April 28th, 2016 | 49 Entries

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49 Entries for “abundant”

  1. My income is NOT abundant. I have literally fuck all to live on.

    I do, however, have an abundance of people who love me. Thus, I am very lucky.

    But I am still fucking poor.

    By Farrell on 04.28.2016

  2. there is no abundant water in our country so we should find a good resource to meet the abundant needs of water. because

    By sasan on 04.28.2016

  3. The fields are brimming, abundant with the season’s harvest. Just as the farmers put all their efforts in cultivating the lands, they are able to reap what they sow. I wish so fervently that the same is true with life, that as long as I work hard enough, I will be able to earn my keep. Ah, but life is not as fair,

    By Zoe Jen on 04.28.2016

  4. It’s abundantly clear that you are not the man I thought you were.
    So who the hell are you, really?
    I can’t tell you that.
    You are going to have to.
    I love you.
    No… no, I don’t think you do.

    By Shimbo on 04.28.2016

  5. Immedıately abundance comes to mind. Fruit, plenty. Health. Natural things, as opposed to financial or material. A positive word for sure. Fall colours. I also love the sound of it, bs and ds, round vowels. Love!

    By cecile on 04.28.2016

  6. This word makes me think of abundance, the noun form. I think of plenty, bounty. Fruits and vegetables, a harvest. Healthy things.

    I also like the sound of this word, with its b,d,t and the round vowels, a and u. A fun, bouncy word. Definitely a positive, happy word.

    By cecile on 04.28.2016

  7. John Green’s book Abundant of Katherines. Abundant of people feels strange and different. What about other things: tables, chairs, lights…

    By Beliz on 04.28.2016

  8. auuuuuauauuauauauauaaa
    one two three one two three drink
    I’m gonna swing from the chandalier from the chandalierrrr
    I;m gonna live like tomorrow doesn’t exist like it doesn’t exist
    Welcome to your life,
    there is no turning back
    even while we sleeep
    we will find you
    acting on your best behaviours turn yout back on mother nature

    By huaaa URL on 04.28.2016

  9. The inequality of abundance is unfair to most people. That’s why most people are aggressive when they compare their amount with other people. Abundance isn’t something that’s earned, unfortunately.

    By Çağla on 04.28.2016

  10. There are many things abundant in life. But they tend to be the worse things in life.
    Environmental damage is abundant. Povery is abundant. People are abundant, but not quite abundant enough to solve the first two.

    By RoseThingamajig on 04.28.2016

  11. Then dad came back from the field, “So, how much is there?” I asked. “Our wheat is abundant.” he smiled.

    By Em on 04.28.2016

  12. The flowers bloomed, innocent to the swaths of allergy medication they recquired of me.
    “Stop and smell the roses” they always say.
    Sometimes stopping and smelling the roses might kill you.
    So… there have to be other ways to enjoy life.

    By Bridget Grace on 04.28.2016

  13. lots of . Full. more than enough. share. good. happy. i like this word! Speaks of my life in Christ.

    By Jennifer Yew on 04.28.2016

  14. My life is so abundant, he said. All I have to do is think continuous and consistent good thoughts about how awesome my life is and things just happen for me. It’s sad that not everyone thinks that this could happen for them…what would this planet be like if they did?

    By trkstr67 on 04.28.2016

  15. – I found the food to be overly abundant at the party, honestly, quipped Anastasia. She gripped the armrest of her chair with one hand, and she drank tea from a large mug with the other. – Bread, cheese, meat, all sorts of greens…

    – Well, there had to be something for everybody.

    – All I’m saying is that it made my stomach turn quite a bit – that’s all. I had just never seen so much.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.28.2016

  16. There was an abundant amount of food at the party! There was also a lot of people there as well.

    By cad on 04.28.2016

  17. The animals have to have an abundant supply of food for the winter because in the winter food does not grow so they have to stock up on food while its there.

    By cad on 04.28.2016

  18. A king usually has an abundant source of food at his castle for himeself and for other royal families.

    By cad on 04.28.2016

  19. Isotopes can have different abundance.

    By Aslı Erkan on 04.28.2016

  20. There was an abundant crop this year! The metal fields had been producing more and more than anyone, had ever seen. This was wonderous! At this rate, the whole town would be able to thrive once more! Inventors would have the materials needed for their experiment. They’d be able to construct anything they wished! Robots, transportation modules, items that could make life simpler, and of course…weapons.

    By Wandering Adventurer on 04.28.2016

  21. An abundant source of love
    the greatest give you’ve ever conjured
    and you know it’s from above
    the best gift you’ve ever received
    and you’re sure it’s going to please
    everyone who comes in contact
    with it’s spirit and it’s teeth
    The happiest thing you could possibly do
    and the nature reaction to funny
    you’re best asset
    is your smile
    keep living that way, honey.


