October 23rd, 2013 | 85 Entries

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85 Entries for “affection”

  1. love with all and love with one, it doesnt matter for the affection levels you tend to fabricate will remain the same only if you pretend it will. you will flourish with the love of one on another and share and combine for only love may be shared and combined that easily and that well. affection can and may be shone from the twinkles in your eyes and the freedom of your thoughts as they may go in any direction, so does love travel with them

    By sofiacarballar on 10.23.2013

  2. when a man loves a woman, he shows his affection. This is called the romantic.

    By Pearl on 10.23.2013

  3. She craved one thing more than anything else
    She craved it more than she craved possessions

    She knew not what it was or where to find it
    She looked and she looked but it seemed to be a pointless

    She locked herself in her room and took all her cats with her

    And as much as she might have disliked me I was the only one who understood how deep the wound would get
    when you crave affection so much you have to
    hurt yourself instead

    By Lola on 10.23.2013

  4. and then she kicked ’em all out, except for one
    I wonder if she knows what its like to have fun

    I guess i’ll just sit here and pretend I didn’t see
    and then process it all like I am she & she is me

    now i’m just being silly, all i crave is your

    A tt (ff) E (c) n TION

    By Lola on 10.23.2013

  5. His affection toward her filled my soul with want. I waited for the day, no, I yearned for the day when this could possibly happen to me. An improbable chance, most likely, but a dream nonetheless.

    By umbazachika on 10.23.2013

  6. Do we really need it? Is it fact or fiction? Longing to be wanted, longing to feel alive. Always wanting to be near when great distances separate you and that one person. That person who is your person, that person who you need, but just plain want at the same time. Where is it lurking? Where is that affection we crave? You. Me. Separated, but together. Seeking to find the time when a simple friendship can blossom into pure affection.

    By Theresa on 10.23.2013

  7. Is like the soft blanket I wrap myself in when I am weary from a cold day in a cold and lonely world. How wonderful to know I can come back to you and your warmth and your softness.

    By CL on 10.23.2013


    By Juphile on 10.23.2013

  9. puppies hurtling towards you at breakneck speed.
    a glint of fear in your eyes
    large paws flinging dirt from the earth like the warhorses in medieval scenes.

    By Kairn on 10.23.2013

  10. affection is infectious. Everyone has some amount of affection towards something or someone in their life. It s a way of life. It has power to give greatest happiness and deepest sorrow.

    By srishti URL on 10.23.2013

  11. as time goes so does the heartbeat
    and everlasting thump on the thread of time
    once here but then a memory
    in the affection and dismay of others.

    By Lovelysunnyday on 10.24.2013

  12. His chest was heaving, having difficulty taking in air from all the strange affection that was strangling his heart.

    By WearyWater URL on 10.24.2013

  13. Soft caresses in her hair.

    By SL on 10.24.2013

  14. Affection is the term used for caring for those we love. It is a very powerful feeling, that is healthy and should be encourage always. I do all in my power to show others that I love and cherish they company.

    By victor URL on 10.24.2013

  15. I have a great affection for the city of Tokyo. Always exciting, always vibrant. Even the familiar places are never exactly the same.

    By tonykeyesjapan on 10.24.2013

  16. Kisses. Love. Dogs. Humans. Being nice. Thinking of a person. Cuddling. Wanting to be around someone. Doing things for someone. Makking someone feel special.

    By Ciara Lunsford on 10.24.2013

  17. I live a life of fable, nothing but a world filled with deceit. Dishonesty is present all around me; I lie even to myself. I’ve learned how to smile, to fool those around me. Everyday I hear the whispers of the same lies, dumb trivial lies that can be so dangerous. Simple fibs that grow as they feast on one another like savage beasts. The lies pile up and up, but what goes up must come down – one by one, it all falls apart. And I’m left trapped, unable to save myself from this nightmare I built.

    By agentsecrets on 10.24.2013

  18. weasel works

    feigning under hands
    to haft abut

    To When Tea Ties Hence to Wank it Too

    By Volodymyr Bilyk on 10.24.2013

  19. He showed me affection and attention, and suddenly nothing seemed like an affliction.

    By Kayla Pongrac on 10.24.2013

  20. for themselves and for one another, well that’s what they had always said. But there were others with whom they shared their affection but was that necessarily a bad thing? If something is so lovely and sweet and innocent then why do you have to lock it way and keep it just for one other…

    By Penny on 10.24.2013

  21. i have no affection for you. you are loathsome. you have hairy ears

    By chris on 10.24.2013

  22. It is strange to know that here I am writing my last words. My last words in this world. While knowing that in this world there is no one who would read them with any affection. Still I have this urge to leave something behind. I’ll see you soon, mom.

    By Fredda URL on 10.24.2013

  23. Although they had been married for over twenty years they were now divorced. However, she still had a feeling of great of affection towards him.

