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He sat there, stunned. The flashback had been too real, too close for comfort. Carefully lifting a shaking hand up to his face, he covered his eyes, taking in the darkness, forcing himself to relax.

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none of the nuns were there.
very punny.
yeah well you congo long without one.

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Her heart beat at a hard gallop as she read the letter with disbelieving eyes. Her entire childhood was a sham? So whose memories did she possess?

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The bird was in the oven. Ma Smith peered through the thick safety glass, trying to gauge its doneness. It wouldn’t do to have an overcooked turkey, not when twenty mouths were expecting yet another juicy delectable feast they had come to expect from Ma Smith every Thanksgiving.

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She played with the ahir clip in distraction as she sat in the mindlessly boring meeting. Yet another Tuesday morning wasted in this massive 100-strong attendance, filled with drones from all teh other departments, reporting on what they had done for the past week, and their plans for the next. At a volume that surpassed it size, the clip suddenly snapped, sending the sound reverberating around the massive conference room. Annabelle held her breath and froze in place, but no one seems to have noticed anything.

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Brilliant, sparkling, the gem seemed to twinkle at me as I held it to the light, studying every facet in wonder at the beauty of Nature. “It’s a fake,” declared Jon rather sheepishly.

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So many aspects of me you do not see. Do you choose not to see, or are you truly blind to the many layers that form me? And what about you? You try to show a hard face to the world, but I see the hurt, shame and terror peeking out from behind your mask. A burden shared is a burned made lighter. Share with me, so that I can share with you, too.

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What have we gained in this modern world, and what have we lost? Cmmunication is more rampant, yet we are less connected, meaningfully, than ever before. You have people attending a concert and tweeting about the experience, instead of experiencing the full thing, and exploring the memory of it afterwards.

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The nurse is caring for the patient.
The doctor is also caring for the patient.
But what of the patient’s own flesh and blood? Where are they in his time of need? The bed and chimes of machines reverberate in the empty cold room, where he lies, all alone, for yet another day.

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