    By Lauren URL on 04.28.2016

  22. I have an abundance of thoughts at the moment.. none of them contributing to this post.

    By Nekaf_the.real_Ema on 04.28.2016

  23. When I hear it, something which is so much comes to my mind. I also make a connection between that word and abonded too since they look a bit similiar.

    By Zeynep on 04.28.2016

  24. very much, I know a book called “an abundance of katherines”.

    By abc URL on 04.28.2016

  25. very much, I know a book called “an abundance of Katherines” by John Green. It is an adjective.

    By abc on 04.28.2016

  26. It means very much, I know a book called “an abundance of Katherines” by John Green. It is an adjective.

    By abc on 04.28.2016

  27. I gave him plenty of space to talk. The silence itched my ears but I willed myself to not be the one to break it. Daniel had all the chances he needed to tell the truth.

    By ulimonster on 04.28.2016

  28. She was not fat. She was abundant.
    Her lips were.
    Her hips were, too.
    She was abundant, as the earth is.
    And we love the earth.
    We need it.
    But yet, we make her die.

    By TaeTae on 04.28.2016

  29. I remember this word from my bio class. It means something that is available but lots of in terms of quantity

    By dila on 04.28.2016

  30. I knew there would be an abundant amount of errors I would make. They never told me that I would fail so miserably. I closed my fists and prayed that I would just stay calm. You never would imagine how much anguish I felt.

    By Kathryn Duncan on 04.28.2016

  31. Her stories are endless; she is the Scheherazade of her neighborhood; no, of her town. On summer nights, she lights her Kent cigarettes and starts with a story about her childhood in a village somewhere in Greece. About the nights of fire and terror and huddling in the small cramped hut, hoping to survive. She talks of nights on a ship, crossing the ocean, an ocean she had never heard of or seen or smelled before. She remembers the salt air; she had never smelled salt like that; it was not the salt that her uncle sprinkled on all his food–no poured–or the salt like she tasted in ham. It smelled different; like a mystery from the sea. She recalled arguments on the ships and shouting on the docks and women crying because they had left so much of themselves in the villages they had left. She spoke of the men who grabbed at her as she made her way toward a man and woman she had never seen, but who held up a picture of her and waved her to come along with them. Her stories mixed with the cigarette smoke, floated up into the evening summer air and drifted away; but never from our hearts and minds. We were the lucky ones; we were the children who lived in the poor part of town where all the immigrants lived. But we were the rich ones; wealthy beyond words. Because we knew about the olives steeped in olive oil unlike any we had ever tasted; we knew about the flavors of Italy and the teas of the Far East; we knew about the burned villages and the lost children and the sons who never came home and the children they never had. We knew voices that spoke in broken English, but whose spirits were never broken. We knew the song of the immigrant. We knew it was a song we would and could never forget. Their stories were abundant and our souls were left more abundantly filled because of them.

    By rubylubh on 04.28.2016

  32. blessings – dan, family and some very good friennds. a good education, a fairly well screwed on head. satisfying romantic life good people now helping me get on my feet. abundantly blessed

    By ? on 04.28.2016

  33. The man was abundant, but he just wanted more. “what can I do to get more?!” the man asked unhappily.

    By foxy on 04.28.2016

  34. A book by John Green (Abundance of Katherines).
    From that we can get the meaning of abundant which is considerably in excess amounts which covers literally everywhere.

    By laltay on 04.28.2016

  35. so much
    never enough
    wanting makes fools
    of feelings
    yet still deceives
    who believes
    that things
    will bring

    By katiekieran URL on 04.28.2016

  36. Hand in pocket
    tracing the curled fabric along the stitch
    the dust gathers around the cuticle

    By gsk URL on 04.28.2016

  37. It was overflowing, almost. He frantically scrabbled across the counter, his tiny paws attempting to jam a plastic tupperware lid that was nearly twice his height over top of the cookpot. It hardly helped, the foam continuing to gurgle over the edge as he tossed the lid aside and grabbed at the ruffles of fur on his head in a panic.
    “She’s going to /kill/ me when she gets back!”
    He had only wanted to make some of the delicious wheat-based dish she called “ravioli”. Now here he was, babbling frenetically while attempting to stop the bubbly onslaught.
    Being a tiny, opposable-thumbed fox was not easy.

    By The Wanderer on 04.28.2016

  38. abundant blessings come my way.

    By Dora URL on 04.28.2016

  39. exuberant joy, something i haven’t felt
    but maybe i’ve told myself that i feel
    if only temporarily
    it’s not actually real
    there’s an abundance of something
    a mystery
    just beyond graduation’s disparaging seal.

    By Molly Kinyon on 04.28.2016

  40. She looked down, hiding the tears in her eyes. “I thought we had forever. I thought we had an abundant amount of time. I never thought that he could be leaving me so soon.”
    An arm wound around her shoulders and slowly led her away. Then slowly lowered her into the car. She finally looked up as they drove away, tears scattered down her cheeks. Her hand reached out, stopped by the glass and she stared at his name on the stone.

    By Loren on 04.28.2016