November 5th, 2018 | 14 Entries

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14 Entries for “ambassador”

  1. I’d love to stay in Ireland – maybe they could make me an ambassador there. I’d wear freshly pressed suits and pretend I understood Gaelic. I’d learn all the old songs and play the fiddle or the uilleann pipes. I’d drink a pint or two of thirteen as soon as the sun began to set. And then I’d finally listen to everybody’s stories – how they got here, where they’d like to do, and how they’d like to shake the paralysis from their heavy limbs.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.05.2018

  2. I am the ambassador to a small country in Africa. I go there frequently, but it is a long long trip. I have never brought my family with me as it is somewhat dangerous.. But the place somehow feeds my soul. I bargain with the vendors for drums and beads, colorful beads that drip in long strands.

    By loveyou URL on 11.06.2018

  3. The ambassador’s smile stretched over his face, pulling at the corners of his mouth menacingly. The door opened, letting a chill of wind. The ambassador didn’t flinch.

    By Cara on 11.06.2018

  4. The ambassador knew he was just a political hack, but that didn’t stop him. He was going to use his position to full advantage. He was owed as much. Hadn’t he been a fund-raiser, money-launderer, fix-it man? He had it coming. Anything he could get, he’d take.

    By chipschap URL on 11.06.2018

  5. She straightened her shoulders, throwing them back in a way that was almost painful. No matter. She had to stand tall.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 11.06.2018

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  9. Someone who goes to other countries to talk about peace and stuff.

    By David M. on 11.06.2018

  10. meter of all other greeters and one place with responsibility of responding to all worldly responses and stuff

    By Mr.584903 URL on 11.06.2018

  11. I have tried to be an ambassador for you people, but you have failed to live up to my example at every turn. I have nurtured your intelligence and your hedonism, and yet still you live lives of boredom.

    By Jeremiah Jaster URL on 11.06.2018

  12. “anything you say, boss,” he said cheerfully, winking. “ambassador. main man. father. right-hand–”

    “for the love of god, louis, shut up.”

    By amandaxx URL on 11.06.2018

  13. an ambassador to the trade
    she said as if he had it made
    simple now all you have to do
    is see this bullshit all the way through

    don’t shame but pity the liars
    for they burn themselves in their forest fires

    By Siddhartha URL on 11.06.2018

  14. Sometimes I can imagine my son as an ambassador. He has high functioning autism and is finding is voice as he navigates puberty. We’ve been close all these years, single mom, single boy, and while puberty is rocky, I think we will remain close. So I feel he is almost bilingual, speaking for and with both populations.

    By Lisa on 11.06.2018