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“-at the difficulties that he faces,” she said, sighing.

It didn’t seem to me as though there was anything all that difficult in what Howard faced. He was, at the end of the day, successful and intelligent. I’d known far more people who were in far worse straits –

And yet, there was something true about what she said.

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In spite of everything that he did to draw undue attention to himself, he remained, sadly, involuntarily, undetected.

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It is probably better than brotherhood, given the fuck ups of men.

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She sits in the firelight, half-darkness playing over her graying hair. The loom sits before her. Penelope, Penelope, Penelope: she hums her own name as she runs her fingertips through the strings, thumbing them fondly like a harpist would.

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Simplify, he says, and the world sighs around him. The muzziness fades. The static clears. He watches the universe rearrange itself atom by atom–a restless shifting, a rebuilding, a restarting. Simplified. The new lines and colours excite him.

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The evening was thick and musty . It held attention to itself as a dreary entity welcoming all and and allowing no one to leave excet through the basement door where the screams were coming from

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And they gave you books. Filled with black marks. And strange colors. And told you to look. To feel. To breathe. But you could not understand. But later. Much later. The black marks became words and the strange colors were pictures. And you could understand. And feel. And look. And breathe.

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Curtains. Thick. Red. Hanging. And they should be oppressive. The heat from the lights should be a glare. But it isn’t. It is warm. And it is comfort. And it is the only friend she knows. And she knows the wooden floor like she knows the bones in er hand and the scars on her knees.

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moon, glowing, shimmering in the night sky. curvalinear, clear and crisp. humming a soft, quiet lullaby.

star light, star bright.
right beside this glistening light.

day or night.

shine, shine bright.

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Fawn, a beautiful animal peaceful and serene. It takes precision to capture such a creature on film. Those calm eyes and face. It seems all knowing. Omnipotent. Wiser than ages.

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and i lit up the torch, i can clearly see it now.
the attic is full of dust covering up the things he left behind.
Am i allowed to be here, i asked myself.
I put the torch by an old table, slowly and walked towards the only object that was covered by a cloth.

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Deer. They were just that.
Merely deer to us. When we put the silver and copper pieces into their skulls, they remained only deer. Pieces of meat. It was better for our sanity to keep it that way. It was better that they were just deer.

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throw it away so its gone so its lost throw it just dont let it get too far away just be there to throw it

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it trailed behind her….her veil as she walked down the aisle…..there he stood looking handsome…waiting to take her hand in his…and there is trailed behind her….glancing back she saw the long white veil…and her past….following her…haunting her….and in front of her was he….waiting to leave her past behind….it was over!

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pardon? shut up! it’s dialogues like this which really bug me off my skin. i mean is it such a big deal that i’m a little hard of hearing? is it so un-pardonable? like really!

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he forged a degree. he forged a job. he forged his entire life. and then he met his perfect woman. and it was the one thing he’d never forged in his life- his identity to her. his life to her. and she forged his signatures and ran off with all his money.

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The beautiful ship bobbed up and down in the gentle waves, shining like a beacon just waiting for passengers to board. The seagulls hooted as they flew around the mast, generating excitement from the crowds below. It was time to leave.

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sort of like becoming another person while maintaining your original persona. it’s so easy and hard to do at the same time because we actually do it everyday, I do feel like an actress sometimes when I’m not allowed to show emotion or when I’m supposed to show emotion that I do not feel. I think I would be great at it if I had a chance.

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again frog oh no i hate frog the way they jump awwgghh im so scared of frogs, the way they look but big yellow frogs who look clean are nice to watch and touch too. that is it.

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Mimes are supposed to be mute. Have you ever wondered if they really actually are mute? Best job ever. 8D
Plus, they get to wear a ton of makeup, and no one can call them…stuff that are bad. Cause they’re just that awesome, ya know?


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Who in their right mind would put these on a kindergardener’s supply list? Because I sure as hell wouldn’t. Don’t teach em how to destroy. Teach em how to build. And to make and to know and to create. Because that is all this world needs right now.

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