  15. My countrys anthem resembles who I’m supposed to be in my Australian way on every day

    By Add URL on 05.10.2017

  16. They sang the anthem proudly, hands beating against their chests as they shouted the song of their people. The dogs chorused in the park in a loud, resounding “woof! woof!” hoping beyond hope that the humans would not return and see them as dexterous as they were. For if they were, they would not get the treats the way they did!

    By Isobel on 05.10.2017

  17. The Australian National Anthem is a way to show nationalism and pride of the country. It shows the qualities of older times and how it has shaped our country.

    By Chloe on 05.10.2017

  18. The New Zealanders gathered underneath their flag and started to sing their anthem as the Australian rugby team charged towards them, cheating by starting before the referee blew the whistle.

    By Nick URL on 05.10.2017

  19. The Australian Anthem blasted in the background; we were home; free. The thought of the war being over made me burst with joy. To be able to see my family again made my whole day.

    By Zane Bordon on 05.10.2017

  20. if you make your own anthem, will people follow?
    or will you sing it alone, put bloody war paint on, and head to battle?
    will you follow their anthem?
    or will you stand for what you believe?

    By Pandyfish on 05.10.2017

  21. The national anthem was always really fun when I was learning to play it on trumpet. Sometimes I would get the first part and would practice the high notes. That was always the worst part, but I’d always get mad at my band director when he’d stick me with the second part. Mostly because I was spoiled.

    By Ashley on 05.10.2017

  22. We played the anthem when I was in band. It was probably the most difficult yet easy piece that we had to learn. I guess that band really helped shape me into the person I am. Mostly because I learned that sometimes it’s okay to suck and sometimes it’s okay to not suck. But we should all always try not to suck.

    By Ashley on 05.10.2017

  23. So, the battle raged on as if no one had been killed in action. It seemed like the more vicious the battle raged on the louder the anthem played in the background. The army linked together to form a wall around the leader, who was no injuried on the ground in his own blood.

    By Ashley on 05.10.2017

  24. the anthem is : “contstantly rove up
    the latter of improvement
    this tune is sheer music,
    if i don’t choose it,
    ill loose it,
    to melodies amid my mind that can’t
    to brakes screeching my vehicle of success.
    No matter what mountain’s cloud grazed
    Mr buffets panama hat
    he was still there to pound fists
    and donate dap.

    By Milad URL on 05.10.2017

  25. it is
    my anthem
    what plays
    in the background
    when i walk
    into a room.
    you don’t know me
    you know my anthem.

    By ashley on 05.10.2017

  26. That’s the anthem, get your damn hands up. I don’t even think I like that song. It’s totally not “me” at all. But that’s what comes to mind when I see this word. Nothing patriotic. I don’t think I like anthems. Too “rah rah” for me and I’m not a Katy Perry rah rah kind of woman. What else can I say? What a word to be the first that I had to write about.

    By Victoria Crispo on 05.10.2017

  27. The anthem of Luricrania was never something she thought about, until she met a sailor from that island country. She was happy there, with him.

    By Ronnings URL on 05.10.2017

  28. An anthem is a song that represents the soul of a country or place. It is a true representation of a nationality’s soul.

    By Ella on 05.10.2017

  29. Anthem
    The song that I sing
    The beat that I dance to
    My soul
    Told through song
    You know my anthem
    It plays every
    Breathe in
    Every breathe out

    By Ella on 05.10.2017

  30. The national anthem has become for this country some strange sort of nationalistic and overly patriotic call to cohesion. It is an opiate of the masses, indeed, like Football, or the thunderdome, that keeps us quiet and subservient. I wish I could escape the truth.

    By ABigail on 05.10.2017

  31. An anthem is something that can represent the pride that an organization or something has. The national anthem represents how proud Americans are of their country, and how they respect the men and women who fight to keep our country safe and free.

    By Abby on 05.10.2017

  32. Australian
    National song
    It makes me feel proud
    Some people don’t know all the words

    By Penny Beddows on 05.10.2017

  33. They’re anthem. His voice, his words

    By ggrracce on 05.10.2017

  34. Her anthem was purely one woman. The way she spoke, the way she sung. Her voice. When she hummed, when she muttered, when she laughed and giggled. All the simple sounds she made, all the emotion she emitted. All of it was her anthem. Only hers.

    By ggrracce on 05.10.2017

  35. You’re not alone.

    The world slipped into winter and we’re told it dies, but you can feel its faint heartbeat, underneath all the snow and ice, streams pulling free from cold and refusing to remain still. It’s sleeping, that’s all, it’s just sleeping.

    Just go for a little walk.

    Somehow the flowers are easier to notice when you’re laughing, but the swollen eyes that follow are easy to misread – the world’s awake now, after all, and pollen floats quickly through dense air.

    Remember not to cry.

    Even when you want to, even when you feel the weight of your thoughts keep your head from turning up, remember not to cry. Don’t drown in it, swim in it – drink it. Let it push you forward, and moving forward,

    Remember not to cry.

    Just go for a little walk.

    You’re not alone.

    Let those words be your anthem, and remember the person swinging the flag.

    By mistyfizz on 05.11.2017