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Ourselves with the Glass Menagerie? Play those records you father left us as a painful reminder of him?

Sorry. That was just on my mind I guess. That’s a very good play.

» Posted By youcantknow On 07.29.2011 @ 5:19 am


Ticket… My mom got a ticket. She thought it was my fault for rushing her. But I wasn’t driving the car! She was. She sucks. It’s plain as day.

» Posted By youcantknow On 07.22.2011 @ 11:19 am


Violent. I threw a textbook once. Not at him. To scare him. To get him to shut up. He deserved it. He did.

» Posted By youcantknow On 07.20.2011 @ 2:03 pm


Trophy…. I got a soccer trophy when I was a little kid, but I don’t care much for it. I have a medal I quite like though. It’s from district thespian competition. I got a superior. And that’s all I’ll say about that, for my irrational fear of someone recognizing me.

» Posted By youcantknow On 07.18.2011 @ 7:35 pm


My character smokes ciggarettes. I don’t. I don’t smoke anything. I’m so freaking lame, yo. I say yo… Hmm. I say a lot of things. I love my character. I love this play. Yo.

» Posted By youcantknow On 07.15.2011 @ 4:40 pm


Mean. People were mean in middle school, but now they’re nice. Or, most of them. I kind of love them. Everyone at my school. They’re nice. Accepting. Open.

» Posted By youcantknow On 07.10.2011 @ 12:12 pm


I was not expecting to be so sad this summer.
I’m very alone. Awfully alone. I guess I should’ve known I would be. I just wish I could see you. Or talk to anybody. I don’t know. So lost…

» Posted By youcantknow On 07.09.2011 @ 7:26 pm


Cast. Like, in a play. I’m at
rehearsal now, actually. Totally not supposed to be on my iPhone, but whatever. I know my lines…

» Posted By youcantknow On 07.06.2011 @ 4:34 pm


Hmm. Reminds me of old people, assisted
living. My grandpa lived there… He died not too long ago. He came up in my sister and I’s conversation- I mentioned he was dead. My sister was like oh yeah, he did die.

» Posted By youcantknow On 07.04.2011 @ 3:49 pm


Crane… The Woolgathers. Oh poor cranes. So sad. See I did a monologue from it about these boys who kill these endangered cranes… So sad. But it was a good monolgue. I did it well.

» Posted By youcantknow On 07.03.2011 @ 2:02 pm


Braid. Hmm haven’t done that to my hair in a while. Might be nice. Might look nice. Might not. It’s like I can’t ever predict what my hair does to my face. It’s like I’m pretty… Ocassionally. But all the rest of the time I’m not.

» Posted By youcantknow On 07.01.2011 @ 3:02 pm


Oh this is important. So many people say they’re honest. Who is anymore? Im close. The only thing I really lie about is my thought process. You always talk about honesty…

» Posted By youcantknow On 06.30.2011 @ 12:20 pm


Wade. the girl waded into the soft water. She smiled and laughed and played. We all did, once upon a time. Don’t think, just write. But I’m not making any sense. SO why am I writing? I wade kneee deep into the waters of my unconcious.

» Posted By youcantknow On 06.29.2011 @ 6:40 pm


Oh. That. I had crushes. But they were completely manageable. Ignorable. Subduable. Until him. He’s just… I think he might be able to understand me, and he’s funny and…

» Posted By youcantknow On 06.28.2011 @ 5:32 pm


Lust. That’s not what this is! It’s part of it, but a small part. For me it’s always brains, personality, first… And then starts the lust.

» Posted By youcantknow On 06.27.2011 @ 5:17 pm


Morals. Hmmm. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. It’s funny. Some people are overly nice. You can tell they’re just doing it becase of their morals, cause they feel like they’re supposed. I don’t like them. I like the people whose kindness feels sincere. Though I guess,we’re all selfish when it comes down to it.

» Posted By youcantknow On 06.26.2011 @ 7:53 pm


Antlers. On a deer. Prongs, Padfoot, Moony, Wormtail. You know, like in Harry Potter? Those were some damn good books. I was obsessed with them once.

» Posted By youcantknow On 06.25.2011 @ 9:01 pm


Failed. Hmm. If you don’t try you can’t fail. Therein lies a
problem. But not trying, not having the strength
to try, is a pain all of it’s own.

» Posted By youcantknow On 06.24.2011 @ 12:08 pm


History. What came before. We never learn. It is our destiny, as people to repeat. It is our destiny to hurt and kill and destroy each other. It’s all very sad.

» Posted By youcantknow On 06.24.2011 @ 10:11 am


Intense. My feelings. About like everything. About things. People. I get crazy emotionally intense. But usually it keeps to emotions. I don’t do much.

» Posted By youcantknow On 06.22.2011 @ 12:55 pm


Cells. Well, they’re these things in your body… I mean we’re all just masses of cells. No more, no less. No better. So it doesn’t matter what we do, does it?

» Posted By youcantknow On 06.21.2011 @ 12:38 pm


Predict the future. Oh if i could peek into a crystal ball to saturday… A night I might…. Do something, say something. Do something…

» Posted By youcantknow On 06.20.2011 @ 5:28 pm


Held. I want to be held. But I’m fat and ugly and psychotic. Noone wants to hold me. But I want to be held.I hate myself. I love you. Hold me, you’re perfect, I’ll be yours forever. It’s no use. I suck.

» Posted By youcantknow On 06.20.2011 @ 5:11 am


Belief. I have many strange beliefs, but a belief in God is not one of them. Religion sucks. Opium of the masses indeed. Or at least organized religion. I mean believe what you believe, but don’t drag anyone with you. People have so many beliefs and that’s OK. They only become a problem when they interfere with the rights of others.

» Posted By youcantknow On 06.18.2011 @ 2:01 pm


Wonder. I just felt some wonder. The song, it was just so beautiful… I wonder who else feels
like that, wonder, at music. I bet you do. Not that that matters… Oh how things go. Oh how sad. I’m so sad. I hate the universe. But I felt wonder, and I probably will again, greater wonders. One day maybe it’ll be better…

» Posted By youcantknow On 06.17.2011 @ 11:46 am


Smile… When your heart is breaking. That’s a song.

I wish I knew why my heart was broken.

I wish I knew a lot of things about my heart.

Smile, you’re on candid camera!

I wish. Nothing ever happens to me.

» Posted By youcantknow On 06.17.2011 @ 10:20 am

I was smiling, earlier. I was smiling and she asked what I was smiling about.
This is insane…

» Posted By youcantknow On 06.16.2011 @ 11:46 am


Train is till here for some reason, so I’ll just use another meaning. Like, train, train a dog. Our dogs never did many tricks. The trouble, really, with one of them dying is that saving her from our pool when she was a puppy was like the only good I ever did in the world. And now she’s gone, and me being good with it. Wow, I’m pretty fucking selfish, ain’t I?

» Posted By youcantknow On 06.15.2011 @ 9:25 pm


Station. Train station. Once I went to a train museum over an hour away for character research. I’m proud of that. I’m not proud of much, but I am of that.

» Posted By youcantknow On 06.14.2011 @ 4:18 pm


Embraced. Oh to be embraced… I always want to be hugged. But I seldom hug people. I’m too shy. But I love the feeling of it. If I’m lonely enough I’ll wish for it sometimes.

» Posted By youcantknow On 06.13.2011 @ 7:12 pm

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