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Specificisms escape the mind as easily as water flows down the gutter — it is so easy to lose things, as memory goes, too rushed and rapid to flow into tight spaces. There are places that even the thinnest of creeks cannot reach. There are things thinner than straws that no matter how much you rake you can never hope to recover.

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Penguins are cute
Penguin lives in cold climate
Penguin lay eggs
Penguins can hop
Penguins can swim

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The clock tower chimes and displaces the heavens. The ground below shakes; and above, the clouds open, not for blue sky or for rain but a single bout of thunder, a lovely greeting to his old friend, the bronze bell.

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National party, New Zealand’s prime minister is from this party, and for some reason we keep voting for this horrible party. John key our prime minister, the inventor of the three hand handshake and the pull the waiters hair trend, he is what Nz is about, making new things that are just stupid which also should get you kicked off your job as prime minister but of course he is so important that he gets out of it, but he’s not because he is in every way useless but we need a prime minister so we chose the trend maker John Key.

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An ice cream cone on a hot day, starwberry on a waffle cone with that rim around it that you can never get in real life but is ever-present in cartoons. A child’s grin, a squeal of happiness. The white witch, the queen of Turkish delight.

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There was a knock at the door, and Edward knew his time was up. He’d had a good run, but now it was time for something new. He slowly stood up from the chair and walked twords the door. Glancing out the window, he noticed a hummingbird across the way. It helped him remember.

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Game? A game is something simple; an activity done for the sake of fun or competition. We play games with or without physical items to further the process. We play mind games, physical games, computer games, card games, anything and everything. Memorable moments happen in games, and games can lead to some great things and great memories that we’ll never want to let go of.

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she held her arm up.
“is this what you claim to be safe?”
he looked closely at her skin, where a bite mark was now clearly visible.
“my god, you’ve been infected natasha!”

» Posted By zane On 09.20.2012 @ 11:09 am

a hold over someone. a hold over your own opinion. a piece of land. claiming an idea as your own. your identity claims who you are to others.

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Half. I’m half me, half not me. It happens sometimes, when you don’t try to keep yourself all in together. Part of me fell out, so I tried to replace it. I DID replace it, in fact. But not with me.

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The way the decorations were strung up, from the Christmas lights, to the doll in the corner that oddly reminded me of her. This was a new year and I could feel it. It isn’t always about winning a battle, but learning from it. The things I had learned had never been so important.

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the person who comes to take but never to give. They will use their hands, minds, tools, knives, all in order to retrieve from you something you will miss. After all, if you did not place value in it would they have been a thief?

» Posted By Zane On 05.24.2011 @ 8:17 am


I’ve been told there are 4 basic elements, air, earth, wind and fire. The band Earth Wind & Fire sing Boogie wonderland which is quite funky.

» Posted By Zane On 07.16.2010 @ 1:00 pm

a element is basic. basically elements are the reason we are here. in the movie the 5th element Bruce Willis plays a total badass.

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i holy man came up to me and asked me if i had any beliefs in god i did not i do not believe in god nor will i ever he is a fragment of our imaginations just like when you where a child and had imaginary friends.

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Errrrrm :/
Sex and things like that?
I don’t know :S
Arrrgghhhh i’m usually good at this.
Beloved, beloved to love somone like a bee.

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The door was locked. No matter how much I struggled to open it the lock, nor the knob would budge. The shrieks coming from the room next to mine grew in in intensity, but I could do nothing but cry and slowly bang my head against the locked door.

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is aplanet is pretty is red, beuty is red. eyes that are evil are red. my girlfriend has the best eyes, she is beautiful. i love her. i wish i could be woth her more often. She likes shakespeare.

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licorice is a fucking brilliant source of joy and when i rub it between my thighs and think of sluts in paris it makes me nostalgic that theere are still so many places to eat obscure and dark and sticky mixes and the-

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I like gym class i get hit by dodge balls occasionally but overall it like sucking dicks jk but my teacher was pretty gay i want to skip gym next year not sure how, oh well i like the sky na nenenenenenennnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh

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so i love being gay and i love leting ppl know that i am gay and if any one is gay they should just let ever one know cuz u should care what ppl think about up live ur life to what u want not them its muck more fun doin

» Posted By zane On 08.14.2009 @ 9:09 pm


I dropped the coin and watched it spiral out of view. Twirling in the resistance of the air, a play of masses – one a tiny ball of alloy, valued by man, the other a massive ball of elements, existing whether man views it or not. Impact. Coin destroyed, planet unphased.

» Posted By Zane On 07.19.2009 @ 3:00 pm


Happy is a drug. It comes in a litle baggy. My friends tell me this, but I don’t believe them. Being happy comes from my brain.

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I started dodging all the spears and swords that were being thrown at me. I couldn’t see very clearly through all the chaos. Fire was raising out of from the back of the lines while I blood was spilling in the air from swordplay. I felt my end coming near as a felt a sharp pain piece my back.

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My nose is burning with this sensation. It is red like a rose and orange like the sunset. I feel it, hear it, and see it. If it were anything else, It wouldn’t be the same, but it is what it is, and that is bliss. If anything were not what it was, that would be chaos, attractive in its own way.

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I can handle this. I cant handle this. Why do I feel so lost all of the time. Please help me decide what to do. I may not be religious, but for this cause I have learned to pray. I know I am better than this. I wish I could handle this. Please somebody help me.

» Posted By Zane On 11.20.2009 @ 9:29 am


texture of my favorite food is the clementine. delicious little clips of citrusy orange squiish vetween my teeth.

» Posted By zane On 12.10.2009 @ 8:48 pm

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