    By Alexandra on 10.24.2013

  24. “How do you show someone your undying affection? How is it done? How do you know that they feel the same way?”
    “You don’t. You just have to trust and follow your heart.”

    By Maddie on 10.24.2013

  25. i luv, luv, luv you snuggles. my sweet petutie, angel face, honeybun. luv is, luv is, luv is, luv is. you are my special angel.

    By Lee on 10.24.2013

  26. The flowing crowds of the city passed by him, around him, and he smiled at how unnoticed he was, everywhere he went. There was no hostility or affection, no concern or care. People flowed by him, inconsequential, not seeing the sharpness in his smile, or how flatly glowed the darkness in his eyes.

    By Anthony StClair on 10.24.2013

  27. Affection is something that is giving out from humans to other humans, but now that I think about it. I’m sure there is also animals and other creatures that offer some type of affection. I mean a lion and a bear can’t be all cruel right? There cubs receive love and affection (feel like i’m drake right now getting all sentimental and shit)

    By SuRock on 10.24.2013

  28. I want affection. I need affection. I need to give affection. I want to give affection.

    By just a girl on 10.24.2013

  29. The showing of love between two sentient beings, a touch of the hand, a kiss on the forehead, a glancing smile from across a crowded room. It was the only thing she’d ever really wanted to feel, not lust, power, or even happiness, just the simple warmth, that true affection provided, deep within her chest.

    By Dav on 10.24.2013

  30. The showing of love between two sentient beings, a touch of the hand, a kiss on the forehead, a glancing smile from across a crowded room. It was the only thing she’d ever really wanted to feel, not lust, power, or even happiness, just the simple warmth that only true affection provided, deep within her chest.

    By Dav Matthews on 10.24.2013

  31. Affection is this urge to protect that I feel towards things that surprise me, interest me, towards things I feel i need to protect. Could it be that my affection is dependent on the trigger of an interest in me? That I am indifferent to things that have no interest for me, that I do not know. Could it be that I am one of these people who cannot empathize with what they do not know!?

    By J. on 10.24.2013

  32. The greatest form of affection, to me – or at least, the one that gives me the greatest joy, is to feel a head resting against me. Be it a tired love, a contented puppy, or a friend in need of comfort, to feel someone’s head finding comfort against me fills me with such a great sense of love and joy.

    By lauren on 10.24.2013

  33. affected
    Brain and soul
    Laughter and more
    A swift touch and a gentle brush
    Of your skin on my skin
    I light up
    Just below the surface

    By Lauren on 10.24.2013

  34. It’s one thing to have affection for someone, and another to have true love. When you love, you don’t hurt them, you try with all your being never to hurt them.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 10.24.2013

  35. She reeked of apathy and arrogance, so much so that he was revolted by it. I think I’m going to be sick, he thought to himself. He could feel his stomach churn. He released a weighted sigh. “God help us all if this is representative of future generations.”

    By Kevin on 10.24.2013

  36. Even without her near him, he could feel her tender arms around him. It left chilling gooseflesh on his arms. All around him, the rain poured, spilling haphazardly through the holes in his ragged canvas tent. But for that moment, he was with her, wholeheartedly.

    By Doug on 10.24.2013

  37. I’m thinking too much about what to write.
    About how to create a story about my life
    And about you
    That will have the reader’s soul bursting through their veins
    And fill them with passion.
    But all I want to write about
    Board games.

    By Siege URL on 10.24.2013

  38. He was the object of my affection. Beautiful baby blue eyes. Bedroom eyes, as my best friend used to say. He is some ways would reciprocate my affection. Shooting spit wads at me took on a whole new meaning. They were shot with love, I would tell myself. But low and behold, he was showing real affection for my best friend, a dilemma I had not anticipated.

    By Susan on 10.24.2013

  39. She nuzzled into his neck. It was warm and velvety. She breathed deeply of the grass and hay that clung so desperately to his skin. He whinnied softly. The love they shared went deeper than they would like to admit. In human terms, they were soul mates. Beings destined to share the rest of their lives together.

    By Mary on 10.24.2013

  40. “You have such an odd way of showing affection.”

    Kitty merely blinked his bright amber eyes and looked at Blaine as he ran one hand through his impeccably groomed hair. “Cats are known to bring their prey to their masters – or, I suppose, in this case their mistresses – as gifts, you know.”

    Blaine sighed tiredly even as he tried to hide his amusement at the situation. “I know,” he said, “and you know I love it when you do, but – ”

    From the floor, a rather irate and muffled voice chose that moment to interject. “In case anyone was wondering,” Mouse said, temper visibly fraying, “I’m still here, and I would very much appreciate it if someone would care to untie me so I can go back to work.”

    Kitty merely smirked and brushed a nonexistent speck of dust from the shoulder of his suit.

    By Tabine on 10.24.2013