April 28th, 2016 | 49 Entries

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49 Entries for “abundant”

  1. I wish to have an abundant life with a lot of money and no worries about tomorrow. I’m studying for it; I am a efford person and I believe I can reach everthing I crave.

    By Vânia Baptista Goor on 04.28.2016

  2. There is so much inside my head; fields and forests and mountains yet to be discovered. I don’t know which lucky (unfortunate?) soul will get to explore them, but when they do I hope they share their findings with me because I have no clue what goes on up there.

    By Cheyenne on 04.28.2016

  3. Abundance sounds like such a good thing. Until you have too much of it. Found this out the hard way with the replicator on Thursday. Seemed innocent enough, thought I could walk away for just five minutes and leave it running without issue. Then five minutes became fifteen and fifteen became twenty because I found one more thing I just HAD to do (can’t leave the official lab mascot hungry). Anyhow … if you want a box of cookies … or maybe say two hundred or so I’ve totally got you covered.

    By terradi on 04.28.2016

  4. There is an abudant amount of heartache that riddles these bones. They shake the oh so empty quiet, they carve track marks out of good men, they exist like that. Heartache is often more disease than we anticipate.

    By FS on 04.28.2016

  5. Increase. I see grain. Lots and lots of grain. I see reapers joyfully reaping. I see blue skies kissing the prettiest wheat-colored fields. And there is singing. The abundant sound of singing and joyful waving of wheat bundles. A harvest of joy.

    By Praizchick on 04.28.2016

  6. I’m abundant in whatever I’m. I do not need anything from anyone but just me and my abilities to take on my dreams. Having the thought that I’m abundant for myself is the best feeling!

    By Zeb URL on 04.28.2016

  7. “The Lord has blessed us abundantly and we must reciprocate!” The collection basket was passed around and he stuck around long enough to make sure that they were full. Stretching as he went back stage, he paused and crossed and uncrossed his fingers and jumped in a full circle. Fooling with God was lucrative but scary.

    By MsShel330 on 04.28.2016

  8. The abundant use of complex words such as abundant annoys me. Usually not many people are aware of the real meaning behind the words, which causes it to lose its meaning in one sense

    By Yağmur Konuk on 04.28.2016

  9. An abundace of love is what i have for you, i care deeply for you and i don’t know what else to do with these feelings because, to be honest, even though you do care about me, you aren’t interested in those feelings

    By Bramsy on 04.28.2016