October 10th, 2017 | 30 Entries

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30 Entries for “announcement”

  1. The announcement came as we were sitting down to dinner. “The plane went down today but all passengers were saved.” We sat in stunned silence for a moment, then cheers broke out in the crowded room.
    “We did it!”
    The p

    By Charlotte on 10.10.2017

  2. Speaker loud email projection, writing words in the sky with a tiny aeroplane, small and white against the blinding, terrifying blue. And without, we roil in the dust, turning over and over in our repetitions, and our palms and feet grazed and caked in earth.

    By Archanza on 10.10.2017

  3. “Hello, hello, ladies and gentlemen!” the emcee crows into the microphone, one gloved hand sweeping out with a flourish. “We have an announcement to make!”

    The crowd settles, and thousands of pairs of eyes turn to the man in the top hat and purple-yellow two-piece suit standing behind the podium.

    The man’s white-painted face stretching into a grin as keen eyes watched his men get into position at the entrances and exits of the tavern. When the last of them have stood around the audience stands, just as he had ordered, he laughs. From behind the podium, his other hand pulls out a rifle and fires into the ceiling. “Ready your wallets,” he drawls, “as we enjoy the show!”

    By ethel on 10.10.2017

  4. “Hello, hello, ladies and gentlemen!” the emcee crowed into the microphone, one gloved hand sweeping out with a flourish. “We have an announcement to make!”

    The crowd settled, and thousands of pairs of eyes turned to the man in the top hat and purple-yellow two-piece suit standing behind the podium.

    The man’s white-painted face stretched into a grin as his keen eyes watched the men get into position at the entrances and exits of the tavern. When the last of them have stood around the audience stands, just as he had ordered, he leaned toward the crowd. Anticipation rose in the air.

    “Ready your wallets!” he laughed. From behind the podium, his hidden hand pulled out a rifle and fired into the ceiling. “And let us enjoy the show!”

    His men moved, and the screaming began.

    By ethel on 10.10.2017

  5. This is when someone says something about a topic to others

    By John Smith on 10.10.2017

  6. Laden with expectation, a mark of the end of an era and the start of the next, a way to keep track of the time that passes in moments. A freezing of time, a commitment laid upon yourself for no other reason than to hold yourself accountable; no one knowing your fickleness better than yourself. Everything else flexes and wanes like the tide, careless comings and goings, the rush of a storm swallowing those sturdy promises built up on the land. Over the loudspeakers, or with the sound of a knife on a champagne glass, another foundation is dug, another hurricane brews, another moment in time marked in visibility.

    By Ai URL on 10.10.2017

  7. I have an announcement to make you smell bad

    By elijah on 10.10.2017

  8. every time you go to school one of the first things you hear is the announcements they are sometimes useful sometimes not. listen contently to what they have to say. Always watch what you say for God is watching.

    By Mikkala on 10.10.2017

  9. “I’m not getting a divorce.”

    My parents looked at me, their mouths hanging open. The buttered steak perched on the edge of my perfect sister’s perfect knife, fell like a stone on the china.

    I didn’t care. I wanted to save my marriage. When had saving a marriage become more shocking than the act of leaving it?

    By LifesGrey on 10.10.2017

  10. I have a special announcement, my friends! Starting next week, you are all entitled to spend at least one hour a week with me, basking in the awesome glow of my presence at least for one fraction of your otherwise abysmal day. Just doing my service as a truly miraculous individual whom this community just couldn’t manage without! Just don’t call or text me – I only like human contact when I plan it, and I just don’t like some of you.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.10.2017

  11. Guys! I have an announcement!

    I’m studying Interior Design and after a couple of months I’ll be getting my certificate!

    No more Accounting

    By Hannah on 10.10.2017

  12. There was an announcement the other day. What it was, I don’t remember. A presidential election? A wedding? A birth? Who knows? All the grand events of this world blend into one until they are all meaningless, all just another expression of a life that will end anyway. I’d rather not make grand statements or announcements, and instead just find a meaning in my life and death. I hope I do.

    By Rachel on 10.10.2017

  13. BIG ANNOUNCEMENT : I’m launching my new clothing brand on December 20th. Don’t miss it. It’s great. Promise.

    By maynehas on 10.11.2017

  14. The car skitters on the icy street. Pirouettes. Twirls like a ballerina. Crashes into the billboard. The horn starts and won’t stop.

    By and& on 10.11.2017

  15. One minute counts down, every second is announced like an announcement to submit your words in one minute only, slowly, do not think, just write, no speeling mistakes.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 10.11.2017

  16. No. Just no.

    By ChrisL on 10.11.2017

  17. His bony hands sealed the last envelope. This made it all the more real. It was so exciting and yet so strange. The Skeleton King’s life was going to change. He knew when the paternity tests came back it would prove to be his. But first thing’s first. He had to get these announcements out.

    By Rover on 10.11.2017

  18. The intercom crackled and the conversation in the room slowly came to a lull. Some stopped and heeded the announcement attention. It wasn’t until their faces showed concern that the lagging chatters took any care to try to listen to the frantic message in the halls.

    By Bridget Grace on 10.11.2017

  19. The announcement was made on a morning following one of thr most brutal attacks in the world’s history. Countries around the world watch in horror as a gene bomb went off in New York City, simultaneously warping the genetic code of millions of people and turning them into monstrosities. The gede modders were blamed, at first, but it soon became apparent they may not have been involved at all.

    By Dresden St James on 10.11.2017

  20. when you mess count your money i think or if you spell wrong

    By emonie URL on 10.11.2017

  21. People always say that they have an announcement when there going to have a baby!

    By Isaiah Varella on 10.11.2017

  22. “I’m sorry but…”
    I didn’t listen any further.
    It was too much.
    Too much of the much that has been happening.
    “She’s gone.”



    “She was old and frail, her mission is complete, now she can rest beside our Father.”


    By JEP on 10.11.2017

  23. My youth group does announcements after worship then my youth pastor does his message!!!

    By Isaiah Varella on 10.11.2017

  24. Today school announcement affect to everyone in school know about news.

    By javier on 10.11.2017

  25. This is the announcement now listen up i have to tell you that Jesus Loves You! That is the biggest thing in the world. I have a God who loves and keeps me safe. Lets all give thanks on this wonderful love. Give thanks unto the Lord for this is good.

    By Mikkala on 10.11.2017

  26. I stand on top of the stage and gulp,’I’m not prepared.’
    I sigh and look at the sea of people who want to hear what I have to say. I exhale, put the microphone to my mouth, and speak.

    By Rykel on 10.11.2017

  27. The announcement came out over the speaker box, with so much static that the soldiers could barely understand it.

    “Run! – static – They have a – static – Run!”

    By darseyrsm URL on 10.11.2017

  28. I have an announcement to make class, we will be taking a feild trip to Washington D.C in thirteen days. Get your permission slips filled out by Monday next week.

    By Jonah on 10.11.2017

  29. announcement,
    made for everyone to hear,
    so everyone that’s near,
    will learn something new,
    declared for me and you.

    By Bailey on 10.11.2017

  30. she made an announcement to herself that this time would be different. she tried to say it differently this time to make it stick. new method–new outcome. she changed her inflection and even her intention—for the moment. she quickly discovered how fleeting her changes was. she’d announce again tomorrow.

    By Safon on 10.11.2017